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David and Victoria Beckham and Kangaroos

Written by PETA | May 16, 2007

You’ve probably heard about the horrible piece of legislation currently under consideration in California that, if passed, will make it legal to sell products made of kangaroo skins there. There has already been a huge public outcry against the bill, but just in case Cali lawmakers need another reason to kill it, here ya go.

It occurred to me the other day that this is no way for the Golden State to welcome David Beckham, and his wife Victoria, to the neighborhood. The Euro “it” couple is moving to LA this summer, where David will play for the LA Galaxy, in possibly the biggest money deal in professional sports history, reportedly worth several hundred million dollars over five years.

David and Victoria Beckham

It’s no secret that Posh and Becks are big animal lovers. It’s been reported that Posh is a “devout vegetarian,” and just four years after signing a multi-million-pound contract with Adidas to wear and promote Adidas Predators shoes (made of kangaroo skins), David switched to a synthetic model after watching a video of baby kangaroos being ripped out of their mothers’ pouches and beaten to death. Last year in Australia, more than 3.9 million adult kangaroos were killed for the meat and leather industries, and baby kangaroos, or “joeys”, are considered useless by-products of this barbaric industry.


The couple clearly cares about animal welfare, so hopefully this bill will be killed before they arrive in California. Otherwise, who knows, maybe the new slogan for this campaign will become “Boycott Like Beckham” . . .

And finally, this horrible video is why the bill needs to be defeated, like ASAP:

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  • Macca says:

    To me it’s quite simple. Even if you can’t accept all the scientific and expert opinions that roo numbers are their lowest ever and roos play no role in environmental destruction no that’s livestock and humans even if you can’t accept that and still need to fool yourself into believing this greedy profitgrab of a ‘cull’ is necessary you must also support the culling of humans the most destructive and environmentally callous species on the planet.

  • Cathy Carr says:

    Please David Beckham keep on with your determination not to wear football boots made from kangaroo skins. This cruelmonstrous industry needs to be banned. As a wildlife rehabilitator hand rearing orphaned joeys many orphaned by these horrific culls I can tell you that these are just the most beautiful gentle and affectionate animals. The hard work of hand rearing is more than rewarded by the return in love we get back from them and the tearful but fantastic feelings we have when we successfully release them back into the wild. A feeling always tainted by our never ending fear that our beautiful kangaroos once released will always be at risk of becoming victims to this barbaric violent and disgusting industry. There needs to be much more public awareness of just what is happening here in Australia as I am sure that so many people worldwide simply have no idea.

  • Sam says:

    You people are idiots. The use of kangaroo products is far better than the environment than continuing farm cattle in Australia on the current scale. They do less damage to the natural environment use less resources and produce less greenhouse gases. Additionally kangaroo meat is healthier. OK you don’t want to eat meat but don’t protest against the use of kangaroo products as if the kangaroo industry is somehow worse. Would you prefer people eat more beef? That is the alternative.

  • Stacy M. says:

    I usually do not post things over the internet because It’s not the safest thing to put your ideas out there where just anyone can read them. Once you write those ideas down they are set in stone. I would like to say that I should not have posted things on Peta at all but was feeling heated when I read through some of the blogs and posts. I apologize and will refrain from saying things over any of petas blogs again. If need be please delete my comments on all of petas blogs as they are just argumentative. Thanks Stacy Plus I used my real name not thinking of those repercussions. Apologies!

  • Amy says:

    Interesting blog. The infighting is a bit shitty though. Humans are anything but humane and everytime you stop your natural tendency to be greedy and selfserving that is a minivictory. But I promise you that fingerpointing just alienates people and gives them the excuse to remain selfish and indifferent. Regardless of if you agree with me or I agree with you I am glad to see so many people who care.

  • addy says:

    Rojo to ur question “Didn’t the little boy looking after the joey warm your heart?” No not at all. Because I don’t believe in double standards. One cannot ‘look after’ a kangaroo with good will and good intentions and at the same time moments before stomp on a dying baby kangaroos head just for the sake of it and just because he could. That last part of the clip if watched out of context may look like a tender moment between a boy and a joey but the sad truth is that it isn’t. But you wanting to see it as what you want it to be viewed it as such. It didn’t warm my heart I felt instead very sad because this boy is an accomplice to a painful death of a kangaroo and this young joey is clinging onto him unaware of what’s in store for him. I look at his lost and scared expression and I feel sad. I also feel sad because what was so clear can be distorted so ridiculously by people for example you.

  • addy says:

    sorry I’m joining in a little late. I’ll leave out most of my points because I’ll just be repeating what one person or another said earlier. I’ve just one thing to add. ROJO u keep saying that there’s nothing cruel as it’s a “fast clean kill”. You conveniently left out the baby joey that was pulled out of the mothers pouched and later stomped on the head and left to die slowly. You only spoke of the kid who was looking ‘tenderly’ at the baby roo but you didn’t mention that this kid was also the same one that further stomped on the earlier mentioned stomped roo just for good measure.conveniently just as he was walking past Since you’ve watched the video you should also have seen that the kangaroo was NOT dead and not killed fast and clean. He was basically shot somewhere near the head NOT DEAD and then left hanging upside down for his slow death. I respect good arguments and believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. BUt ur arguments although cleanly phrasedare far from good. You make claims and conveniently leave out the obvious facts which contradict ur claims. I think most people here aren’t that much offended by ur opinion. They’re more offended by ur blatant ignoring of what’s out before u in this evidence. You’re being asked to look at ALL THE INFORMATION presented here and reevaluate ur case. U dont have to change ur opinion. but in ur reevaluation it shouldn’t contain things like the roos are killed in a fast clean way or other false claims. thanks and cheers.

  • Stacy says:

    I hate it when people quote me to try and make a point. Soooooo condescending dontcha think? Anyways I do the best I can really I do. I look at the facts and come to different conclusions one option may be more viable than another People terminated the Tasmanian tiger to extinction. Anyways my point is that some people hate animals some people hate other people and some people hate themselves. But they don’t have to. There are other options. I used to eat meat and not care about others wellbeing. But then I realized that that is a copout. I don’t support peta. I support people who give a St… oops there’s that profanity again. I’ll say whatever I want and just like I cant stop you from doing so you cant stop me. What are you the censorship fairy? A$$Hl!!!!!! And Fk hypocrites!! It really burns me that peta feeds into all this celebrity CRAP. Actually though it is a good marketing strategy. It seems like people revere celebrities as Gods or some Bull$t. I don’t even know who half these people are.