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Dear Michael Moore…

Written by PETA | June 22, 2007

Michael_Moore_Sicko.jpgMichael Moore, for those of you not familiar with him, is a fat, bearded dude who makes political documentaries and occasionally angers conservatives. His latest work is a film called SiCKO—which exposes the inadequacies of health care in the U.S. and played to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s going into wide release on June 29. Well, PETA’s president, Ingrid Newkirk, has a few words of advice for him: As she points out in the letter she sent him this week, the best way to fight the U.S. health care bureaucracy is to take some personal responsibility and make positive changes that will lead to a healthy lifestyle—and there’s no better way to do that than by adopting a vegetarian diet. As Ingrid puts it,

“Although we think that your film could actually help reform America’s sorely inadequate health care system, there’s an elephant in the room, and it is you. With all due respect, no one can help but notice that a weighty health issue is affecting you personally. We’d like to help you fix that. Going vegetarian is an easy and life-saving step that people of all economic backgrounds can take in order to become less reliant on the government’s shoddy healthcare system, and it’s something that you and all Americans can benefit from personally.”

PETA is challenging Michael Moore to reduce his risk of fat-related illnesses by taking PETA’s 30-day Veg Pledge. The idea is that if people didn’t make themselves unhealthy in the first place by eating meat products that are known to cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes, the situation would easier for everyone. As Ingrid puts it, “Yes, America’s health care system needs to be fixed, but personal responsibility is a big part of why people look and feel as ill as they do.” Here’s hoping Michael Moore puts his money where his mouth is.

You can read Ingrid’s letter to Michael Moore here. I’ll let you know how he responds.


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  • Toby says:

    I contend that some US mainstream forms of vegetarianism are equally as abusive as typical omnivorist diets dairy cows are abused egg chickens are abused many people falsely foolishly believe that fish muscles are vegetarian. We should all go vegan. Micael Moore is an awesome American hero.

  • Marcia says:

    I’m a great fan of PETA and support all its work. However I’m occasionally concerned that some tactics may turn away people who would potentially agree with PETA’s views and policies. But that is my main concern how PETA’s tactics may adversely affect its mission.

  • Becky Witt says:

    I fully support PeTA and their comments to Michael Moore more of you should you think people are going to quit slaughtering animals by the thousands everyday if we say please? Would you stop eating meat if aomeone asked quietly no when you beileve in something you say it LOUD AND PROUD and if it offends other people well guess what? Sucks to be you!!

  • Darren says:

    hahaha oh yes because we all know that only meat can make people fat.

  • Max K says:

    Ingrid you obviously missed the point of Micheal Moore’s Film or you would agree with it American Health care stinks. Going Vegan or Vegetarian will not solve that problem. I myself am a vegetarian and I get sick just like the carnivores do sometimes I too need to go to the doctors and you know who has to pay for it I do. Being a vegetarian is something I enjoi but not at the expense of backing a group that has a selfish selfserving agenda. Instead of making ignorant comments about Micheal Moore you might consider emulating his style and making documentaries that actually have a point not just that of sickening whom ever watches them. Ingrid you should apologize for your misplaced and irrelevant comments.

  • christine says:

    Hahaha yeah Michael Moore is a fat idiot. I can’t stand him.

  • Elli says:

    I’m vegetarian and overweight! Elephants are vegetarian too! Sicko is a great film and I think Moore is a brave man. I love your work I agree with the message of the letter but I didn’t like the letter at all.

  • Shana says:

    I’m a FAT vegitarian and a lot of the time I support PETA in what they do for animals. However they take things way too far sometimes. We need a nonjudgmental animal activist group. One that will simply inform people of the cruelty to animals. One that won’t insult you if you have different beliefs.

  • amy says:

    i am a fat vegan. i have been vegan since 1999 and lactoveg since 1976. i am 5’2′ and weight 170 most of the time. i cook healthy food and exercise. any positive and not insulting suggetions?

  • barbee says:

    YOU CAN CATCH MORE BEARS WITH HONEY Honey! I find your approach a bit heavyhanded pun intended that usually just backs peeps into a corner you don’t get your point across … don’t get what you want. I personally am quite overweight very healthy! Normal blood pressure no diabetes heart ok etc. Soo don’t u jump to conclusions that every person who is overweight or who eats meat is unhealthy. I am a longstanding paying member of PETA hav no plans to go veg. I love protect animals from abuse I eat ‘organic’ vegmeat as often as possible. Lean freerange ‘organic’ fed meat can be just as healthy as being veg. I can’t see how you will get any kind of a positive if any reply from the Mike. barbee in the GreatWhiteNorth

  • Margarita Cisne says:

    I think if the guy was cold enough to parade animals in the heat as a way of making his point across that he doesn’t really give a hoot about what happens to animals. That is a scary man to me and I think that he should be left alone and don’t deal with him anymore. I think that he has little regards for animals and Ingrid should try to find someone else less callous to speak for the animals.

  • Christine Beard says:

    I am an obese chronically ill vegetariannear vegan since 1985 including three completely vegan years. In spite of my ailments I continue to participate in athletics but I have gained weight steadily since I changed my diet two decades ago. My husband is a healthy vegetarian who gained a lot of weight when he stopped exercising two years ago without any changes in his diet. I know A LOT of skinny meateaters some of whom exercise and some who don’t some who are healthy and some who aren’t. The message? VEGETARIANISM DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN THIN OR HEALTHY AND FAT DOES NOT MEAN A PERSON IS “BAD”. So lay off!

  • Anonymous says:

    who cares if he is vegetarian? let him make his own personal lifestyle choices.

  • chip says:

    Never apologize for calling Michael Moore fat. Thats Americas new problem we dont like to face facts ! He’s fat he can take it he dishes it out. People quit worring about this poorfat guy. He makes movies and contributes nothing to reality PETA focuses on something so many turn there backs on…animal welfare ! Michael Moore maybe should make a true documentary on the abuses of animals. I dont always agree 100 with PETA but I have to side with the comment over weight people usually are not healthy and yes they do eat unhealthy ! Enough being said I love animals skinny people and fat people. Lets quit turning our heads and face facts! Lets get along and all live happy lifes. Lets all contribute for real! not just talk ! Lets do something kind for animals everyday even if it is the smallest thing alittle from everybody will be alot in the end.

  • Phyllis says:

    I love PETA but when you get it wrong you really get it wrong. I have been objecting to PETA’s attacking overweight people for years I always get an apology then PETA keeps right on doing it. I GAINED WEIGHT WHEN I WENT VEGETARIAN if weight is all that mattered to me then I’d be eating animals again. HOW a person eats is a valid argument for PETA to make on behalf on animals but HOW MUCH a person weighs is out of line uncalled for and a detriment to the animals. No matter how nicely you put it when you call someone fat you are attacking them and that person is no longer going to listen to you. You have alienated the very person you meant to influence. That was your intent was it not? Or were you just indulging in a mean spirited and prejudiced attack on people who don’t happen to fit into your sterotype of a vegetarian? PETA comes off badly in this and deserves all the criticism that comes your way as a result. And this comes from one of your long time supports who has your logo tattooed on her fat arm.

  • Karen says:

    Though it is a good point don’t you think calling him an elephant was a little harsh? Michael Moore never claimed to be the epitome of the perfect human. His goal is to educate the public about major issues going on in our society that people might not be aware of through creating entertaining films that people want to watch. I think the idea of a documentary investigating the food and livestock industry’s impact on our environment and on our waistlines is a great idea. Maybe the letter should have been urging him to do a film on this issue with the help of PETA instead of ridiculing him for being fat and simply listing the benefits of the diet which are basically common knowledge. And then maybe in challenging him to actually do the research and create his own documentary his priorities would change and he would decide that giving up meat is worth it.

  • Manny says:

    I have always admired PETA. To find the PETA’s president actually thinks like a 6 years old girl is a huge disappointment to me. To see other PETA members to support her blindly is also very disappointing. Her approach and mannerism is lack of taste and thoughts she appears to be overly idealistic and she over simplifies things not everyone can afford fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. She is wasting her ammunition on the wrong target. This is definitely one of the most ridiculous things Ive seen. God help her.

  • Larry Womack says:

    The remarks about Michael Moore are not nice. Ingrid if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all. Compassion and understanding will get you farther then malice and condescension. Calling someone who does positive work for the greater good “a fat bearded dude” and “an elephant in the room” cmon now.

  • Kim Ranson says:

    Thank you for your comment to Michael Moore. People need to walk the walk if they are going to talk the talk. Now somebody needs to educate Al Gore on the issues of a meat eating diet and how that contributes to Global Warming and our environment. Another fat dude with an opionion that everyone is listening to.

  • Camilla says:

    I am going to go and eat a steak sandwich maybe have a roast this evening. Just to shit you because you are an offensive bitch. This has nothing to do with saving animals.

  • Jess says:

    Michael Moore has talked a lot about his weight after doing Sicko agreeing that it makes him look like a hypocrite. I went Veg in 1999 because I was one of the “Elephants” at school so to speak and I had some friends that were vegetarian and in a size zero. I’m still living the vegetarian lifestyle and have been signing every petition out there for their rights. I would also like to add that I’ve lost maybe 15lbs since 1999 and I’m still not in that size zero…I still shop at Lane Bryant. So before you go around judging people for their weight and calling them “Elephantsshame on you for demeaning those brilliant creatures!!” you should ask yourself WHY they are overweight!! It’s not always eating junk or meat. Maybe they have a thyroid problem maybe it’s genes…diabetes. I still Salute Mr. Moore for helping us see the injustices in the world…maybe he could make one for the animals if people would stop talking about his weight!

  • stacy says:

    Ok I take back what I just said a second ago about Moore. I read an earlier PETA files just now and learned that PETA has in fact attempted to reach out to Moore on many occasions but that he’s showed nothing but disdain disinterest and mockery including showing up with a bunch of farm animals outside of pETA’s door a while back as some sick joke. So actually having now learned that I am quite disgusted by how he’s treated the idea of vegetarianism and now totally support Ingrid’s letter. She doesn’t need to apologize to him. If he is going to claim to be compassionate he needs to start showing compassion to animals as well as people.

  • stacy says:

    When I first read the letter I was quite shocked. More than anything I thought it was silly of Ingrid to piggyback off Moore’s film and take attention away from its extremely urgent relevant message. I also thought “Was Moore ever really THAT promeat?” I don’t recall him being that way. I think that encouraging public figures to go veg is wonderful but the way Moore was targeted and the timing of it was poor and kind of backwards. Why would Ingrid go attacking someone who is clearly concerned about Americans’ welfare veg or not? I understand if this letter was written as a kind of final plea after many other failed attempts at reaching Moore by PETA. But this was the first time I heard PETA reaching out to Moore. Anyway I DO hope Mooore goes veg of course. Who knows maybe the letter will pique his interest.

  • Valentina says:

    I personally don’t find Ingrid’s email offensive. I’m sure Michael Moore will get the message without getting offended. I’m hoping he’ll take the 30day veg pledge! I love his documentaries by the way.

  • Jennifer Poirier says:

    I have been a vegetarian for years vegan for the last few months. I agree meat stinks! But some of the foods you advertise. Like on your I can’t believe its Vegan page are absolute crap! Those foods are just as dangerous as eating conventional meats. They are full of additives food colorings carcinogens.. Trans fats. you name it. no one’s going to loose weight eating Ritz crackers bisquits Duncan Heinz cake mix starburst c’mon i think I even saw a box of Crisco in the picture. Certainly PETA know’s these are not real foods and no one will loose weight or have a healthy body consuming garbage like that. How disappointing. Maybe you should not pick on overweight individuals until you learn a little more about nutrition your selves! Offer help in educating individuals on how to make a complete protein by eating legumes and grains. You cant just say stop eating meat fatso and expect them to change there diet and know what to eat overnight.

  • EK says:

    I have always been in interested in PETA. I have heard the good and the “overthetop” things they do just like everyone else. And as very compassionate person towards animals I am also a subscriber to PETA emails to keep uptodate on some issues I feel important. I agree with what PETA stands for but admit to know little about the people who actually run it. The general impression I get from PETA though isn’t always the greatest at times. Who really cares about Michael Moore? I think he is a deplorable person and a perfect example of the extreme liberal and biased mind. He is selfserving individual hiding behind a mask. PETA…who really cares about Michael Moore? Why spend the time trying to enlist a liberal idiot to further the PETA cause. Its a good cause…but why MICHAEL MOORE? Why not pick someone who is actually a good person…a levelheaded person someone who is not extreme and out to shock people and make the quick buck? If political is what you are going for I could name dozens of poeple both Republican and Democrat who would actually be worth writing to… Its always such a shame that PETA comes across as so political and so liberal. It dosen’t neccesarily represent all of your supporters accurately.

  • Sharon says:

    Being overweight is not necessarily something that some of us can help. There are glandular disorders hormonal imbalances medications that are necessary for life that cause the body to retain fat. It’s a horrible disservice to people who are struggling to maintain healthy lifestyles in spite of the fact that they are medically overweight. I’m just trying to sway that the sterotype of the fat person who is out of control with no will power is just thata sterotype. A particularly cruel one because those of us who are medically overweight didn’t ask for this and we didn’t do anything to cause itour bodies have betrayed us and our fellow humans put us down for being weak. I respect the vegetarian point of view and I don’t try to get people to join in on my food preferences which do include meat. I just wish that vegetarians would be as respectful and accepting. There is room for respectful differences on the planet.

  • RLeeSmith says:

    I would suggest Ms. Newkirk deliver her lecture to a room full of very hungary lions tigers and cows. She could begin by telling them each of them have rights and then go on to tell them how it’s bad for one animal to eat another.

  • Anonymous says:

    One question for Moore. Dogs pets or meat?