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How to Cure a Fur Wearer in Less Than Two Minutes (Video)

Written by Kimberly Walls | August 5, 2014

Did you know that more than half of the fur sold in the U.S. comes from China, where there are no penalties for abusing animals? Dogs, cats, foxes, minks, rabbits, and other animals are suffocated, poisoned, electrocuted, bludgeoned, hanged, or bled to death—and many are still alive and struggling desperately when workers crudely skin them. If someone you love still thinks that fur is fashionable, ask them to invest a couple of minutes in reconsidering.

Because of the intense confinement and rough handling, animals on fur farms suffer from anxiety-induced psychosis, causing them to chew on their own limbs, throw themselves repeatedly against cage bars, and kill their own offspring out of desperation.

Up to 40 animals are killed to make just one fur coat. The premium that fur wearers pay for animal carcasses perpetuates this violent industry, which is the opposite of the refined lifestyle that fur wearers wish to project.

What You Can Do

Don’t be a fashion disaster—pledge to be fur-free. Share our “One Life in the Fur Industry” video with your friends and family to spread the word about the violent fur industry.

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  • romano says:

    i am ashamed that i am a part of this stupid civilization

  • Oh, please GOD help these poor babies. How cruel can people be? What’s wrong in this world?

  • wendy says:

    this makes me sick. this must stop forever and with your help it will. theses animals endure pain and anxiety and there babies and they don’t deserve this we don’t need to be wearing real fur please help

  • Laura fondy says:

    Humans are the most selfish sickest demented species on the planet. I am so ashamed

  • Kathy says:

    This is so wrong! Shut these places down! NOW!

  • ElleTee says:

    Could we boycott Chinese exports or would this be impossible?

  • Mahony says:

    I never realized! Never thought for a second how people were obtaining their fur! It is outrageous! May God forgive me!

  • Animal Lover says:

    What a tragedy. Sick and inhumane treatment. I am so sorry for that beautiful animal. These people on video are murderers, cold hearted and souless, to do do what they did to that beautiful animal. Did they eat it afterwards as well? We treat our inmates better. What a disgusting video. Shame on you murderers!

  • martine says:

    Que Dieu vienne en aide a ces pauvres betes.

  • Judy Darlington says:

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED – would never wear fur – how can people do this!

  • Melissa says:

    U know I may have a fur coat but it is fake I don’t think I could ever buy a real fur coat cus I could never want to know that animals had to die to get your fashion. It’s a shame I have often wondered why people do that. U know I think the faux fus look just as good and they are a lot more cheaper so just stop buying and then eventually they won’t have to kill helpless animals.

    • You shouldn’t wear a fake one either. By doing so, do you not see that you are sending a message, even if it isn’t real fur? It gives humans as a whole a bad name because its as if you are saying wearing fur is okay, thereby inadvertently supporting the trend.
      We, as a species, had no choice but to wear fur at one time but I think we have moved passed that. Don’t you?

    • Victor says:

      Some girls who are dubious about animal suffering may think that your coat looks very nice and will go to the store to get one without knowing they just bought a coat made from an animal. Best to not encourage it.

  • Nalini says:

    Being ur self is sexy, wearing someone else’s skin is ugly. Don’t wear fur or leather.

  • Eunice says:

    The people who are doing this dosent have a heart :'( those poor animals have feeling to. Im like crying right now.

  • Andrew says:

    that’s bad and should not be allowed

  • People are so so sick. These animals are beautiful we do not deserve this world.

    • Azmaira A says:

      I totally agree. We really do not deserve to have access to such beautiful creatures because our inherently selfish nature causes all these inhuman actions.
      I do not understand how some people do not realize that their actions are truly horrific.

  • Berit Renberg says:

    It makes me sick 🙁

  • m Jones says:

    Disgusting inhuman people need to wake up & stand up against such cruelty. …

  • It’s unacceptable! They are real animal taskmasters

  • Rhonda Allen says:

    This is wicked! I would never wear fur!!!

  • chrissy Ponce says:

    This is truly disgusting! To think that your child could grow up to be a murderous being that does this to such an innocent creature.

  • Trish says:

    Such disgusting disregard for the pain and suffering these animals have to endure in order for fur coats to be made. And any person/company that has ever paid a penny into this industry is just as disgusting. I feel so sad and sick right now.

  • keith jamieson says:

    do not buy into this cruelty.the fur industry is wicked.

  • Rasna Mall says:

    dont just blame china, its the us that doing all this as well! ;( ;( ;(

  • henny mühlhoff says:

    Every one who wear a fur is a murder!!!

  • carla says:

    stop dieren beulen

  • sandy Watt says:

    How do we stop it? I won’t and don’t wear fur. I try to look at all tags before purchasing to make sure I am not wearing anything that comes from animals. I rather pay a higher price to know it is not made from a real aniamal. I don’t want to wear anything that has to suffer for me to wear it there is no need for this. I want to help Stop cruelty.

    • Azmaira A says:

      I think that the best thing we can do is to say no to fur- target the fashion industry. If is an obvious BAD thing that is not supported by famous people/role models then the industry will fall and it will not be done anymore as people will follow the ‘trend’.

  • Freaking disgusting people!!!! Innocent animals in the hands of evil people who will have to go through the same pain and suffering if not in this life then in the next one for eternity!!

  • Cherie Murphy says:

    Oh my god, i just fell apart watching that poor baby go through such horror, having no life, no love, no gentle words.We have to do something to save them, i cant sleep thinking of the misery animals are going through and people oblivious to the cruelty because they dont see the animals as having any feelings or a soul, if we did this to a human, the world would be up in arms, please tell me what can i do to help, this MUST NOT GO ON.

  • cameron says:

    We need to stop using animals for products etc. Let them be and just love them


  • Totally disgusting, you really think you have a need to wear fur more that the animal needs it! Think of the last image that you saw on the video and maybe you will change your mind.

  • nicole says:

    This is awful. U could see in his eyes he didn’t want anything around his neck. This breaks my heart.

  • Barbie says:

    I’m so sick! This brought me to tears.

  • Carolina says:

    Why? How can people have the heart to do things like this? Anybody that can kill an animal in such a manned CAN kill a human. Because they are HEARTLESS

  • [email protected] says:

    This is horrendous. Totally unacceptable!

  • Who are the animals here? I truly have lost all hope for civilization

  • Sarah Pitcher says:

    The fur belongs to the animal.

  • vicki says:

    That is so horrible for that animal – this really bothers me that they have no problem doing this

  • Yana says:

    Stop wearing fur !!

  • Elle Bee says:

    About a decade ago they used to do it by stringing the dogs up by the tail, not bothering to kill him. They would start the live skinning from the tail and work their way down, the god screaming in pain.

    I see here the strangled and electrocuted. Some law must have been passed since this was first shown on 20/20 almost 25 years ago. It was so terrible that my father knew he had to lie to me and tell me that it wasn’t real. I was crying hysterically.

  • Gina Lewis says:

    Why is this allowed to continue? It’s horrifying. Anyone who wears fur is sick, sick,sick!

  • Diane DeRita says:


  • Rob bishop says:


  • Pauline Cousins says:

    There is no way I could watch the video, the still photos are enough to make me physically sick. Anyone how wears the skin of an animal is totally sick and are as guilty of the heinous cruelty as those who murder these poor animals so cruelly without pity and compassion.
    This heinous trade must be stopped,, animal fur looks great on the animals who are born with it and looks disgusting on a human as its nothing but a bloody trade.

  • dhruba says:

    Anybody who knows me well knows how i act around animals. I love them. But I never had the stomach to read up on these monstrosities. But avoiding these issues is just lying to oneself. So I will speak up now. And try to make people more aware. It’s time.

  • Mary Baker-Lauderdale says:

    Anyone who could do this to these beautiful animals is beyond sick.

  • Emily says:

    It’s so hard to watch such cruelty; it makes me so angry and sick to the gut that I don’t feel well. I don’t understand how any human being could do these practices, they are obviously not normal and will get punished for what they do later on. It hurts hearing the cries and yelps from these innocent creatures. I’ve been upset all day thinking that right this moment innocent animals are being tortured. I’m so glad PETA is doing something about it and I really do hope that one day China and other countries that do the same thing to animals will stop these practices. It really isn’t that hard to make laws; they just don’t care do they. God bless these animals and I know that they shall be in comfort in heaven.

  • eva says:

    that worked on my freind! 🙂

  • Ronbert Farley says:

    China has always had a deplorable status with animal welfare. I purchase as little goods as possible from that country, and refuse to spend my tourist dollars there. China needs to abrogate their present thinking process in regards to animals. Over the years, I have lost trust and faith in that deprecated country.

    I am so thankful for the work of PETA, to expose the disgraceful and empirical actions of animal cruelty across the world.

    • Melody says:

      My heart was just torn from my chest. I can not for one second comprehend how someone can justify wearing fur. This is horrendous and barbaric. What century are we actually living in?!

      • LAURA says:

        why is this allowed to continue, why must we as humans feel the need to hurt and torture innocent animals? I AM ASHAMED TO BE A HUMAN!