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Dairy Lawyers Threaten PETA Over “Got Milk?” Parody

Written by PETA | December 12, 2007

Got_Beer_PETA.gifSo, for several years now, we’ve been running ads, making stickers, and selling T-shirts parodying the well-known “Got Milk?” campaign, with some slightly less flattering slogans that draw attention to the fact that every glass of milk has a little bit of pus in it. We even had a full-fledged campaign for a while called “Got Beer?” which pointed out that beer is actually better for you than milk is, and encouraged people 21 and up to reach for a tasty pint of ale with a hint of hops instead of a glass of cow juice with extra pus. (This campaign was a big hit with college students—not quite so popular with the temperance groups though.)

Got_Pus_Tee.jpgAnyway, a few days ago we got this nasty letter from a law firm representing the California Milk Processors Board, accusing us of infringing on their trademark with our campaign. Apparently some functionary over at the California Milk Processors Board got his panties all in a bunch about our “Got Pus? Milk Does!” slogan and called in the suits. I’m guessing he was either still bitter over that time when we sued the California dairy industry over the blatant lies inherent in their “Good Milk Comes From Happy Cows” ads, or else feeling a bit ill after reading our site about what goes into milk.


Anyway, it’s pretty clear that they don’t have a leg to stand on, and I’m looking forward to their response once they get the smackdown from PETA’s lawyers. The good news is that this provides us with one more opportunity to talk about just how desperate the dairy industry is to hide the truth about the hideous cruelty, the unhealthy junk, and the vile substances that go into every glass of milk. Better luck next time, guys.

You can read the milk board’s letter to us here.

And you can read the response from our lawyers here.

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  • Nikki says:

    Hahaha! BURN!

  • disfinger says:

    Awww man does this mean no more breast milk either?

  • Bogswallop says:

    This is giving me a craving for some tasty cereal.

  • Unknown says:

    IF ANY AMOUNT OF ANTIBIOTICS IS IN MILK IT IS NOT USED!! laws on milk are soo strict you have no idea what your talking about… its hilarious to read this and it angers me how ignorant you are to this milk has vital nutrients and vitamins to provide to people.. your scaring people off

  • sam says:

    i dont think milk is this bad the world over. i live in new zealand and go past farms all the time. cows are kept in paddocks and eat grass. ive been on farms and they are all humane. you guys in the u.s.a probably have worse treatment of animals.

  • pavlik says:

    Ok this is ridiculous! Beer is not better for you then milk!!! Milk is a natural source of calcium and is needed for the development of bones! Calcium in soymilk is artificially created in the lab and is not as well absorbed by your body as that in cow milk. Yes milk has impurities in it. That is why it is PASTURIZED to kill off any unsafe contents. I really don’t like what this Peta website is doing. It is brainwashing people in to thinking that animal products are bad for you. Well you need protein to survive. Your body uses it to grow and develop. Meat is a rich source of Vitamin B which is necessary for your body. And fish contain your Omega 3 Fatty Acids. So when consumed in moderation meat is quite healthy for you. As far as being vegan well unless you are taking a lot of supplements you may find that you have one or more nutrient deficiencies. Ok and please stop with the got beer campaign. As if there are not enough drunks on our streets and highways already…

  • Dana says:

    Fred I find the disclaimer at the bottom of the page from link you provide of great interest .here it is for all to see disclaimer Throughout this website statements are made pertaining to the properties andor functions of food andor nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. 2002 by Marc Leduce Now look at the bottom of the notice the fact a DOCTOR said this “There’s no reason to drink cow’s milk at any time in your life. It was designed for calves not humans and we should all stop drinking it today.” Dr. Frank A. Oski Former Director of Pediatrics Johns Hopkins University You are aware that the dairy industry will do anything they can to hold on to their profit right? You do not think the milk industry is just going to go down without a fight do you? They have spent millions of dollars to lie to us about the health benefits of milk products for years why stop now. I think that first you should study the different cultures that for poverty reasons mostly used soy as a replacement for meats I want you to compare these cultures that once had only tofu products but then switched to our great western diets…………Look at the difference in the rates of diseases before and after the proof is all there for you to see….again I will advise someone read John Robbins book Healthy at a 100………Using the negative soy web sites that I promise are funded by the dairy industy is only a way for you to justify your dairy intake. Naomi hang in there girl you are doing something to help these animals and the environment around you sometimes it may seem small and not enough…but it is Rome was not built in a day…I know seeing those animals in such awful conditions is hard…just keep remembering your diet choices are all for them.

  • Naomi Brooks says:

    I find it difficult at times to continue my diet because I feel I’m just one person which probaly does not make much difference. there is so many c.j’s here in Idaho that don’t care about animal suffering. I love soy milk at times I can’t afford the substitutes for all dairy products. I don’t eat meat at all 5 yrs now. I have to drive by a dairy daily to go to work and they have to live in their own feces and mud no shelter and you can see they have diarea. Yeh I bet these cows are happy.

  • Caboose says:

    Holly It was a joke.

  • Holly says:

    Caboose you live in a fictional city? You are an interesting person! I do hope you have a very nice day and enjoy your game playing…and your fictional City 17!

  • Caboose says:

    Holly I go to Blood Gulch Black Mesa and Ravenholm on the summer.

  • Fred says:

    Here is an interesting article for all you Soy lovers out there. I would say there is pretty impressive list of credentials at the end too. Exactly why I won’t expect to see this entered to the blog any time soon. httpwww.healingdaily.comdetoxificationdietsoy.htm This article may explain some of the irrational and psychotic behavior of a large portion of the PETA population.

  • Anonymous says:

    funny?! NOT! nothing more than dumb twisted EXTREMIST left hogwash!

  • Caboose says:

    Holly I live in City 17.

  • rojo says:

    Holly didn’t say Jack did it only mentioned the news was part of one of his posts. I was commenting on the reaction to the news not where it came from. Jack this is not meant to underestimate your impact in the UK.

  • rojo says:

    holly then you are obviously aware that 82 of GHGs are not caused by agriculture. It always perplexs me that the UN study includes the transportation emissions of transporting animal products and then compares it to transportation. Double dipping.

  • Holly says:

    You have to see this its soooooooooooooo FUNNY! really check it out everyone!

  • Holly says:

    Hey Caboose where do you live?

  • Holly says:

    and Ariel is right!

  • Holly says:

    C.J. That was a quote from United Nations food Agriculture Organization. Presented to the U.N. in the report on Global Warming. You can not dispute it its a documented fact.

  • Caboose says:

    Lisa WTF is your problem you psycho? Not everyone has to agree with PETA. Just shows your mentality.

  • Ariel says:

    CJ The plain simple and common sense point is veganvegetarian is very healthy. And that is the truthful fact whether you choose to believe the true proven statistics or not. It is also logically healthful for the environment as well.

  • C.J. says:

    Holly You can always make a statistic work for whatever you’re trying to proveendorse. I wouldn’t put too much stock into that.

  • Ana says:

    Mary I agree. There are many groups addressing the issue of human overpopulation in Asia Africa Latin America Muslim nations. Go online and see the many groups trying to do something about it! Peace!

  • Holly says:

    Check out The North American Vegetarian Society this is a wonderful group that teaches good nutrition through a VegetarianVegan diet. They are the founders of “World Vegetarian Day.” And also have a Wonderful vegetarian “Summerfest” each year in Johnstown Pa. at the University of Pittsburgh. a Five day experience packed with cutting edge Educational sessions. Opportunities to meet other vegetarians and vegans. Its a Wonderful time! Check them out. They played a large roll in my becoming a Vegan and learning how to eat well for my self the environment and the animals.

  • Holly says:

    Are Vegans and Vegetarians really Healthier? Take the Vegan Health Study… Be part of Nutritional History! Participate! in the Vegan Health Study online at

  • Holly says:

    C.J. “Worldwide livestock production produces 18 percent of humans greenhouse gasMORE THAN OUR CARS TRUCKS MOTORCYCLES MOTORBOATS JETLINERS AND CRUISESHIPS All forms of travel the locus of our “addiction of fossil fuels.” this is a quote from United Nations food Agriculture Organization.

  • Holly says:

    I dont think that Jack had anything at all do to with bacon sales going up in the UK! Prove it!

  • Avril says:

    I am amazed at how upset people get over the prospect of giving up milk. The fact is that the milk industry is dirty disgusting and harmful to animals people and the environment. There are tons of healthy substitutes for dairy. Maybe all you gluttons should stop thinking with your stomachs for once and use your fucking brains for a change. Peace

  • Hope to see the media channels mentioning, got pus says:

    The best scenario which shall arise shall involve results far worse for the milk industry by such a lawsuit. Imagine the results of merely CNN Headline News covering this got milk got pus issue. What is the first thing to occur among viewers find out for themselves what they never knew before. Imagine monies lost to the milk industry based upon jerkoff lawsuits. Not supporting neither lawyer firm just think about what the consumer shall learn about Got Pus compared to its better success already established from Got Milk.

  • Lisa Howser says:

    Thank you Caboose! I would like to think that women would rally against a cause that would help cure breast cancer … but I can see that most women would rather let themselves their children grandchildrn etc subcome to the diseases then find a cure. Yes! Long live animals in the meantime … I hope breast cancer overtakes you and the people you love.

  • C.J. says:

    OH YES!!! Great job PETA. Let’s condemn all the organic milk farmers out there! That will fix all the world’s problems. Why don’t you attack the auto industry for being a scorge on the Earth… NO WAIT!!!! You don’t want to give up your $100+ gas month bill for your precious SUV. Get real PETA. Attack farmers and the like when you are willing to attack the auto industry as well. Global warming screws not only humans but animals as well. No humans no saving of the fucking wildlife either.

  • Mary says:

    While I think it is great that Peta is educating the public on how unhealthy and downright cruel it is nowdays to be consuming animal products I wish someone would now address the tabu subject of overpopulation that contributes to the mass consumption of animal food. Too many people Too many animals slaughtered for food.

  • george says:

    ok so now i finally like a lawyer…mr. zissu

  • Holly says:

    If you were raised drinking milk and told that Milk is part of the building blocks that keep you healthy then you are brain washed to believe it. It will take more time for you to catch on. Cigarette smoking at one time was thought to be safe and good but after time passed and doctors saw more and more people getting sick and people were dieingthen things changed. And Milk will be the same. They will have to put warning labels on milk boxes telling you The Surgeon generals warning If you stop drinking milk now it will greatly reduce serious risks to your health. You will see and learn the truth with time. But like smoking you better stop now before you get sick. So wise up stop drinking the Milk save your life and the lives of your family and friends…

  • Caboose says:

    It wont kill you Drinking milk is not evil ur just drinking. At least milk doesnt interfere with automotive law DUI

  • Fred says:

    I hope they sue your collective asses into the poor house.

  • Holly says:

    Josh I grew up on a dairy farm and I can tell you first hand that milk does contain pus blood and manure. The milk is tested for these things and it is noted as to how much is found. The milk industry allows a certain amount of all these things to enter the market and milk jug you buy. and that is the truth…

  • Josh says:

    You people are IDIOTS!! Milk does not contain pus or blood and beer is far far worse for you than MILK!! I know that this comment will probably be filtered out because it contradicts you. Any loser who thinks that the lawyers are wrong is an IDIOT!!

  • Holly says:

    Lets not forget Rice Milk and the Nut Milks like Almond and Hazelnut. These milks taste good and are great for everyone and for people who cant tolerate Soy.

  • rojo says:

    Holly publicity can work both ways then. Were you aware that after the news releases on nitrosaminesjack did a piece a few weeks ago on chicken nitrosamines bacon is worse that bacon sales rose by something like 20 in the UK?

  • rojo says:

    mike I come from the land of the truly free where our farmers live without subsidy. Though the govt does match RD dollar for dollar. Neighbouring New Zealand is becoming one of the most respected dairy producers in the world also without subsidy.

  • Caboose says:

    So you are saying to make the cow extinct since they are a plight on the environment? Michele Or at least phase out abuse and concentration camp esque conditions.

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    I’m surprised they’re doing this from what I understand this campaign would fall under the category of a parody like SNL skits using ad slogans and is perfectly legal. Dopes.

  • Shaila says:

    Good job PETA! That is my favorite slogan i bought two tshirts on your site one for me and my Fiancee!!! Its a hit! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    I became lactose intolerant years before I became a vegetarian but would still use “Lactaid” if I wanted to eat ice cream or yoghurt. Once I saw the videos and read the accounts of what happens to cows used for dairy and the spinoff veal industry it was very easy to take the next step and become vegan. For me it had nothing to do with the pus in milk it was due to the horrible lives these cows have to lead just for human convenience. Whenever I feel like eating an “ice cream” treat there are so many delicious alternatives out there like So Delicious brand ice cream bars and soy ice cream for example. I just tried the Vitasoy brand “Holly Nog” couldn’t find Silk brand Nog in my city and actually liked it I never ever liked Egg Nog before!. They have “parmesan” substitutes and soy cheeses that taste the same as dairy cheese if not better. There is simply no excuse for continuing to use cows for beef dairy veal or leather!