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Cutest Commercial EVER Wins Ad Agency an Award

Written by PETA | March 24, 2010

Here’s some monkey business that PETA applauds: BBDO’s clever, cute, and completely animal-friendly new ad for GE, featuring snow monkeys who are undisturbed in their natural habitat. There’s even an animatronic monkey “hand”—watch for it:


GE commercial


This isn’t the only masterpiece from BBDO. Remember’s fiddle-playing animatronic beaver ad? That was by BBDO too. (Pop-culture mea culpa: I didn’t watch the Super Bowl—I know, I know. But after watching the ad, I’m wondering what other memorable moments I missed out on. C’est la vie.)

BBDO’s innovative work and pledge never to use great apes in ads means that the agency has rejected industry exploitation of animals who are stolen from their mothers, locked in tiny cages, and subjected to daily intimidation and beatings before they are dumped at wretched roadside zoos when they grow too strong or old to perform.

For its commitment to using alternatives to animal “actors,” BBDO is the newest recipient of our Humane Ad Agency Award. Of course, many other companies still abuse animals in order to sell their products. Won’t you take a cue from BBDO and find out more about what you can do to help animals who are abused in the entertainment industry?

Written by Heather Drennan

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  • Wanda P. says:

    We all have our own desires wantsand needs. If those feelings interfer affect hurt destroy another living species or their home we are being selfish and cruel. The LOVE of money is the root to all EVIL…..and this is what will kill the animals and destroy the world. I have witnessed this all my life…

  • Jackie says:

    That ad with the violin playing Beaver is so cute! I didn’t even consider to think it was animatronic since I’m so used to everything being computer animated these days.

  • Melissa Schlechter says:

    Go GE and PETA on this one! GE just got all of my future business.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Aneliese Uhh they are being exploited they are in their natural habitat.

  • Kurta says:

    Aneliese this may be my own ignorance but I think animals are simply entertaining. The reason anyone here became interested in animals was some behavior that was fascinating i.e. entertaining. Any documentary is entertainment. I understand the point you make but to what ends I’m not sure. Is “Watership Down” unacceptable? Personification and exploitataion are far different issues of ethics. Sorry if I sound like a dk.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    I think it’s a good idea. It shows that there are excellent alternatives out there. The products sell and the animals are left alone that’s a winwin in my books!

  • Aneliese says:

    I still don’t like it animals don’t belong in entertainment period.