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Major Food Retailers Are Pushing the Dairy Industry to Dump Dehorning

Written by Heather Moore | February 18, 2014

Until everyone dumps dairy products, PETA is urging grocery and restaurant chains to pledge to purchase dairy products only from farms that are taking steps to phase out dehorning—a painful practice in which hot irons are used to burn off horn tissue or sharp tools are used to dig developing horns out of cows’ skulls. (Please watch the dehorning exposé that Casey Affleck narrated for PETA to learn more.) So far, several retailers, including Dunkin’ Brands (which owns Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins), have taken steps to reduce animal suffering.

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Dunkin’ Brands has set a policy that supports breeding programs for “polled” (naturally hornless) cows and has asked its suppliers to support industrywide efforts to promote the humane treatment of cattle, including the use of polled cows.

Chipotle, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Amy’s Kitchen are also working with their suppliers to phase out dehorning. Chipotle is already seeing calves born without horns—meaning they will never have to endure this cruel mutilation—in its supply chain.

Aurora Organic Dairy—the leading producer of private-brand organic milk and butter for U.S. retailers, including Costco, Safeway, and other top grocery store chains—now breeds exclusively with polled bulls, which means that new calves born on Aurora’s farms are more likely to be born without horns.

You can help stop dehorning by urging other dairy purveyors, such as California Pizza Kitchen and Sargento Foods, to require their suppliers to stop mutilating cows.

Of course, the best way to help stop dehorning and other abuse of animals is by going vegan and encouraging others to do the same.

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