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Dear Donna Karan: It’s On. Officially.

Written by PETA | December 17, 2008

We’re so proud to launch our new Web site: By going back on her promise to shed fur from her collection (twice!), Donna Karan has made it clear that she’s OK with the electrocutions, neglect, confinement, suffocation, and death that go on in factory farms. In response, we’ve shown up at her apartment, her fashion shows, and her runways to remind her that animals are skinned alive for her designs. Now, we’ve stepped it up and launched a full interactive Web site to educate her customers about this cruel abuse.

If you like the campaign site as much as we do, then you’re probably wondering what you can do to help us reach more people. Well, guess what? The site is loaded with online elements such as Web banners that you can post and videos that you can stream. So go ahead and show your love of bunnies by posting one of these Web banners to your Web page or online profile:


The site also has three heartbreaking videos that I strongly encourage you to watch and share. They will change your life, and they’re guaranteed to make fur wearers change their ways. Use the code below to begin changing people’s minds now.


And to all our MySpace friends: Keep an eye out for our new “Donna Karan Bunny Butcher” layouts coming soon!

So, check out and be sure to share the site with everyone you know. Oh, and here is the link with Donna Karan’s contact information—please be sure to send her a polite letter and let her know what you think of her use of fur. For inspiration before you sit down to write, check out our “Ever Heard a Bunny Scream?” video.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Corinne La Touf says:

    My family friends and myself have thrown away everything from your label. Donnna Karen God is indeed gonna punish you for your barbaric ways and when He does justice will be served! And by the way no fur coat in the world can cover up the ugliness that lies within people like you!

  • charlet billings says:

    cut the fur. what the hell is qroung with you

  • Jesse says:

    What a wretch this woman is a pitiful excuse for a pitiful human being!

  • Louise says:

    i can’t believe you promise not to use animal fur but you still continue to do so. You must be a very sick individual with no conscious at all. I will be passing on this message of what you are doing i hope this will help you reconsider your decision. I agree with all the other comments i am to a believer in Karma i have it tattooed on my right wrist. “What goes around come around”

  • christiana Bjørk says:

    How could anyone skin an animal alive?They’ll all end up in hell.

  • Jasmin says:

    Why do you insist on killing live animals for their fur? What is it going to take for you to stop all this pain and suffering?! I hope you lose all your customers because of this. Then maybe you will learn your lesson.

  • Nina says:

    this is absoulutley sickening. i feel like vomiting. i watched the “have you heard a bunny scream” video and i had to cover my ears. when i was little i wore dkny shirts and such but never really knew what the letters stood for. it apaulled me that the DK part were the initials of your name. donna i hope that you feel the taste of your own medicine. i hope that you are skinned alive as the people who are skinning you are laughing. i hope you’re locked in a cage while being kicked and thrown around. i hope that you experience the most inhuman torture. i hope you feel the pain of every single living creature you have massacred.

  • Terry says:

    Fur is outdated cruel and only attractive on it’s original owner.

  • Colin Hingston says:

    This is nothing less than an Auschwitz for animals and Donna Karan is a collaborator. Too gentle a word actually shes scum.

  • Freedomwinds says:

    This woman is really getting on my nerves here. She is officially on my list of ‘Biggest Ignorant Jerks’.

  • Jaydee Joseph says:

    This is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.I feel guilty because I just bought some outfits from this wicked and wretched woman well she just lost a loyal customer. DISGRACEFUL!!!DONNA KARAN YOU ARE A FLIPPING DISGRACE.

  • Selene Paris says:

    Your initials say it all D.K. Your decadent insolence in the face of the antifur campaign will “decay” your operation from the inside out. And the souls of thousands of tortured rabbits will wrap anyone who buys your mediocre designs in layers of terrible karma. Get right now Karan! Bunny Butcher…yeah PETA always gets it right.

  • Alicia says:

    How sick we have the technology to make wonderful looking faux fux. A more green kinder way to go. But you Donna prefer to cause cruelty and pain in the name of fashion. What kind of human being and business do you run. How sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cvetinskaya Inga/France says:

    Hello Donna Karan! Dose money is everything for you in your life? I do not think it will long forewer. Make a choice for respect animals and ecologyc fashion Be an examlpe for all the others! I am a professional model and i refuse to work for furrure defils and i do not buy any furrure cloth! For me to respect animals is more important than money! Remember the boumerang principle all you make cruel will return back to you! This is the Law of our planet Earh! So hurry up!!!!

  • elaine shears says:

    SICK!!! All this for so called fashion…… She should be treated like these poor animals see how she likes it….. Anyone who uses fur aren’t human and certainly have no feelings…..Made of stone!! How could she live with herself….. Money to her isn’t it and doesn’t give a toss on how she gets it…..Sick Bitch!!

  • stephanie says:

    Please stop using fur!!!!! It’s cruel!

  • Jai Singh says:

    Apart from being a well known Designer you are all set to be known as the HITLER OF THE BUNNIES. Why do you have to redden your hands with blood of innocent creatures ? Why taint your repute with such horrid acts ? And where will you end up with all this ? You know it all well. Good Deeds + Good Deeds Good Deeds Bad Deeds+ Bad Deeds Bad Deeds It is that simple but your conscience seems to have been curtained by profit. But when it’s all said and done you are going to take your deeds with you and not profit. THINK ABOUT IT !!

  • marilyn says:

    WHAT KIND OF HUMAN BEING ARE YOU??? do u hav a heart or even a life?? animals dont deserve this please stop this dont be a 2 face!!

  • sue says:

    Dear Donna Karan I used to admire your fashion. Now knowing what you have killed and probably millions for billions is pure greed. May the Almighty God protect the poor innocent animals and humans who follow you. Humans should not kill in such a fashion for your fashions. The Lord will have a place for you waiting until then…

  • Christie says:

    Ugh this is disgusting. I hope people that make God’s creatures suffer like this rot. And for fashion? My gosh.

  • Zela says:

    omg why must this happen to poor innocent animals ! they shouldn’t have to go through this ! STOP !

  • denise Eissing says:


  • emw says:

    I will not buy anything that Donna Karan labels herself on I will be sure to tell my family and friends and their family and friends and so on this is terrible

  • shannon saunder says:

    Donna Karan Are you so cold hearted that you make animals suffer greatly just for fahsion. This is is sick and twised. People who hurt animals for money are mentaly ill and cold hearted.

  • Rita says:

    What you are doing to these poor defenseless animals is truly disgusting. You make me sick. I urge everyone that I know not to buy your products.

  • Hever says:

    In the past my dear butcher people ate brains to “aquire wisdom”.How is it possible you are still primitive enough to wear fur to aquire beauty

  • jasmina says:

    i think she should suffer the same way those animals did maybe she would learn the lesson then! i’ve seen the video and i’ve cried… i can’t believe people do such things… that girl is right why doesn’t she make clothes out of human skin?! does she have any conscience??? i hope she’ll get the worst possible punishment someday! i’m not from usa so i can’t really do much almost nothing actually but this video was a wake up call for me… what kind of a world we live in? stupid demented people!

  • Laurel says:

    Dear Donna Karan you should be watching these videos every morning and every night before you lay your head down . There is nothing beautiful about what you are doing it is not “fun” “Fashion” or neccessary.

  • Bexta says:

    YOU’RE SICK DONNA KARAN. How could you be so twisted cruel and heartless? I hope you see those videos for yourself and realise the needless torture you are putting those poor rabbits through. And to think that you do all this for fashion? You disgust me. I will NEVER buy anything from you and i will tell others not to either. I hope you go out of business you deserve to rot for the innocent animals you mindlessly SLAUGHTERED. I hope YOU get skinned alive. It serves you right sicko.

  • Lawrence says:

    Hey all fashion designers using fur Use your own human skin in your products. Come on it doesn’t hurt and you can make money from it. It’s a winning combination. Now just pick up that skinning knife make the first cut on yourself to hear how loud a coward can scream. But you can easily disregard the pain when you see the money come in. That’s what it is all about isn’t it?

  • Jana says:

    Cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish her the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Kadish says:

    Enough is enoughit’s the 21st centuryDonna Karan will be on the losing end of the fashion industry if she doesn’t stop the insanity.I for one along with many others will not purchase anything from her line.Shame on you DK

  • tracy says:

    stop the fur trade now!!!!!!its cruel and unneccesary….

  • Michelle L. says:

    Donna Karan stop butchering animals! Real fur is so pass. Don’t you know that faux fur is the only fur these days and green is the new black? Get with the times you outdated bunny butcher! I notice your charity Urban Zen Initiative deals with such peaceful new age philosophies as meditation yoga and aromatherapy yet you’re slaughtering innocent animals on the side like a violent cavewoman. What a shameless hypocrite you are! Although I like your charity I hope your business endeavors go under to give you a good dose of karma. I will NEVER purchase Donna Karan merchandise EVER again and I will make sure my friends and family are aware of your deplorable business practices! I will also throw away the few pieces of Donna Karan I have as I’m now too embarrassed and ashamed to wear your label.

  • Teri Travis says:

    I despise Donna Karan as she continues to torture and kill animals all in the name of GREED! I will Not buy anything with her name on it and I will tell family and friends that she supports this torture to innocent animals. People you torture innocent animals should be tortured themselves.