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Dear Michael Moore…

Written by PETA | June 22, 2007

Michael_Moore_Sicko.jpgMichael Moore, for those of you not familiar with him, is a fat, bearded dude who makes political documentaries and occasionally angers conservatives. His latest work is a film called SiCKO—which exposes the inadequacies of health care in the U.S. and played to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s going into wide release on June 29. Well, PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, has a few words of advice for him: As she points out in the letter she sent him this week, the best way to fight the U.S. health care bureaucracy is to take some personal responsibility and make positive changes that will lead to a healthy lifestyle—and there’s no better way to do that than by adopting a vegetarian diet. As Ingrid puts it,

“Although we think that your film could actually help reform America’s sorely inadequate health care system, there’s an elephant in the room, and it is you. With all due respect, no one can help but notice that a weighty health issue is affecting you personally. We’d like to help you fix that. Going vegetarian is an easy and life-saving step that people of all economic backgrounds can take in order to become less reliant on the government’s shoddy healthcare system, and it’s something that you and all Americans can benefit from personally.”

PETA is challenging Michael Moore to reduce his risk of fat-related illnesses by taking PETA’s 30-day Veg Pledge. The idea is that if people didn’t make themselves unhealthy in the first place by eating meat products that are known to cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes, the situation would easier for everyone. As Ingrid puts it, “Yes, America’s health care system needs to be fixed, but personal responsibility is a big part of why people look and feel as ill as they do.” Here’s hoping Michael Moore puts his money where his mouth is.

You can read Ingrid’s letter to Michael Moore here. I’ll let you know how he responds.


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  • lisapizza says:

    I agree with Ingrid’s creative spin to the axiom “choices have consequences”. She reminds us to look in the mirror as real change begins from within. God bless all creatures great and small… including Mr. Moore.

  • Brian says:

    I say that in politics all is fair. Michael Moore makes some strong statements and really mocks a lot of people and well I think has to accept it in return. Don’t feel bad for tweaking him.

  • Tracey says:

    What a way for people to disregard PETA and it’s views. I am a supporter of PETA but reading that letter by Ingrid to Michael Moore I shook my head and realized how people shrug off PETA. PETA is trying to promote good by playing bad. Ingrid it would have been more effective if you wrote with respect and concern as opposed to stomping your feet and acting quite unprofessionally. When you push people up against a wall they either retaliate or completely disregard your issue. Bravo.

  • KKC says:

    Ingrid Believe it or not obesity can be an inherited physical trait. Some of us are genetically wired to be fat..Even vegetarians are not immune. I have been battling weight issues my entire 52 years on this earth. I became a vegetarian after reading a Rolling Stone magazine article entitled “Meat Is Murder” in February of 1998. And guess what??? My conscience is clear but I am still very heavy! There are some chunky vegetarians out there dear!

  • Stephanie says:

    Thank you Ingrid for putting it to Michael Moore straight. It sounds harsh but the animals he ate have had it harsh as well. I agree with the blog that reads “Michael Moore can take it”. I’m a big fan of his and would LOVE nothing more than to personally help him along in his weight loss journey. Giving up animals in my diet made everything better for me especially giving up dairy. I LOVE BEING VEGAN!

  • Bethany says:

    There are plenty of overweight vegetarians and vegans. I’m a HUGE supporter of PETA and this letter really turned me off. What a crappy way to get someone to think about a cause or change by insulting their weight. I am really horrified at Ingrid’s attack. I agree with the first poster. Sheesh.

  • cag says:

    I have seen Moore’s film and I think it’s an eyeopener. Only wish it had touched on the worthlessness of animal research in finding “cures” for all the health problems out there. Our tax dollars down the proverbial big industry “rat hole” as it were. Maybe that’s another movie.

  • Tanya says:

    I only wish his next documentary would be on factory farming and all of the animal abuse in this world. In one of his books he makes fun of vegetarians so I”m not sure if he’ll go for it. But you never know. I heard him in an interview saying he was eating lots of fruits and veggies and walking more since filming the documentary. Good for him!! But I would be estatic if he took this challenge. Thanks Ingrid for asking him!!

  • Larry says:

    Have to agree that calling him an ‘elephant’ when he is only trying to expose the poor health care system was a little much. I am also a PETA supporter and am usually always on the same side and in agreement but not this time. There was and still is a much more tactful way to get him the message. I have seen many overweight Vegetarians as well. Please consider trying again.

  • Shanti says:

    This is the kind of approach that makes smart thoughtful and balanced people reject and marginalize PETA. As a member of the Vanguard Society I am disappointed.

  • Kim says:

    I agree with Maya and think Michael Moore is great and I agree too that we should all go veggie but calling him fat is the wrong approach. I know many of us vegetarians who could even lose a few pounds. Just a healthy overweight with a glow because sweets are so good.

  • Jessica says:

    Oh come on Maya. Michael Moore dishes it out it certainly should be able to take it! And heaven knows he’s been no friend to animals all these many years.

  • Keiva McCain says:

    I agree. It’s not nice to blatantly attack someon efor the way they look. More importantly it seems Ingrid didn’t do her homework here. Michael Moore has recently lost at least 30 lbs and is on his way to being much healthier. I love PETA but stuff like this disappoints me and turns off lots of wouldbe supporters.

  • Mike Petrozello says:

    They say “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” … well just look at this guy. He’s FAT because he obviously consumes way too much of the WRONG foods. If he’s so sincerely concerned with heath care he needs to take a look at HIMSELF in a MIRROR and get some good heath care going at “home”!!! Thank you Ingrid for telling it like it is. Mike P

  • Jason Haynes says:

    Ingrid you just can’t seem to figure out who the enemies are or which fights to fight. By attacking someone that is doing so much good while we have the evil empire in the Executive Branch you’ve taken a serious misstep. So much for knowing who to tackle! Clearly you need to think about it. Wow what a load of good that does for your efforts!

  • Lisa W. says:

    Yeah very uncool. We need people like Michael Moore. In the sess pool of corporations and this shoddy Administration which are all set of screwing up the earth he’s one of the good guys. I just recently turned Vegetarian with a goal of going Vegan. I’m kind of tubby myself. So your approach should have been different. You can be vegetarian and have manners too.

  • LeeZee says:

    If PETA would like Michael Moore to convert to Vegeterianism insulting his weight is going the wrong way about it I don’t understand why Ingrid followed this approach? I agree with Noelle…this is the sort of guy you’d want on your side who could make a informative doco exposing the cruelties and exploitations of the meat industries…more tact in the future plz! o

  • Cynthia White says:

    I’ve got to say Ingrid Newkirk’s tactic taken with Michael Moore is in poor taste no pun and makes me wonder where she gets off thinking she has the right to attack a bystander. With over 15 years of marketing strategy experience I can assure you trying to connect and convince people of any stature to do the right thing will always be incredibly difficult if you start by insulting them of course that’s not rocket science we learn that basic in kindergarten. This guy is successful at letting the world know the emperor has no clothes don’t we want him onboard to help PETA and their causes? Why is she trying to make any enemy out of someone with that much positive communicative clout? Ms. Newkirk Please be bigger than insults Get off your high horse and concentrate on the productive stuff. It’s not necessary to attack to win the battle. Cynthia White

  • Jeanette says:

    I love Michael Moore and his views that speak the truth about this nation but I’m shocked that PETA who I support dearly decided to express their views this way. We are always told to contact people using taste and tactfullness so I’m surprised that this wasn’t handled in a better way. Not good.

  • diane says:

    I agree with Ingrid. Telling Michael Moore in any way but the way the letter stated would be like watching pigs fly. Well he certainly can put it out there for everyone in all kinds of language so now it turns around on him. I am overweight too. I see Ingrid’s point. I should take more responsiblity for my own health plus I love animals. Michael Moore needs to put up or shut up. Diane

  • Kristi says:

    I don’t think Ingrid’s remarks were out of bounds. Mr. Moore has doubtless heard many less kind and less wellintentioned remarks about his weight. People do not become obese by accident and meat eaters are much more likely to be obese. I work in the health care industry where I see that obese people and their attendant maladies place an enormous strain on local national and global resources. People act like obesity is equal to an ethnic classification and should be treated as such when in fact it is not.

  • JJ says:

    AMEN Ingrid has the cajones to say what EVERYONE is thinking!

  • Anonymous says:

    There are such things as FAT VEGETARIANS. Cheese is still consumed by meatless people and I have seen many a fat vegetarian. PETA always has a good message but they always go to far.

  • tana nichols says:

    I don’t approve of calling people fat having been there and heard all those insults. Not all meat eaters are overweight and unhealthy and not all vegetarians are thin and healthy. Simply pointing out that a vegetarian diet is a good start to a healthier lifestyle and a better health care system would have been better than name calling.

  • Karla says:

    A vegetarian lifestyle is certainly a healthier way of life but it will not cure greed and corruption! Thanks to Michael Moore for shining a big light on this serious issue. I certainly hope he turns his attention to our food industry next time around and expose it’s nasty secrets and atrocities!

  • Deedee Casto says:

    I agree with Ingrid 100 on the way she wrote to Michael Moore. Folks when you deal with people that are so self centered and the world revolves around them you have to speak to them on their own level so they can understand.

  • Andrea D says:

    piggybacking on the elephant to get publicity are we? standing on the shoulders of giants are we? Well why not acknowledge the person to whom you speak is indeed a person a very accomplished person and should be treated respectfully regardless of your opinion of fat people that means no elementary school name calling and definitely Michael is owed an apology. Just being vegetarian doesn’t make you skinny. Fat is determined by many factors and so is honesty you don’t have to be a comlete 3rd grade ‘jerkface’ ingrid to get your point across diplomatically and honestly. This was one of the first times I’ve popped into the actual site from the listserve emails and I think it has killed my taste for delving further. thanks I will endeavor elsewhere. And no I’m not fat I’m skinny which isn’t determined by anything except my genetic code and my environmental stress much as I would guess his weight could be attributed to.

  • Mike Petrozello says:

    Ingrid….I’m with you….good heath and health care starts AT HOME and taking care of yourself to help prevent illhealth and Michael Moore’s personal health home is a mess. Guy needs to take a GOOD LOOK at himself…he surely LOOKS at everything else with a magnifying glass. Sometimes people like Michael Moore can’t see what’s right in front of them or choose not to. This guy NOT only TALKS TOO MUCH HE EATS TOO MUCH…maybe that’s why he’s got such a BIG MOUTH??? Bravo Ingrid for telling it LIKE IT IS!!! Mike P Ballston Lake NY

  • Max Girouard says:

    I love Michael Moore and sincerely hope that he first adopts a healthier lifestyle it’s not just about what tastes good and second looks into the meat and dairy industry for his next doc! It would be awesome!

  • Galy says:

    I agree that the comment was a too harsh. Ingrid should apologize for being rude about her request to Michael Moore. I’m a supporter of PETA but sometimes PETA gets rude and turns off people… they really need to work on that!

  • Molly says:

    I think Ingrid’s comments are out of line. There is definetly a more tactful way of suggesting a vegetarian lifestyle. She is a powerful woman in a powerfull postion. She represents many people and she should act accordingly. I have been a Veg for over 13 years and I am by no means skinny. Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle by no means guarantees complete physical health although I agree that it is a huge step. Ingrid is indeed burning bridges. Moore is an amazing filmmaker and is well respected by most liberals anyway. Why is she personally attacking someone that could be a wonderful aid in spreading the word on animal right issues?

  • Jane Lauter-Katoskie says:

    Ingrid You scared me for a minute. I thought youn were going to say that Micahel abused animals making the film. I think your idea is excellent!!!! Michael is my hero politically but wouldn’t it be great if he went veg?

  • Tamie Cruse says:

    If Michael wants everyone to have free health care why doesn’t he spend someof HIS money and pay for a few families medical? Why doesn’t everyone who wants FREE medical for everyone pay for a few families medical insurance and show the rest of us that they truely believe in what they are saying. The government is US in case everyone has forgotten. Give up meat and help some families pay for insurance Michael. It’s the American way right?

  • Allen says:

    I saw Michael Moore talking about his new movie on Real Time with Bill Maher not too long ago. He said that he felt it was important to take personal responsibility for his own health and obesity is a serious health issue and he said he was eating more vegetables and had lost a lot of weight and was feeling healthier because of it. Here’s hoping he goes the whole way and adopts a vegetarian diet. I’d also like to point out that Ingrid’s letter was very respectful. She points out that Mr. Moore is overweight which is a fact not an insult. Being overwieght is a serious health issue and unlike genetic disorders or some other diseases being overweight is usually caused by lifestyle choices like eating meat. It is one thing to make fun of someone for having small feet something they can’t help and another to point out accurately that they are overweight something they can help and that their health would be improved by going vegetarian. Way to go Ingrid.

  • kk says:

    On the Bill Mahr show Michael Moore admitted that while making this movie he did take a look at himself and realize he needed to take personal responsibility for his own health. He started to eat healthier and walk for exercise. By making these simple changes he started to lose weight. I hope he takes the challenge for his own health and to lead by example.

  • Jonesy says:

    Maya I honestly think Michael Moore can take it. This is just another creative way for PETA to get the mssage out about vegetarianism. The guy has a weight problem and he’s publicly talked about how much he loves to eat meat. There’s nothing wrong with putting two and two together here.

  • Greer Ashton says:

    You can get more flies with honey than with vinegar!

  • Chris says:

    I enjoy PETA and what it stands for. I am an animal lover through and through and usually agree with its high ethics for animals. However I think the manner in which Ingrid presented her concern to Michael Moore was very insulting unwarranted and immature. Should she have delivered such a letter to me I would disregard my loyalty to PETA and feel attacked by it as she is the supreme representative of it. I would remain faithful to the cause but Ingrid and the organization’s reputation would surely take a turn for the worst in my eyes. Ingrid please do what’s right and retract the unnecessary portion of your letter and apologize to Michael Moore. Enough people hate us vegetarians and animallovers already and call us crazy. Actions like this only allow others to think that those notions are valid. And through all of this I am still not attacking Ingrid. Simply what’s right is right. Thank you.

  • Stephanie G. says:

    Phantastic action by PeTA once again. Mike Moore’s movies are important as well as the one by Al Gore but not sufficient in probably the main cause for illness aggression nature destruction and global warming animal consumption.

  • Scott Dubya says:

    I find it interesting that liberals get up in arms when we criticize one of our own. I agree that this is harsh but no harsher than many of the attacks by PETA towards the ‘bad guys.’ I am a proponent of civility in any discourse even if the other side is despicable. I would love to see Michael Moore or Dick Cheney go veg and get healthy. PETA has never been known for playing nice and that has always been a disappointment for the peaceful vegan warriors out there.

  • Coolidge says:

    Way to go Ingrid! People always lump animal rights in as being a “liberal” issue but this sort of thing shows that compassion has nothing to do with what side of the aisle you’re on.

  • Luiza says:

    I agree with Maya.

  • Mike B says:

    I would love to see Michael Moore make a doc that deals with animal ethics and the meat industry that would be very powerful.

  • Noelle says:

    As a supporter of PETA I’d like to write that I think the way that you went about it was a bit much. There was a more tactful approach much like Maya wrote above.

  • Maya says:

    Linda Ah Blogmaster Jack. A Johnny Depp pirate rival! Perfect.

  • Elaine Sloan says:

    GOOD FOR INGRID!!!! If Michael Moore didn’t eat so many dead animals he’d no doubt not be the size of an elephant. Ingrid tells it like it is. As well she should!!!

  • Rob says:

    The truth hurts sometimes.

  • Linda says:

    Maya you should name one of your characters after Jack! The blog master….

  • Maya says:

    ps On a nicer note PETA I’m writing a film script for Script Frenzy and in honor of you guys I made all the characters vegans. Just thought I’d tell ya.

  • Maya says:

    Wow if INGRID had just said “Hey Michael Moore we would like to point out that a vegetarian lifestyle leads to better health and it’s preventative medicine!” I bet Moore would have been happy to help out! But to attack his weight? Shame on you. That’s none of your business. Why didn’t you just tell him his shoe size was puny? Could you have been more insulting? If I were Moore I would tell PETA to shove it. Seriously. If I were Ingrid I would retract that statement and say that she just meant that he should go vegetarian. An apology is needed. Unless PETA plans to keep labelling people as fat and unhealthy. Respectfully I think you should apologize to him.