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Cruelty, Interrupted

Written by PETA | May 6, 2010

Speaking of interruptions, check out this footage from last night, when a PETA member took the podium during a speech by McDonald’s bigwig Mary Dillon at a Marquette University alumni event to give attendees an earful about the company’s cruelty to chickens:


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The audience was packed with CEOs and top executives from lots of big corporations. PETA’s newest campaign strategy includes attending McDonald’s executives’ speaking engagements and holding them accountable in front of their colleagues and competitors for remaining in the Dark Ages when it comes to animal welfare. Even though a less cruel method of chicken slaughter is already in use in Europe and has been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, McDonald’s still allows its suppliers to break chickens’ wings and legs, cut their throats while they are conscious, and scald them to death in defeathering tanks using the outdated method.

All McDonald’s needs to do to stop animal defenders from being a pain in its neck is to get its suppliers to quit cutting chickens’ throats open and insist that they adopt controlled-atmosphere killing.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Pintu says:

    I could only say “Great!!!” to the person!

  • roxy says:

    thatz awsum!!! im so glad sumbody did that. mayb 1 day ill hav the courage 2 do that2…

  • Rad_Rosa says:

    McDonald’s is so stupid.. if they want to stop being attacked by PETA then they should think about changing their ways.. It’s simply as that.

  • AMY says:


  • Lauren says:

    I don’t understand why McDonald’s buys chicken from suppliers that physically abuse their chickens. Isn’t McDonald’s worried about the possibility of having its costumers consume E. colitainted chicken?! The nerve of some people!

  • Susan T says:

    When I found out that McDonald’s used beef tallow in their cooking oil for their french fries I about died. I loved their french fries. That was years ago. I rarely eat at any fastfood joint but when I do it’s a veggie burger at BK or a “chickenless” fajita pita from Jack in the Box. I admire this person’s courage. I can just hear the tongue wagging”worrying about chickens get a life” it never ends but at the end of the day we can lie down close our eyes and sleep restfully knowing that we speak loudly for those who can’t and eventually we shall overcome! Stay strong PETA! You are the voice of reason and compassion. How can anyone oppose that?

  • John says:

    Good work! Chickens are treated so terribly….

  • Klara says:

    Artificial meat or a cheap salad one would be the best btw I think people buy that much stuff there because it’s a warm and effortable meal and nobody would care if they let the meat out and therefor make it less expensive!!!

  • Shari says:

    troller If McDonald’s wouldn’t buy from these cruel chicken suppliers they would go out of business. It should be against the law to be cruel to the chicken when we now have technology that is more humane to reduce the suffering of the chicken when being put to death. McDonalds should be for this and NOT against it.

  • melissa says:

    Mcdonalds sucks there lairs and murders. How wud they like it there throats were riped open.

  • troller says:

    Wait so Mcdonalds is responsible for the practices of its suppliers? I thought it would make more sense to attack the suppliers not the buyers.

  • Shari says:

    I am so proud of this person for doing this! McDonalds just will not face the truth that they are so greedy they will induce more suffering to chickens just to make a few more bucks!

  • Alexito says:

    Well done!