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Declare ‘National Wildlife Amnesty Day,’ Obama

Written by PETA | October 6, 2009

Starting with Tricky Dick, every president in office has issued proclamations supporting America’s “sportsmen and women,” i.e. wildlife killers. President Obama recently followed suit by naming September 26 “National Hunting and Fishing Day.”

In response, PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk has asked President Obama to declare a “National Wildlife Amnesty Day” in honor of the 95 percent of us who prefer to shoot wildlife with cameras, not guns. That’s right: Only a puny 5 percent of Americans stalk, maim, and slaughter deer, bears, and other animals—and many former fishers have cast their rods aside after learning that fish sea kittens feel pain.

Folks, “wildlife management” and “conservation” are euphemisms used to describe programs that ensure inflated numbers of animals for hunters to harass, maim, and kill. If left alone, animal populations would regulate their own numbers. Those who truly care about wildlife donate money to save habitats—without expecting a dead body as a trophy in return.


I can think of a handful of descriptors for these men, but “conservationists” isn’t one of them.


Written by Karin Bennett

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  • m. nolan says:

    you guys really need to remember these are animals. And rabbits at that. Their reproduction rate is off the charts and they can cause damage to many types of vegetation. Should we then be angry at rabbits because they have torn up my vegetable garden? Leaving populations of certain species has proved to be detrimental to certain populations. An experiment done in the early 90’s where deer hunting was disallowed showed a greta increase of the deer population in an area where natural predators were not abundant. The deer caught disease from overpopulation and almost the entire population was wiped out. DFG’s policy of conservation is not only smart but sound. Allowing the hunting of certain species helps control the normal ecosystems.

  • Phil says:

    Sorry to say but most hunters not all are similar to these two clowns. Hunting is NOT a sport! It is an activity in which sickminded humans want to use their killing thoughts on unprotected animals because they can’t use them on humans. Some of you say you hunt for population control? That is the biggest load of garbage I have heard. I am a Biologist of animals and their behaviors and with or without hunting the population will balance in time by natue itelf. It has to considering the amount of territory and food supply and it has showed that since the first mammals were put on this planet about 500 million years ago.

  • kurt says:

    i am a hunter and 98 percent of the time i am just sitting in the tree watching deer. i actually use the meat. nys gives us 3 deer tags and i only use one.

  • Montana Boy says:

    Hello peta I am here to just voice my side of this subject as an avid and ethical hunter. And i know someone will comment on the ethics of hunting but my ethics have to do with other things. These hunters do not represent hunters. We are loving people concerned about populations and try to do our best at respecting animals. I hunt every year and usually take a deer or on my very lucky year I also have the fortune of taking an elk. I shoot only humane shots in which i can ganantee it will not just injure the animal I eat all of the animal and use every bit of it and I do it all legally. I am not saying you should leave your opinions off this site thats what its for but insulting people that you have never met and know nothing about is childish. obviously these two deserve it but generalizing hunters really does make those of us who are ethical hunters be associated with idiots like this. I would ask those of you in here to please be mindful of us. Thank you.