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How Denver’s ‘Hoofin’ It’ Is Hurting Animal Rights

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 18, 2014

An event currently taking place in Denver, Colorado, may make compassionate people wonder what some people have been smoking. “Hoofin’ It” is a nearly week-long affair in which people walk from restaurant to restaurant to consume hoofed animals, including pigs, cows, bison, and sheep. Just as disturbing as the event’s concept is its theme: “Respect Your Dinner.”

The organizers of the event are happily hitching their wagons to the meat industry’s newest marketing buzzwords: “humane meat.” But as PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk explains, “There is nothing humane about the flesh of animals who have had one or two or perhaps three improvements made in their absolutely singularly rotten lives ….”

See if you agree with PETA about the myth of “humane meat” and with Ingrid’s explanation about why the concept further endangers animals raised for food:

There is no such thing as “humane meat,” and promoting the myth, especially when it’s done by animal “moderates,” serves only to make people feel better about eating animals and hinders the progress of the animal rights movement. As Dr. Martin Luther King wrote from the Birmingham jail, moderates may be the most damaging thing to a movement whose time has come.

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  • Very true, this is just a cruel joke! Humane murder and everything that precedes it …

  • Sophia Howerton says:

    I agree 100% with Norm Hannigan. Lived in Denver for years and could never get used to how extremely phony people are.

  • kittykatkris123 says:

    Yeah, can you imagine using that defense at a murder trial? “But Your Honor, you don’t understand…I killed him “HUMANELY”!”

  • How about “hoofing it” to where the animals are raised and the slaughter house?

  • Shirley Preston-Gouveia says:

    I do not understand the phrase “humane meat” for me the animal is alive one minute and dead the next, there CANNOT be anything humane about that.

  • How rediculous, walking into a cafe to eat a poor tortured animal whilst carrying a laptop under your arm? This the age if High Technology, cars soon to drive themselves, tours soon to Mars, Pizzas from vending machines. This is not only Horrifically cruel, but senceless, unnecessary and Bloody Old Hat. Get with the times Go Vegan or at least Vegetarian then you can truly say You are Humane and living in a Techno World of the Future.

  • Norm Hannigan says:

    The longer I live the more disgusted I become of those humans, who appear to have less morals and compassion than the animals they mutilate and torture, and especially of those who turn a deaf ear and a blind eye, to all the carnage and are no less cruel.

  • If it wasn’t so horrific what is hidden behind the expression “humane meat”, it is a big laugh, What is humane? Torturing animals to death? Or is meat of humanes? Then kannibalism has returned. Also unacceptable. Humane meat is a big lie. This campaign of the restaurants is deceiving and so it is illegal.

  • donna says:

    this is terrible we need to respect animals not exploit or eat them. this is teaching people that animals are nothing ….please stop this.

  • What? And I live in Denver? What the heck. I had no idea we were this disgusting. Stop it, restaurants. Find a better way. I won’t be there nor will any of my community, a large one.

  • “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi.

  • linda says:

    its not humane its barbaric cruel cold blooded

  • lmmathews says:

    What is really disturbing to me, is that the Humane Society of the United States (of which I am a member) sponsored this horrid “event”. As stated in the article, this is an attempt by the meat industry to convince people that it is “O.K” to eat animals that are raised on non-factory farms. I believe the HSUS is taking the position that small ranches and farms are less evil than factory farms, and so why not support them. The HSUS also strongly opposes “canned hunts” but really does not seem to mind sport hunting, which they call “fair chase” but there is noting fair about a human being armed with a high-powered rifle going after a wild animal that only has its God-given instincts to help it. Although the HSUS does many good things for animals, I am re-thinking my membership. No meat is “humane meat”.

  • Tracey says:

    Wow .. Thank you

  • Sara Ogden says:

    How intelligent does a person have to be to understand that there is no such thing as humane meat.

  • Jan Bowden says:

    I cannot understand humans mentality – why don’t they get it? The pain and suffering caused to animals…. There is no humane meat! I just hope they get very sick doing this… the animals revenge! Sickening

  • God gave man dominiom over the animals that is not a free for all to do as you see fit to an animal whos natureis to submit to man. think for a momment what if i was reversd and the food chain think about it please?

  • Anne Grice says:

    Only an ignorant mindless despicable person would not appreciate the sickening cruelty involved in the meat industry! Self reassurance does not remove the intolerable pain and suffering to animals used for food! Meatless is the only conscionable way!

  • I stopped eating meat some time ago. I just couldn’t see the sense in any animal, bird or fish having to die so I could stuff my face. I don’t miss it one bit.

  • Brittany says:

    No such things a humane meat. This is disgusting and horrible.

  • Natalie says:

    There is no such thing as “humane meat”! The torture and slaughter of animals is not humane,it’s horrific!

  • Animals have the mentality of a young child they feel pain and fear as we humans do would anyone treat a child the way they treat an animal we must protect the animals of this world from the evil sadistic people who abuse torture and kill them for fun and sport and needless to say for food that they don’t need we can live without meat on our plates its more healthier to have a meat free diet stop breeding and killing its an injustice

  • Cheryl L. Baker says:

    This just isn’t right! No need for this!