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Detach This, Donna Karan

Written by PETA | November 11, 2010

For some reason, Donna Karan seems to think that it’s a good idea to highlight the fact that the rabbit-fur collar on this coat is from China:

Yes, indeed, China—the land of melamine-tainted baby formula and corrosive drywall. It’s practically synonymous with quality! Not to mention cruelty.

We think a better selling point is the fact that the collar is detachable, which means you can stop people from pointing and frowning and wondering what on Earth that poor little bunny ever did to you. Of course, they’ll still wonder what you have against North African lambs …

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • alexandra says:

    Maldita Donna Karan y todos los que utilizan a los pobres animalitos como es posible que hagas esto es inhumano y si cren en Dios pobre de ustedes porque el les va hacer pagar todo el sufrimiento de causas a estos animalitos…. Eres una maldita

  • Emperor says:

    This is but one reason why I loathe the human race. The unnecessary torment and torture to animals is unacceptible. Beyond consumption purposes, there is minimal purpose to end animal lives, much less in such a primitive and inhumane manner.

  • Cindy says:

    Donna, consumers are evolving. Every day, there are more and more of us who, when we look at garments made with fur, no longer see primarily or even at all the design to such clothes, or whether or not they may be held to be attractive. Rather, we register first and foremost the torture and suffering which went into the creation of these products. The fact is that you are dealing with a great many informed consumers for whom the suffering is no longer invisible. The images we have seen of the killing of these animals completely obscure in our imagination any aesthetics which you may have intended to be present in the resulting garments. As a designer, you are creative and no talented, no question. Bring that creativity to bear on the question as to how we shall create beautiful things without desecrating living things.

  • Nathan says:

    I don’t understand why people treat fur as prestigious. Being in this century, with all the synthetic alternatives, surely people would move away from wearing fur. It is a cruel and now unnecessary means of supplying material for clothing. I dare say there would be few on this planet that do not have access to synthetic clothing and require animal skin for warmth. Those blessed with the liberty of choosing the clothes to put on their backs see fur as prestigious and for what reason? Could it be because it is stolen from other backs indicating a slight thrill? Or could it be the fancy expensive price tag that so many people use to assess an items value? Either way, people need to wisen up to the evolving world around them and realize that it’s not a thrill to have your skin ripped off and that the purchase of fur supports a wicked and more frustrating, unnecessary industry. Much like putting shocking pictures on cigarette packets, perhaps it’s time to introduce the consumers to the actual suppliers.

  • cheryl says:

    This sickened me to the point of hyperventilation and nausea…I could not watch beyond a few seconds. When the second beautiful animal came on screen, I couldn’t stop the video fast enough. I will forever be haunted by this vision of cruelty…the poor helpless animal being skinned alive…the pain and hurt in his eyes before falling over and dying…how can this be???? How can human beings do this to their fellow creatures…I am stunned and moved to weeping for these poor helpless animals. Those monsters doing this to animals will burn in hell for this one day…I never liked or wore fur, but this is beyond any cruelty I ever associated with it. Donna Karen should hang her head in shame as well as any others who buy, support or profit from this cruel industry. shocking and beyond sad…..I’ll never erase this vision from my head. I am forever changed by this. So sad, so so sad. God help us all for allowing this to happen.

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    i hope all the remaining rabbits in this world bites Donna very hard. my Dad lives in China but he doesnt wear fur.. oh right thats cos unlike Donna he has a brain and a heart!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you Donna….. you’ll get your comeuppance!

  • Vanessa says:

    disgraceful. truly one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen. please everyone, take to your facebook pages and write a post about this. it is the holiday season. please everyone to NOT buy donna karan or burberry, the worst offenders in the fur trade industry

  • Lisa says:

    I used to love your clothes and respect you as a designer who new how to create clothes for real woman.. now after seeing that video I wonder how u sleep at nite.. with all the technology out there, why are u not using it to create beautiful clothes?? Why do u have to have blood on your hands in the most inhumane way possible.. Shame on you Donna Karen.. shame on you.

  • lysatremaine says:

    So heartbreaking to watch!

  • HeatherA says:

    i got 41 seconds into this video and couldnt bear to watch anymore..I have never bought anything Donna Karen nor do I EVER plan on buying her products. this sickens me.

  • Show compasion for the animals. says:

    Please show compasion for the animals! Please do not torture animals for there fur! Please be a fur free designer!! Thank you.

  • AndreaD says:

    Fur was once used as a protection from cold and other elements. As years went on, humans got smarter and discovered many alternatives to fur (amongst other things). I don’t understand why wearing fur, leather or wool is so damned prestigeous. It’s ugly. It’s a dead animal’s skin. How horrific everyone thaught it was when Ed Gein and Buffalow Bill wore human flesh… Why aren’t animals spared the same feelings? Is it because they can’t speak? Don’t tell me it’s a food chain thing because we have other options and as a species, I’d like to think we’ve evolved from barbaric means. Shame on you Donna Karan; to me, you’re preventing us from evolution… you’re a murderer and a neanderthal. *UGG ME DONNA; YOU WEAR FUR NOW*  ::eyeroll::

  • Fargo says:

    Show some compassion in Fashion, for fur’s sake !

  • Brittany Scott says:

    You have to be kidding me. I cannot understand why ANYONE would support this! This is SO cruel and shows what morals you have!

  • Suzi Ruggio says:

    One of the most HORRIFIC and CRUEL videos I have ever seen!!! God help us if our selfish desire to adorn ourselves with the fur of these poor defenseless animals is not stopped!!! Shame on Donna Karan and any of the other designers that feel it necessary to use real fur. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE THE FUR COMES FROM, AN ANIMAL STILL HAD TO CRUELY DIE.

  • SUZI RUGGIO says:


  • jonette bronson says:

    wearing fur is obviously dead – done with donna until you stop