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Dear Brett Favre: Please Retire From Hunting. Love, PETA.

Written by PETA | October 9, 2008
blacksportsonline / CC
Brett Favre

Retired/unretired/whatever NFL quarterback Brett Favre isn’t just killing his team with big-game interceptions anymore! Now he’s moved on to killing animals for fun in a pathetic attempt at a locker room “prank.” According to the New York Times, Favre, who is “notorious for shenanigans involving lockers,” is reported to have “shot (presumably), bagged and dumped” a dead animal, probably a wild turkey, in a teammate’s locker “inside a bag that was filled with blood and guts.”

Blood? Guts? HILARIOUS! What do you think he follows this one up with—the old “kitten in the microwave” gag? That one’s a real knee-slapper too. I hate to be the one to tell you this, Brett, but people who think dead animals are funny don’t typically end up in the Hall Of Fame—sometimes, they end up in custody.

There is, of course, nothing even remotely “sporting” about hunting. Imagine a game of football in which one team has pads, cleats, helmets, set plays, offensive and defensive coordinators—the whole nine yards (zing!), and meanwhile the other team is running around naked and unprepared (no, no, not the Lions). That’s about as “competitive” as hunting deer with high-tech camouflage and a sniper rifle.

Some people call guys like Favre who use military-grade weaponry to kill defenseless animals “sportsmen.” You know what I call them?


Written by Dan Shannon

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  • M says:

    its ok if brett hunts animals as long as he eats the meat and not just sticks their heads on the wall!

  • deadkitty says:

    tell me “lynda downie”….what makes YOU an expert in the afterlife? Do you have a crystal ball that reads the future? How do you know how hunters will be treated? Hey can you tell me the Lottery numbers for next week in Florida since you know all things?

  • joe says:

    That is hilarious you people should lighten up!!!!! WHO CARES???

  • Wm.Clark Drew II says:

    Brett… Please stop hunting Brettshoot hoops and not animals!!

  • Sandy says:

    Not only is he hideous looking but he is a person who lacks a soul conscience who I believe will pay for his sinful ways as all hunters and those who hurt other living being unecessarily will do in the afterlife! I feel sorry for him because he and other hunters like him have no idea what they are in for!

  • lynda downie says:

    Even in a fair game both sides know they’re playing.

  • Jon says:

    Dear writer I loved how you compared hunting to a lopsided football game oh yeah except for the fact that you are totally off. Nice try though. See animals are given traits that help them evade predators but in your analogy you gave the naked football team no advantage. For example deer have a great sense of sound and smell and they can be extremely quiet while moving. But a human’s advantage is his intelligence we have a great physical disadvantage. So using camouflage which is illegal in a lot of states anyways isn’t that much of an advantage. As for the high power rifle most hunters don’t use a very high powered rifle but you wouldn’t know that because you are ignorant and very judgmental as well but you have every right to be because all hunters are redneck cowards that love torturing animals right? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • lynda downie says:

    Kurt 1st the moral issue Considering you think animals are inferior to humans it’s odd that you justify your flesh eating by appeal to the behaviour of omnivores such as bears whose moral code reflects their particular adaptation needs. 2nd the necessity issue Do you really think your indulgence in animal flesh is comparable to the omnivores whose habitat and resources are being seriously depleted and threatened?

  • Kurt K says:

    Lynda But you are saying that it is okay to kill an animal if it is out of necessity correct? Bears don’t have to eat meat to surrvive they can eat nuts and berries. But sometimes they will kill animals for food. That is a preference isn’t? Even hippos will eat meat from time to time they don’t need to but they do. How is that different? Of course I eat meat out of preference but I also eat it to stay alive. That is my choice it comes natural to me.