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Dairy Lawyers Threaten PETA Over “Got Milk?” Parody

Written by PETA | December 12, 2007

Got_Beer_PETA.gifSo, for several years now, we’ve been running ads, making stickers, and selling T-shirts parodying the well-known “Got Milk?” campaign, with some slightly less flattering slogans that draw attention to the fact that every glass of milk has a little bit of pus in it. We even had a full-fledged campaign for a while called “Got Beer?” which pointed out that beer is actually better for you than milk is, and encouraged people 21 and up to reach for a tasty pint of ale with a hint of hops instead of a glass of cow juice with extra pus. (This campaign was a big hit with college students—not quite so popular with the temperance groups though.)

Got_Pus_Tee.jpgAnyway, a few days ago we got this nasty letter from a law firm representing the California Milk Processors Board, accusing us of infringing on their trademark with our campaign. Apparently some functionary over at the California Milk Processors Board got his panties all in a bunch about our “Got Pus? Milk Does!” slogan and called in the suits. I’m guessing he was either still bitter over that time when we sued the California dairy industry over the blatant lies inherent in their “Good Milk Comes From Happy Cows” ads, or else feeling a bit ill after reading our site about what goes into milk.


Anyway, it’s pretty clear that they don’t have a leg to stand on, and I’m looking forward to their response once they get the smackdown from PETA’s lawyers. The good news is that this provides us with one more opportunity to talk about just how desperate the dairy industry is to hide the truth about the hideous cruelty, the unhealthy junk, and the vile substances that go into every glass of milk. Better luck next time, guys.

You can read the milk board’s letter to us here.

And you can read the response from our lawyers here.

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  • Molleah Williams says:

    i made the mistake by eating while reading this also.great job.

  • Holly says:

    Pus in Milk is gross so is manure that is found in Milk. Pasteurization takes care of the the germs and bacteria but the pus and manure are still in the milk only cleaned up. That’s not the worst problem with milk even though its gross to know about. Health risks for those who drink cows milk are great even for children the environment is destroyed by the massive number of cows. The run off of manure that goes into the water ways destroying stream river bay etc. wells that people depend on for drinking water are full of manure run off. But beyond even that the Poor Cow She is kept pregnant milked gives birth has her baby taken away shortly after birth so she can be milked so people can drink her baby’s milk then the cycle is repeated until she is all used up then She is Killed so people can eat her and use her skin etc. Does not matter how you look at it drinking milk is a huge health risk distroyes the environment and is devestating to the life of the poor cow.

  • Holly says:

    caboose No I do not condone animal testing how ever the testing was done and the results are out there.

  • Caboose says:

    Holly You condone animal testing? Spay and Neuter Why do you say that? I guess no one knows what pasteurization is.

  • Cathy says:

    I’m hoping for national news coverage! I became a vegan after watching the horrible slaughterhouse videos. My concern was not health but compassion for the animals. I’ve seen learned so much more. I ONLY use soymilk. Here’s a valid comment We are the only species that continues to drink milk after we are weaned and it isn’t even our mother’s milk but a cow’s which is meant for their calves. When are the people in this country and in the world for that matter going to wake up? No one can think on their own. They eat what they are TOLD to eat and never think to question it.

  • Jason Levy says:

    PETA’s lawyers as they always do just totally handed their asses to them!

  • Eric says:

    The Milk Industry has totally gone crazy and this is the final straw. I am now going vegan after 7 months of vegetarian.

  • carolyn says:

    Congrats to Peta lawyers for their great work! I hope they back down and all the while that this makes the news to uncover the grotesque “industry” it is. The fact that is called an “industry” is telling as this enables people to forget that cows are sentient beings who have societies needs feelings children and a right to not endure a life of torture called “industry”. WAY TO GO PETA I APPLAUD YOUR EFFORTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS! Special thanks to all the brave undercover investigators that make the sick industry secrets public!

  • Holly says:

    The press only needed to say Got Pus Milk does and Peta and the rest does not matter. I tell you this is only the beginning of more publicity which will bring the evils of Milk and its consumption to the public again. Publicity is Publicity…

  • Iswari says:

    Nicely done PETA! I’m proud to be on the peace team!! Hopefully more people will want the tshirt! Ha! Love to all!!!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Carla Jaclyn I get Natura unsweetened soy milk here in Toronto. It’s made from whole organic soybeans. It comes in aseptic Tetra Paks. You’ll never miss cows’ milk. Rojo This is from a Canadian milk producers’ website “The Canadian dairy industry has made significant productivity gains without the help of expensive government programs. The United States and the European Union on the other hand continue to dole out billions of dollars to their farmers. A recent study published by Grey Clark and Shih international trade practitioners reveals that US dairy farmers can get up to 13 of their income from direct government payments.”

  • Josselyn says:

    Cows are my friends and I don’t suck my friends tits. SOYMILK ALLL THE WAY!

  • Ryan says:

    Okay so here is a quote from Got Milk’s website BERKELEY CA July 1 2005 What do Got Fleas? Got Fish? and Got Freud? all have in common? Theyre all ripoffs of the iconic advertising campaign GOT MILK? Now theyve made it on to the top 100 GOT RIPPED OFF? list. And theyre gaining recognition from an unlikely place the GOT MILK? creators themselves. We love them says Jeff Manning California Milk Processor Board CMPB. They actually help us sell milk. Consumers hear Got Muscle? or Got Mongoose? and say What a stupid ripoff of GOT MILK? So why don’t they sue all those 100 companies?

  • rojo says:

    holly interesting links none of which give any credence to peta. If this is good publicity i’d love to see the bad. When articles mention past failures it indicates a lack of support on the issue. Incidently noone in the articles has said “milk is bad”. To do so on the basis of pus would fly in the face of current knowledge on the benefits of breast feeding. And it’s not even pasteurized.

  • Tamara says:

    The best thing to happen to me was to turn lactose intolerant… I can’t stand the sight of milk any more it literally turns my stomach. Not only because of my ailment but because the thought of what milk is and has in it..YUK! One morning my mom ran out of milk and wanted cereal. I told her to use some of my soy milk. OMG you would have thought I told her to put dog…uh…stuff…on there She did put the soy milk on her cereal and actually lived through the experience. Not enough to convince her to switch however. Funny thing is when she cooks she uses the soy milk. Go figure. Just an old stubborn midwesterner I guess…

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yes! I agree with Carla the Unsweetened Soy Milk tastes like plain milk! It’s good good stuff!

  • rojo says:

    carla milk production is not keeping up with the increased demand from asia. Even though they are the most lactose intolerent peoples on earth. Buttter cheese and skim milk powder have more than doubled in price in the last year or so. You’re kidding yourself if you think dairy is waning. Milk is high in calories which should be kept in mind.

  • Don Quijote says:

    to harrison schaerr of course we have to extend our compassion to every kind of animals also insects they are fascinating lovely creatures and should in no way be harmed! i’m a big insect fan and for this reason every kind of insects are welcome in my garden and also my garden is wild and invites even rare species let’s hope that everybody thinks like this and doesn’t harm these creatures!

  • Dana says:

    I think it also should be stated that everything now uses the Got Something? Recently we seen a bumper sticker that said Got Wood? One can only guess what that is actually suppose to mean..but does this mean that all the other things that say Got this or that? Are going to be sued as well…Would it not seem fair that they go after everyone using this slogan even when not referring to milk? If they are going to go after everything using Got in front of it with a question mark at the end their going to spending a lot of wasted time and money. The bigger picture is this the milk industry does not only inflict abuse upon millions of animals it is also harming humans in the process. Peta going after the milk industry not only helps the suffering animals but also the humans that seem to think Peta is made of a brunch fruitcakes…stopping the dairy and meat industry from their horrible practices directly impacts the benefit of humans. In the end if we will all work together both humans and non humans will benefit greatly. So next time you go to buy milk ask the question Got Soy? instead. As for the insect statement about extending rights to insects I for one do not harm insects for they have done nothing to me to deserve harm and I think that everything up from earthworms play an important role in the balance of nature I promise no one thing was put on this earth with out a purpose a purpose that may be more beneficial to us than we even know. It is time for humans to jump off this high horse and realize one simple thing without insects and animals the human race will parish…without us on earth insects and animals would flourish. So with that said now who seems to be at the bottom of the food chain?

  • Jaclyn says:

    I would love to see Peta’s response to that letter!

  • Bill says:

    Glad to see PETA is still effective enough to piss off morons like the milk people. A little sorry though to see this “PETA encouraged people 21 and up to reach for a tasty pint of ale with a hint of hops instead of a glass of cow juice with extra pus. ” Why is PETA caving in to ageism and even promoting ageism? Fuck MADD. Last I checked MADD gets most of their money from alcohol industry lobbiests who love agelimits on alcohol because it gives their product a cooler image. We need future generations to continue the animal rights movement. We therefore need to reach youth we can’t let this movement die of old age. So please let’s not turn off youth with blatantly ageist messages.

  • Ana says:

    JMU Please get an education. Comparing PETA and their advocates to Nazis is ridiculous. Nazis killed and tortured people on a whim for any reason. Animal advocates adhere to the philosophy of nonviolence. Dumb and nasty comparison! harrison Insects have an important function in the thread of life read about it and educate yourself.

  • Heather says:

    This just proves your point that these are cruel and narrowminded individuals.

  • Loran says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I confuse the words “got pus” and “got milk” on a daily basis…

  • Holly says:

    Great publicity its hitting the news all over the place…Some People who didnt know that milk was bad will learn from this new publicity. Associated Press httpwww.wdbj7.comGlobalstory.asp?S7489435 FoxNewshttpwww.foxnews.comwires2007Dec1204670MilkFight00.html New York Times httpdinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com20071213getsqueamish?hp Msnbc httpwww.msnbc.msn.comid22223588 News Day httpwww.newsday.combusinessinvestingwiresnsapmilkfight01725121.story

  • Caboose says:

    If cruelty and chemical free farming techniques were implemented this would all be history.

  • JMU says:

    HAHA it’s funny because you PETA people are stupid. In the above article you mention your previous lawsuit in the “Happy Cows” ads…so how did that work out for you? Did it get thrown out by the judge? Did the California Supreme Court refuse to hear the case? Yep. Of course you won’t allow this post to hit your site you peta people are worse than NAZI’S.

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    Caboose you’re my favorite 12 anti.

  • Carla says:

    Way too go Peta!!! They don’t have two legs to stand on lol!! Dairy is a dying industry so these folks are trying anything to back up their claim “Milk does the body good” NOT!!! It increases your weight and could make you sick give soy milk a try unsweetened can’t tell the difference!

  • harrison schaerr says:

    If we extend rights to animals do we not also have to extend rights to insects?

  • Holly says:

    The milk industry good Lord. They needed to be exposed. What this legal attack against PETA will do is bring more publicity to the problems and more people will be exposed to the truth. Pus in the milk is only a small part it cancers of the testes prostate and breast as a result of milk from modern dairy farms where cows are milked about 300 days a year. For much of that time the cows are pregnant. The later in pregnancy a cow is the more hormones appear in her milk. Milk from a cow in the late stage of pregnancy contains up to 33 times as much of a signature estrogen compound estrone sulfate than milk from a nonpregnant cow. Rats fed milk show a higher incidence of cancer and develop a higher number of tumors than those who drank water. The Harvard Nurse Study showed a link between dairy and endometrial cancer as well as Osteoporosis. httpnotmilk.comkradjian.html Read this… THE MILK LETTER A MESSAGE TO MY PATIENTS Robert M. Kradjian MD And look at the poor cow who has be be pregnant milked give birth have her baby taken away to be used for vealthe more milk that people drink the more babies must be born and be killed so the milk can be produced by the poor cow and then when she is all used up they kill her too. This will legal issue brings the Milk Industry back to the attention of the people who need the information to save human lives save the environment and the senseless suffering of the animals.

  • VeganFury says:

    I wrote a paper for a class recently about the link between dairy and teenagers getting acne. Absolutely disgusting. Here’s a snippet In 2005 the Harvard School of Public Health published a landmark study of more than 47000 highschool girls concluding that the more cows milk the girls drank the more likely they were to suffer from acne. While some scientists believe that the high amount of fat in milk is the most likely cause of the dairyacne connection the study found that skim milk was more likely to cause acne than the fattier milk. This suggests that there is something in cows milk besides fat that is causing acne. The researchers hypothesized that hormones and bioactive molecules in milk are causing people to develop pimples. Dr. F.W. Danby a dermatologist from Dartmouth College explains why drinking cows milk causes zits Because drinking milk and consuming dairy products from pregnant cows exposes us to the hormones produced by the cows pregnancy hormones that we were not designed to consume during our teenage and adult years.

  • Dana says:

    I think that this just further proves the impact Peta has on the dairy industry! Otherwise they would not be wasting time or money on such a frivolous lawsuit. They are just looking for any way they can to bring down your marketing campaigns because they work…..So I say congratulation Peta this just goes to prove your on the right track

  • Sarah says:

    This is for real huh? Funny letter.

  • John Carmody says:

    Way to go PETA never back down to their level!

  • Nadreas says:

    What a topic! That pus story is by the way FAAAR OUT. Almost all milk is pasteurized today. That kills all bacterias. So no worries mate! Drink milk.

  • Russell says:

    isn’t this kind of like Paris Hilton saying that she invented “that’s hot” i’m so proud of PETA and i’m happy to be part of a community of people who have such wise representation!

  • kitty says:

    “Got Crazy Lawyers? Milk Does!” Haha.. Nice! The lawyer from the milk industry amused me especially how he says that there can be ‘confusion’ because the two are practically “identical”. Haha.. It’s almost as if they are asskicking themselves because they are saying in a way that milk is indeed pus. Amusing. The PETA lawyer is great! He completely pwned the milk industry lawyer.

  • Caboose says:

    Dont ban milk improve it.

  • Kimberly says:

    ….Why are you so hawt?

  • Nancy says:

    I have to admit Peta has amazing lawyers. I hope this makes national news so more people can learn what’s in the milk they drink. I am 100 sure that if people saw what goes on on factory farms they would make serious changes in their diets. I see this as a good sign that animal industries are feeling the pressures of the “humane movement” and are becoming desperate to silence their oponents. However they underestimated their oponents. Big mistake. PETA silent? NEVER.

  • Michele says:

    Great response from PETA’s lawyers! I think it is pretty ironic that the California Milk Processors Board’s lawsuit is just going to bring MORE attention to PETA’s campaign and will in fact help PETA to spread the word about how disgusting milk really is!

  • Merlin, the Mystic says:

    unbelievable…we have got to be the dumbest and shame on us for being foolish be barbaric and cruel and see no hear no dont exist….

  • tinkerbellslayer says:

    FANTASTIC response from PETA’s lawyers! wow PETA has an awesome team. The milk lawyer’s letter was so hilarious! paranoid mofos.

  • Courtney says:

    I can’t believe this! there are lots of other campains out there to critisise that are even worse than PETA’s but they want to sue you? this just proves how cruel these people are.

  • Canaduck says:

    Haha nice one Aran.

  • stasya says:

    hilarious but not all beer is vegan iether…

  • Brooke says:

    sick I made the mistake of reading this blog while I was eating… good one jack. thanks for posting the letters.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    This should be interesting. Are they trying to invoke food disparagement laws? Time to call Howard Lyman. Ride on Mad Cowboy.

  • Aran says:

    Got Crazy Lawyers? Milk Does!