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How Cutting-Edge, ‘Family Guy’

Written by PETA | November 30, 2009

On last night’s Family Guy, the show tried (sort of) to make the point that dogs’ lives are not worthless (how risqué of them). But I’m not totally convinced that the animal rights message came across through the myriad of violent deaths of cartoon dogs.


Family Guy


Incidentally, I’ve been waiting, like, nine years for that oh-so-clever PETA/Peter joke. Especially since other notable animated shows tackled animal rights issues (and, yes, even PETA) years ago.

Family Guy‘s been on notice ever since we found out that its writers are captive manatees. (We’re against that sort of thing, you know.) This episode has us thinking that Family Guy might want to fire the animal writers and hire people who can generate material that doesn’t make us roll our eyes.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • I loved Quagmire's cat says:

    I liked Family Guy until they brutally murdered Quagmire’s cat. How is Quagmire still friends with Peter after that? I stopped watching after that episode.

  • CftxP says:

    Wait, why would you be against manatees being writers? Maybe “Family Guy” is just that accepting that they employ manatees, thus giving them a job and a decent income! :3

  • zhand says:

    Hahahahaha, do you really believe that the writers are manatees?!! That was a joke made up by South Park!

  • An Animal Lover says:

    What are you guys talking about? All humour aside, “Family Guy” did give a message to their viewers on what is going on with animal research and farming. This show is meant to give a laugh and also give attention to all sorts of important lessons. The majority of Family Guy viewers are ignorant to the fact that Seth Macfarlane (the creator) does put his own opinions and views in the episodes, and not only attacks everything. If you really opened up your minds and understood what the episode was really trying to say, then maybe PETA and it’s activists would be known for more than just their nonsence and sexual advertising. Give this show a chance and understand the meaning to each pun or gag. Brian is for animal rights and so are the rest of the cast, they just put the humour in there to mock the ignorance of society.

  • bloolauplinee says:

    i’m new… promise to brief around more often!

  • alex says:

    its a SHOW!!!!!!! lighten up. no wonder you guys get maid fun of all the time.

  • Kinkster says:

    I saw this episode some days ago and i think that Seth Macfarlane have a right position. Cause in “Cleveland show” for example in 9th episode there was a moment where Roberta says that Tyra Banks against animal cruelty and after that release a christmas reindeer

  • Shawn says:

    There are no points made for or against animal cruelty in the episode or any other episode for that matter …it is simply an edgy comedy show that is going to push the comfort zone of a viewer who does not expect that sort of comedy. to echo the sentiment of a few posters here lighten up wagging your finger at any writer of the show is absolutely moronic and a waste of your energy as Family Guy is as close to a cultural trendsetter as Jersey Shore those who watch it enjoy the humor and just because you enjoy the comedic value of the show does not mean you will go out and treat cats or dogs any different or start beating down the beat at your local club as is the case with Jersey Shore.

  • Rev. David Curry says:

    The truth of the matter is that this episode while raising awareness on a minute level of several issues facing animal rights probably did more harm than good. I know that Family Guy is a comedy show but you can’t just place something as overly offensive as this on the air just because of it’s genre. As much as I am all for free speech it seems the only thing FG and it’s writers could do with that right was make a disgusting episode like “Dog Gone” just to make a quick dollar. It’s a dark day in America… Shame Mr. McFarland… Shame.

  • Philip A. says:

    It’s a cartoon. Lighten up. That’s the point they offend everybody everyone is therefore equal. You shouldn’t look to an offensive cartoon on FOX to promote anything positive and if you do you’re an idiot.

  • clefairy says:

    Hey I thought it was awesome you guys! I mean I don’t like every episode of the show but it’s normal for a show to have its ups and downs. And yeah I was a little upset about the cat being killed in the 420 episode but you need to remember Peter is a retard and he messes up. Speaking of which did anyone see that episode of Michael and Michael have issues where the bunnies were being stomped to death? I didn’t like it but it’s a damn comedy show I can take a joke.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Family Guy is one of my guilty pleasures. There is only one episode I did not like the one about Quagmire’s cat. I did like Bryan’s animal rights episode very much although the scene with him crying in the bathtub elicited the same response I’d give to a real animal or child doing the same thing…try to comfort him. I’m not sure that was the response Seth McFarland was looking for. Also Stewie and Brian are one of the great animated boy and his dog duos the others being Charlie Brown and Snoopy Bart Simpson and Santa’s Little Helper and Bobby Hill and Ladybird.

  • Kurt K says:

    Emilio At the end of the episode Brian also didn’t seem to care that Stewie killed a stray dog and burned the body in a liquor store fire just to show Brian how much the family would actually miss him. Does PETA also get upset when the Peter and the giant chicken slug it out for five minutes at a time in some of the shows? Peter hasn’t quite killed the chicken yet but I feel one day he will be able to.

  • Ellie says:

    I second Stephanie’s comment. I used to watch Family Guy every so often but when I saw the episode with the cat I was horrified and vowed never to watch Family Guy again. It has gone way too far. Another episode with a rape scene intended to provoke laughs made me sick. Enough is enough.

  • VeganVixen says:

    I decided to go to to see last nights episode myself. It’s family guy so you expect it to be the way it was but it might have made people think like the part where the calf was thrown down as veal and served to obese people. Or how Brian thought it was crazy to think a dog didnt matter. The point about the dog being tied up in the hot sun while his owner was getting ice cream. How there are better alternatives to animal testing. There are points to this episode and of course theres going to be dumb things like the dog attacking the little dog and officer if not some people might not have kept watching. They expect the usual family guy farfetched comedy. Seth is actually all for animal rights.

  • casey powell says:

    I thought other than the dogs dieing it made some good points like the extremely over weight people eating veal burgers… and how dumb animal testing is.

  • Michelle says:

    “Family Guy” is not consistent!! I was happy when I watched the episode called “Dog Gone” because Brian is fighting for animal rights BUT its “Episode 420” wherein Peter killed Quagmire’s cat with a razor is offensive and cruel! Is Seth MacFarlane insinuating that dog’s life weighs more than cats??!! Peter Singer said “All Animal are Equal” for crying out loud!!

  • Emilio says:

    I thought it was good I find the whale wars episode of south park to be a million times more offensive. In family guy Brian is the smart one in the family so I thought it did more good than harm. He also mentioned how their were better options other than animal testing and showed hoy stupid these animal experiments are.

  • Kim says:

    Yes I saw this last night and was disappointed. I’m a fan of the older Family Guy shows but hadn’t watched anything new in a while. After seeing that terrible cat episode a while back and last night’s viewing I’m done with the show. Nothing past volume 5 for me please.

  • stephanie burmeister says:

    I am a family guy AND a peta fan. And I thought it was rather funny! Also do you really think Seth MacFarlane’s main concern is to write material that doesn’t make YOU roll your eyes? maybe you should just lighten up!

  • Aneliese says:

    they also added a message at the end of the show which ended up with some opera guy somehow…

  • Aneliese says:

    I watched it too but come on what else could animal welfare advocates like us expect from Family Guy? That show offends everyone and everything and I honestly laughed at some really good partsyou’ll know which ones I mean. It’s a comedy show and at least there are bringing animal welfare issues into some peoples perspectives.