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Department of Defense Stepping Up for Animals

Written by PETA | March 12, 2009

Over the past 16 months, PETA has waged a relentless campaign to end the military’s archaic trauma-training exercises. In these exercises, thousands of live goats and pigs are shot, stabbed, cut apart, and burned, and monkeys are poisoned with nerve chemicals. We called on the Department of Defense (DoD) to investigate the military’s methods immediately, and they appear to be taking our request seriously.

The DoD has chartered a Joint Analysis Team (JAT) to “examine the use of animals for medical education and training across the Services.” The JAT will also submit a report containing “actionable recommendations” for the DoD to follow.

DoD regulations specifically state that non-animal methods must be used whenever scientifically valid and comparable alternatives are available. The DoD’s use of live animals in trauma-training exercises is unnecessary. Various installations in the Air Force and Navy have been using alternatives, such as high-tech human patient simulators and rotations in trauma hospitals, for several years. Additionally, these second-rate training methods put our soldiers at risk.

We’re hopeful that the JAT will come to the obvious conclusion that the DoD should end these cruel tests immediately and opt for more humane, educational alternatives. Check out the letter we sent to them about this issue here, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Dawn says:

    I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I will affirm that these practice still are still part of many types of military training. The marines and sailors are told to sign a paper that states they will not talk about what happens in these “labs”. There needs to be a third party investigating this and not the JAT. I think these inhumane practices should be illegal. If they we made so, the marines and sailors could act as whistle blowers. They will only speak up if they know they are supported. Along with the poor animal being shot, and stabbed they are fully conscious and can feel every bit of the pain. The animals are not given ANY types of medication. How is this not illegal. I plan on petitioning the Department of Defense.

  • one of the sick bunch of killers says:

    I’m a military medic who has had the benefit of a goat lab. I also support intellectually and financially PETA and your actions. But I am neither Vegan or Vegitarian. Casual abuse of animals sickens me too but the use of anesthesized goats for medical training is not replicable by devices. Rotations in trauma centers are good but you can go days without seeing anything more than simple cuts and bruises. I’ve treated blast victims after IED attacks and had to use advanced techniques that I was able to practice on a goat that aren’t replicable anywhere else or in any other way. My moral gauge says that use of animals for training is only acceptable if it can’t be replicated in any other way and if the training is absolutely essential and it must be conducted in as humanely a way as possible. I wish we didn’t need a military. And I wish that our soldiers didn’t need trauma care. But since they do I’m glad there’s a way for us to get the training we need to best serve them and ultimately all of usyou. Since it’s their vigilence that gives us the freedom to advocate on behalf of animals.

  • Clementine Dunatov says:

    I myself am a future member of the United States Coast Guard and upon learning that there are branches of the military that utilize these methods makes me highly unhappy. “The military is a sick bunch of killers. That they were doing this to animals is enough to shut them down permanently. The only thing our military has “accomplished” is killing Iraqis and animals. Military should be for defense only like the Coast Guard and the Army Reserve. Our tax dollars are paying for this animal cruelty? SHUT THEM DOWN. I’m sick of it.” I do not understand your statement you say to shut them down and then you say to use them for defense only we are for defense only…? If we shut them down how do you suppose they defend your freedom? Instead of tearing down the military we should be thinking of ways to change their training tactics. I love how people will bash the military for every wrong thing they do but will never talk about the good things they are doing. Like keeping you free to do as you please. Unless you are a 100 vegan person you have no right to say anything about animal torture or cruelty because you are still using animal products for your benefit.

  • Indran says:

    Jamie It is inspiring to hear of your husband’s courage. After demonstrating at Fort Campbell Camp Lejeune last week and seeing countless servicemen women offer solemn thumbs up nods of support as they drove by I’m beginning to think that deep down the majority of your husband’s colleagues actually share his concernsif not because the exercises are cruel then at least because they provide inadequate training. All the best Indran

  • Jamie says:

    This makes me very sick! There were actually Peta protesters here at Fort Campbell not long ago. In the article it said that they don’t do animal testing at this base. BULLCRAP. My husband is a medic here at Fort Campbell and right before deployment they had them do a live animal lab with sheep. He refused to participate. They do threaten the soldiers careers if they tell anyone what’s going on. I’m sad to say the rest of the medics DID participate. They are NOT allowed anywhere near me my son or my house any longer. It’s disgusting and it makes me sick. Those poor poor animals.

  • ShelArt says:

    The military is a sick bunch of killers. That they were doing this to animals is enough to shut them down permanently. The only thing our military has “accomplished” is killing Iraqis and animals. Military should be for defense only like the Coast Guard and the Army Reserve. Our tax dollars are paying for this animal cruelty? SHUT THEM DOWN. I’m sick of it.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I would like to say welcome to MaryMargaret and tell her that animal rights organizations need all the good public relations personnel they can get because most of the public thinks we are a bunch of wack jobs with more money and time then sense. I also pray the JAT will strongly suggest putting an end to the use of animals in military training.

  • Phyllis says:

    True the JAT could be corrupt but then again if they are then we have more ammunition to use against them so to speak. That’s one thing I love about PETA they follow through on all their campaigns.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The miliary has already perpetrated too many crimes against animals in the name of war practice.

  • lynda downie says:

    I salute you Peta. You make a good point andi. The people chosen to be on the joint analysis team makes all the difference.

  • Gerardo T says:

    An outside watchdog commitee is the way to go! Can you please consider doing this and assamble a watchdog group that is NOT part of the military? Also write to president obama and tell him that this spendign is wasteful unesessary and out of date OLD crap!

  • andi says:

    Well it all depends on who’s comprising the Joint Analysis Team and whose special interests they may be guarding… Sure would like to see an outside watchdog committee assembled instead like one who’s not on the DoD payroll.

  • Mary Margaret says:

    Hello! My name is MaryMargaret. I am currently a Public Relations student. For one of my classes which focuses on Public Relation’s writing techniques I am required to make posts on a blog of interest. I chose PETA because I feel that the overall focus of the organization follows what I believe in. I have been a Vegan for close to two years now so this also has contributed to my interest in PETA! I will definitely be keeping up with the posts and give my opinions as often as possible. Mary