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Demonstrators Detained at Seoul Summit

Written by PETA | November 10, 2010

Putting on a demonstration can be challenging, but here in the U.S., we rarely run into the kinds of problems that protesters encounter in other parts of the world. Just ask our friends at PETA Asia about the difficulties that they sometimes face.

Earlier this year, Edward, a PETA Asia campaigner, was arrested before a planned KFC protest in Singapore. Not to be outdone, PETA Asia senior campaigner Ashley Fruno and a member of the South Korean group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth were recently detained by police in Seoul as they got out of a van and began a pro-vegetarian demonstration near the site of this week’s G20 summit.

Don’t worry, the daring duo is fine—although Ashley will likely be booted out of Korea soon. Fortunately, most of us don’t have to worry about anything worse than occasional rain or rudeness when we hold a protest. For tips to make it easier, check this out.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • BEYOURSELF says:

    It is impossible for people not to consume meat, we are what we are today because we consume meat, most important is to remove cruelty and sufferings from animal in the farm. Being vegetarian is a self-choice not an enforced condition. I hope you realise that.Action and consequence not right or wrong.

  • Ralph says:

    Rules are different here in the US than they are in Seoul. Ashley is lucky all she is being is deported – some countries in Asia you would be caned for even attempting this. Apparently no one remembers the caning the one boy got for graffiti.

    Additionally – G20 summits, unlike places you protest in the US, are very secure. Have no permit? – you’re going to be detained.

    The US? – with a few exceptions you can protest anywhere.

    PETA: Our laws are NOT the same as around the world. And even here, some of your protests have caused you to be detained.

  • stephanie says:

    Good job girls…you tried and thats what matters…you may have gotten at least a few peoples attention on the issue and thats better than none