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Deflocked, by Jeff Corriveau, Takes on the Olsen Twins

Written by PETA | December 31, 2007

I love it! This one is a real winner. It’s got the Trollsens and it’s New Years relevant! SMLstrip_12_27_07.jpg
Click for a larger versionTo check out the archives of past strips, click here. – Joel

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  • Jenny says:

    lol! funny! wait ’till the olsen’s see that! i’d like to have a good lagh at them!

  • Susy says:

    I don’t really get it but its funny anyhow!

  • amanda says:

    i find your guys comments interesting. i dont think that its rude that they do this its the natural way that our society depicts each other. dont you think that PETA has done more than this? dont you think that they have been trying to work with the Olsens behind the scenes just like other companies and celebrities to try and stop their cruel support of fur? obviously the other way wasnt working and now they are poking fun on how horrible these twins are. i dont care if they have been actresses since they were born what they are doing is heartless and appalling and they deserve what they get…honestly it wouldnt be THAT hard to stop wearing fur and moving on. plenty of coats and accessories are made with faux fur from many famous fashion designers that they would fit right in…they have no case on their side and i dont feel bad for them.

  • Imarumonk says:

    I’d like to start off ny saying I am not a veg. I have known a lot of vegetarians personally and spoken casually with many more. Many are every bit as inyourface about their vegetarianism as nonveggies are about their diets. I am not for a moment saying this justifies the behavior towards any of the previous posters however it may help you deal with the attacks more easily if you keep in mind that in any group be it religious political or social there are exremists. There are plenty of us out here that respect your dietary choices even if we don’t agree with them.

  • Lisamarie says:

    I don’t agree with wearing fur but I don’t know if I like the way PETA is handling it. But I guess maybe it’s a good way to get the Olsens’ attention and give them a chance to change and save face. But what some other people were saying about people saying rude things to them when they say they are vegetarian or vegan I so understand. I’m only vegetarian not vegan so I do eat eggs and a manager of mine had the nerve to tell me that eating eggs is eating aborted chickens!!!! How ignorant some people are is amazing!!! I tried to explain to her that eggs aren’t fertilized and therefore not equivalent to an abortion but with some people there is absolutely no getting through to them. I see why vegans don’t it eggs but it’s not because they are aborted chickens.

  • Michele says:

    Anonymous do you not think it is cruel to abuse torture and skin an animal alive? All for fashion’s sake? PETA only targets celebrities who wear fur even when they have been told OVER AND OVER about the horrors of the fur industry. I do NOT agree that this is “rude” for PETA to do Even if the majority of people thought that this was “rude” behaviour I’d pick rudeness over cruelty any day.

  • Anonymous says:

    I find the whole PETA mocking the Olsens very rude.

  • Caboose says:

    actually fur can be free

  • Cgirl says:

    I am completely against wearing furits disgusting and cruel.HoweverI agree with It doesn’t matterand I’d also like to point out that insulting celebrities is pointlesschildishand a wast of time.Why insult them?Your being immaturecalm downnot every one is perfect.

  • madhvi says:

    Good comic… other than the whole hairy kate and trashley trollen stuff arent there other ways of getting them to stop? i mean how much do you think it actually bothers them? theyre celebrities they should be used to insults by now…

  • Michele says:

    Jaclyn and NJNikki I know exactly what you mean about the negative comments. Like you Jaclyn I also have done tons of reading that now allows me to respond to the nonsense. I had a coworker once who was on the Atkins diet who dared to ask me if I had researched the vegan diet and asked if my doctor knew about it. Unfortunately I still had to work next to her every day so I did not tell her what I really wanted to say I REALLY wanted to tell her that her supposedly great diet was invented by someone who eventually diet morbidly obese and who had heart disease! Well that was almost 2 years ago so maybe now if I had the same comment from someone I might say what I really feel even if I had to work with them. alexia I share your thoughts about the issue of people wearing fur. I have never truly figured out why people think it is “cool” to wear fur it sure is not cool and in fact people look pretty ugly when they are wearing an embalmed animal carcass on them in the name of fashion.

  • alexia says:

    why do people wear fur? because it’s expensive and you look “cool”. well it’s not cool to kill even if your just buying the fur your still killing an animal. because if people keep buying fur more people will keep killing to make a living? now is it really that cool to have to tell people that you kill animals for a living?

  • Jaclyn says:

    NJNikki When people around me found out that I was veg I got soooo many comments like that!!! People even got in my face mean!! I think you’re right maybe guilt gets people to act that way. People were very harsh with me. I had to do a lot of reading to build up the confidence that later enabled me to stand up for myself and for the animals. Hang in there. People can be very mean. o

  • NJNikki says:

    People get so offensive if they find out why I don’t eat red meat. Like I like my ribs too much when I never said a word of my opinions. I guess they are feeling guilty about something. I feel at peace with myself with my beliefs and values. How dare people treat me as if I am a freak for thinking globaly or healthy.

  • April says:

    Wearing fur isn’t appreciated by most and personally I am against it but setting up an intire webpage making a video and making a cartoon strip mocking the Olsens is a very childish way of dealing with the issue . Honestly I thought PETA had more pride than that and honestly I am very disappointed . This kind of smear campaign doesn’t encourage repect towards PETA but just the opposite .

  • su says:

    thats amazing. nice cartoon job

  • it doesnt matter says:

    do you really think by telling people to be vegetarians that that is really gonna help i mean come on that is ridiculous tell them no convince them that the pain the animals go through. is far worse and if that doesn’t help. telling them to be vegetarians doesn’t either. isn’t the the pain these poor creatures of life go through as barbaric. the human species as a whole is carnivorous do not tell them that killing animals is bad because that doesn’t solve your goal but by telling them to stop the inhuman and torturous display of power in killing animals that is the goal. isn’t your wish to stop showing these terrible videos of humans doing things that if done upon a human would be consider psychopathic i mean i only plea to you that you stand against torture against animals they deserve as much a right to live as we do. I am talking to you engrid please stop this torture

  • Caboose says:

    STILL ON THESE 2 ?!?!

  • Mystique Makepeace says:

    Oh! hahaha yes very hilarious. It’s a true fact that the Trollsons would rather eat their furcoats than chuck them in a bin. Yes well done. Very good.