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Cruelty Investigator Attacked in New York

Written by PETA | March 28, 2008

Two PETA carriage horse monitors—who had been watching Central Park carriage drivers to document any cruelty to horses—were recently attacked by a man who shoved them and struck one of them on the head as they videotaped the hack line on Central Park South. We’re still waiting to find out whether the individual involved in the attack was a carriage horse driver himself or whether he’s just, like, a really big fan of their work, but I’ll post an update if we get any more information from the NYPD.

In the meantime, here’s your standard shaky-camera, profanity-laden youtube video of the encounter. For more information about the carriage horse industry and to find out what you can do to help carriage horses in New York, click here.

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  • Kat says:

    JUST LET THEM BE FREE!!! These animals deserve a good home with big lush pastures, not a cramped city life. That’s not where they belong! :'(

  • Sad state of affairs says:

    As for the carriage drivers and their representation of NYC to tourists here is what I have experienced in the last 10 days 1. I was told by a driver to on Central Park West to “suck his horse’s dick” when I was telling tourists not to take rides due to the abuse the horses suffer. It was 2 pm on my day off and he told me Dont you have anything better to do? Get a job. 2. A tourist said she saw a driver with a black hat hit his horse but she couldn’t validate which driver it was since two drivers were wearing black hats. If she had been sure I would have called ASPCA and the Mayor immediately. Given the situation I asked each driver wearing a black hat if he was the person who hit his horse telling him “People are watching you and know about your abusive industry.” Both drivers said they would never hit their horses but they would hit their wives. They both said this proudly. Very proudly! 3. I did get two tourists not to take a ride and other tourists seemed to be listening. Two young girls were already on a carriage and I told one of them that she was supporting abuse and she said “That’s my choice.” Sickening! 4. I told a driver that his horse looked thin to me and I asked him if he cared at all about his horse he said “Your father should have used a condom.” 5. I asked drivers who were near some shade if they could move their horses to the shade while they wait for another passenger and they said “What’s your fu.king” problem?” I said Dont you care at all about your horse? and one very angry driver said No! Call the ASPCA if you want. I took pictures of the drivers and one became so furious that he ran to get a camera and take a picture of me. He was walking fast and angrily towards me with his camera trying to intimidate me by getting about 3 feet away from my face to take the picture. Pitiful! I blocked him from taking a picture of my face. 6. I saw another carriage driver feeding his horse oats in a bucket and when the horse by accident pushed the bucket over with his foot bucket was in an awkward place by a curb the driver said “Stupid horse!” and then took the bucket of oats away. He did give him a carrot but it was as if he was punishing the horse for pushing over the bucket with not feeding him. When he saw me looking at him and saying nothing he sarcastically said “So what are we doing?” The drivers total disregard for their horses and enormous defensiveness clearly shows how much they have to hide. The abuse the horses suffer is the priority but the scum who drive them is a stain on our city!

  • Roxanne says:

    do you belive police will investigate when 2 NYPD are employed as part time drivers

  • Roxanne Delgado says:

    Do you really think this will be investigated when 2 NYPD officers are employed as Part time drivers in this inhumane carriage industry

  • Lisa Needleman says:

    Horses should be running free. Not pulling people around in a cramped city like New York. Let them graze in fields and be free in the country that is where they belong. Lisa N

  • carmen says:

    This looks like a carriage driver for sure!

  • LOL says:

    lol what a loser. he got owned by a carriage driver!!!!!!

  • Chehsire kittycat says:

    I wish I could have been there. I’dve come up fromt behind smacked the guy hurting the inspectors and dragged him off. I bet he was hiding something.

  • r says:

    The violence is all over the world NYC to Canada to China..all over. When is it gonna finally end…

  • kelly says:

    These carriage drivers make loads of money and aren’t reporting the income. This carriage horse thing is tax fraud central. Why is the city letting these people abuse animals cause traffic jams and accidents and get away with tax fraud?

  • lynda downie says:

    What a bully!

  • Richard says:

    Obviously they have a fucking problem if they’re going to the trouble to monitor them. Violence is NEVER the answer

  • Jennafhur says:

    Of course! He wouldn’t be violent unless he knew what he was doing was wrong and didn’t want it to be filmed.

  • Serrita says:

    I’ve got a fcking problem with those $ carriages

  • Frances Peà says:

    You should give shame of what he did mistreating horses Put in place to see if you like. Hope you arrested if you try my worst so you see as you feel. I hope that you will do justice. Frances Pea 16 years Puerto Rico

  • Susannah says:

    Kudos too to the PETA folks who had the nerve to be there!

  • Eric says:

    Wow I was right in that spot on central park south about a month ago protesting the horse and carriage industry with an animal rights group. I was not surprised at the guys attitude and violent temper. When I was protesting there the carriage drivers were cursing at me and threatening that they would follow me after the demo was over I am only 16 by the way. I got a first hand up close look at the workers of this industry and non of them seem like they made it through high school and some have very wierd accents. New York tradition with foreign jockeys? Yea right..what a joke.

  • Aran says:

    If this is how they treat people doing filming one can only wonder how they treat the animals in their care!

  • Canaduck says:

    Oh and nice job covering your face dorkyou can totally see it in the first few seconds of the video anyway.

  • Canaduck says:

    What do you expect from someone who makes a living hurting animals? Violence breeds violence.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    If the guy was a carriage horse driver I wonder if he abuses his horses as well…

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kudos to the film crew. People with something to hide never like to be scrutinized.