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Curses! Busted by the Swear Police

Written by PETA | July 6, 2010

Look at this photo and tell me: Do you think the shorter girl looks as if she can’t wait to tattle on the taller one? Of course, I do—and my sister could offer endless examples of how I tattled on her for all sorts of naughty behavior. Especially cursing, which she did so often that our exasperated mom set up a swear jar.

Both the tattletale and animal defender inside me are very excited to learn that SwearJarr has chosen PETA as one of the charities that will receive donations from social networking potty mouths who are busted by other Tweeps (“Swear Police”). Imagine raising money to combat cruelty by busting foul-mouthed offenders on Twitter.

So sign up to follow the @swear_police on Twitter, and then head to the SwearJarr Web site. Once you are there, enter in your Twitter screen name to figure out your fine, and then make a donation to PETA based on how much you’ve sworn. Take a tip from our Twitterer extraordinaire and share the amount that you owe with all your followers.


Swear Jarr


Please act quickly—PETA’s time to receive SwearJarr donations is limited. After the end of this month, another charity will be named to receive donations.

Written by Karin Bennett

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