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The Deadliest Predator of All (Hint: It’s Not Sharks)

Written by PETA | August 4, 2013

As the ocean’s most aggressive predators, sharks continue to intrigue and frighten humans. But you may be shocked to learn that humans are really the most dangerous predator and that sharks are just some of the victims.

Countless sharks—as well as sea turtles, birds, seals, whales, and other “nontarget” animals—are also caught each year alongside hundreds of billions of fish in ocean-ravaging nets or dragged for hours on long lines for the commercial fishing industry, from which no sea dweller is safe.

How You Can Help

Stop the demand by going vegan! You could save more than 100 animals per year from unnecessary pain and death.

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  • anonymousauthor says:

    Actually, the real reason 11417 sharks are killed every hour is because of cruel shark fin soup. apparently in less than 10 years, the majority of shark species will be extinct if the killing continues at this rate. I knew humans would find a way to destroy the world, one soul at a time.

  • Silent Truth says:

    if you want to kill a shark come at it like it comes at you no attachments no tools lets see how well you do Humans are cowards I am talking to 99% of the world 1 percent already understand respect and that is SAD

  • Olivier CAURAS says:

    We have to protect them, not to kill them !!!