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PETA Demands Jail Time for Dog Abuser

Written by PETA | July 20, 2011

An Apple Valley, Minnesota, man is facing a cruelty charge for allegedly hurling a tiny dog 10 feet in the air after the dog defecated indoors. The landing reportedly broke the dog’s pelvis, causing the dog to scream in pain from injuries that, according to a veterinarian, were on par with being hit by a car.

Nikita Kravchuk | cc by 2.0

PETA is calling for vigorous prosecution and the maximum sentence if the man is convicted. Please help by urging the prosecuting attorney to aggressively pursue this case and reminding him that animal abusers’ temper tantrums are often directed toward members of their own species too.

Please send polite comments to:

The Honorable Michael E. Molenda
City of Apple Valley Prosecuting Attorney
7300 W. 147th St., Ste. 600
Apple Valley, MN 55124-7580
[email protected]

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • furanimalrights says:

    Yes, studies have shown that animal abuse is related to human violence. A bill is even being passed in Connecticut that would require the Department of Children and Families to communicate with the Department of Agriculture. You can read more about it on my animal rights blog here:

  • Summer says:

    Poor little dog ending up with this human monster.

  • cuisenaire martine says:

    Cruelty must be stopped, this guyneeds the jailfor live

  • Friend to animals says:

    This is horrible…that man needs to rot in hell…..i hate people that hurt animals….it wasn’t even the dogs fault…the guy probably ignored him when he had to go out and that’s why it happened.

  • gunn nesbø says:


  • sam says:

    these animals are too damn cute to be hurt in such horrible ways. how does your brain work like that, that makes you want to hurt an animal. did you ever think that the dog had the accident because you didn’t take him outside when he needed to go?? jail for damn sure. new owners should bring the dog to the jail once a year to remind him why hes sitting in there.

  • Gwinky says:

    People! If the judge can’t give jail time, ask if he can order a public shaming! Stand at a busy intersection with a big sign stating his name and what he did. PETA watchers: call the news vans, have them report it! PETA – how about coming up with an APP like they have for child abusers? Map where animal abusers live & what they did!!!

  • renu says:

    jail for sure…………

  • Shaun says:

    Please, please, please let me give this dog a home! It is a reality that this kind of thing is happening all over and we need to give out harsh punishments in order to make a change. I will write to The Honorable Michael E. Molenda because I need to have faith that this person has a conscience and will do the right thing. Such sick and blatant violence must be faced and dealt with a heavy hand. I AM OUTRAGED!

  • De Trenge says:

    This is horible, this man should definetly be getting charge and get the max sentence. What is it was a child that has an accident, I know some people say it is wrong to compare animals and children(I have children) and I feel if you can hurt an inicent animal, that person is capabile of hurting a child.

  • Maren Hehlke says:

    cannot understand.. 🙁