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David Beckham on NPR

Written by PETA | July 28, 2007
Larevistadelcorazon/Creative Commons

My boss Tracy is a bit of an NPR junkie, and she heard a piece on there the other night about how new LA Galaxy star David Beckham wears only synthetic soccer cleats. He said it was because of his wife Victoria’s influence. OK, so it’s not the hugest news on the planet, but it just struck me as an interesting contrast for a professional athlete to be getting noticed for something positive like this, especially at a time when every ounce of ink the sports press can get their hands on is being used on Michael Vick.

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  • Katie Timmins says:

    Excellent news. Being a Brit i am interested in your use of the term ‘soccer cleats’. I do feel slightly posessive over David and have to say that ‘football boots’ sits more easily on my tongue but who the hell cares! Loving animals is a universal language. Big up Posh Spice!

  • Mike says:

    Gary What about plain or duck canvas or hemp shoes? I imagine we could also fashion shoes from other environmentallyfriendly materials.

  • Scary Gary says:

    whats the difference between massproduced leather treated with tons of chemicals? or synthetic shoes made out of petroleum based materials which are destroying the earth and causing massive warfare for the remaining spoils during peak oil at a rapid pace? lets get real here people and look at the whole scope.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Roxanne Give the lovely lady time. After all Victoria is a Vegetarian. Give her some time….. Judith

  • heidi says:

    for jon! it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich if you eat the meat of animals you hunt or make shoes……what is really offending in your comment is this stomachturning sentence “I LIKE KILLING ANIMALS” … I personally think you must be challenged somewhere being on the PETA sight and making a comment like that.

  • Roxanne says:

    Doesn’t Victoria wear leather and fur herself? Or is her husband that turned off by her wearing dead skins? Good news nonetheless.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Jon And yet you can afford the Internet…interesting.

  • Kass says:

    Awesome!! I am a huge beckham victoria and david both and I’m so happy to see positive news about him.

  • CHRISTINE says:


  • robbie says:

    You all know that victoria is a rather big fan of fur dont you lol

  • Jon says:

    I’m a hunter I enjoy killing animals. There’s nothing wrong with that I’m poor and they are a source of food! I use deer skin to make shoes….. booo David Beckham!!!

  • keith says:

    Good on the Beckhams.. sign them up straight away Ingrid Newkirk. they can only bring good for Animal Welfare. Keith.. UK.

  • Pushpinder says:

    This story warms my heart and increase my love and respect for Beckhams. You set an excellent examples for role model. God bless you David Posh always. Wishing you a splendid career with LA Galaxy.

  • Michele says:

    Way to go Becks even if it was a woman who influenced you in the first place David and Victoria are both very classy individuals. This story may not get as much coverage as the Vick story but you’re right it is a much more positive thing to be reporting. I hope the Vick supporters that seem to be flocking to this blog site will take note. Beckham can be a great role model to children and adults alike and more “celebrities” whether they are athletes or tvmovie stars should strive to be more like him with respect to his values.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Yay good news about a sports celebrity!

  • ivan volkonsky says:

    as a big beckham fan i love the two victoria and david i’m not surprised that once again this sport ace is showing us the right way to wear soccer cleats! it warms my heart after this awful vickthing and i’m content to see that there are still great sports people doing the right thing!