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Dan Mathews: Beast of Burden

Written by PETA | October 25, 2007

Remember Dan Mathews’ trip to Australia for the launch of his book Committed: A Rabble Rouser’s Memoir there? Well, here’s a great profile that came out yesterday from a huge Australian gay and lesbian website called Same Same. There’s a kickass video at the end too.

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  • Nate says:

    What would be a “humane” way of killing an animal? Would that be killing animals like how a man kills another man?

  • Caboose says:

    ….just not so much

  • Caboose says:

    ….But it is ok to eat animals as long as they are killed in the most humane way possible.

  • Mars says:

    A person cannot be “anti” to something that does not exist so despite ariels claim there are no animal rights so there cannot be anti animal rights.

  • Caboose says:

    Ariel You should really say that in a speech. That was good!

  • rojo says:

    animallib the passing last month of Senate Bill 880 in california should open up the market for kangaroo products to a potential 60 million consumers. I understand there was intense lobbying by soccer players over there to get it passed with or without Mr Beckham. Unfortunately there are stupid people in all walks of life and often they are sought after for such comment.

  • Ariel says:

    Mr. Dan Mathews has found his perfect niche in life by representing PeTA and PeTA is VERY VERY fortunate to have him do so. Because of Dan Mathews he has inspired me to say in a condensed version now of what I have been trying to express to antiar’s activists in so many of my blogs in so many ways. Dedicated to Dan Mathews from my heart By being ar’s activists the animals around the world have united millions of people together throughout the world for a selfless cause. The great majority of us don’t know each other and we never will. We don’t know what each other looks like and very rarely do we know a part of anyone’s personal life whether we range anywhere from being rich to poor have a high status or was never able to achieve anything in our lives. We really don’t know anyone’s particular ages although ages range from the young to the elderly. We don’t know of those who enjoy perfect health or of those who are very ill. We don’t know of those who are very popular or of those who are very lonely. We don’t know of those who had endured many terrible struggles or multiple tragedies misfortunes and losses in life nor do we know if they are going through any current hardships and sadness. We don’t know of those who have done great humanitarian services with quiet humbleness or those who are continually honored yet have humiltiy. And we rarely know of anyone’s sexual preference race nationalities creeds or political preferences. And since we as ar’s activist don’t know much about each other around the world or very few personally we do not have any reason to reject anyone for who they are the way they are or what they believe in otherwise because that is not our focus anyway. As animal rights’ activists we have been united in our hearts as is by the animals. Although unknown to them the animals have the tremedous power to unite millions of people whose lives are unknown to each other so that we can be one voice to eliminate the hatred or the uncompassionate and nonempathetic actions which results in the animals being undeservedly exploited abused tortured and killed. So as animal rights’ activists the voiceless animals are actually “telling” us that what ever we know about each other or don’t know is not really important…because it much much more important to share our compassion sympathyempathy with our voices and our actions for living feeling beings who cannot speak or save themselves from the horrors that human beings inflict upon them. Therefore no matter what we can never be offended by antiar’s comments personally directed to us or as a group because we know our own selves more by far than anyone else could ever possibly know about each of us. Thank you Mr. Mathews for being the exceptionally wonderful caring person who you are…and for your tremendously beautiful inspiraton to myself and others!

  • AnimalLib says:

    I’ve seen him on TV a fair bit lately I’m currently in Aus. You should really see the A Current Affair video of him on the kangaroo hunting thing. Oh man were those hunters stupid. “HeDavid Beckham should mind his own business and leave us alone” Here’s some news random jerk by not wearing kangaroo skins he IS minding his own business AND leaving you alone. The kangaroo hunters were saying how much their profits have been down and how they have nobody to sell the skins to and it’s all David’s fault… well boo hoo I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for you.

  • rojo says:

    Dan gave a good interview on ABC radio’s The Conversation Hour a couple of days ago as part of his book promotion. He’s certainly had an interesting life. Do the proceeds go to peta?