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Wal-Mart Yanks Cruel Glue Traps

Written by PETA | March 8, 2011

An alert resident in Yorktown, Virginia, called PETA to tell us that a bird was caught in a glue trap set in the rafters of a Wal-Mart store. The trap was one of many that had been set by a bird-removal contractor to catch birds who wandered into the store. PETA staffers hurried to the scene and rescued the bird, and we rushed him to the local SPCA. The agency was able to remove the bird, a member of a protected species, from the glue trap, but the stress and injuries that he had endured were substantial, and he passed away overnight.

PETA alerted Wal-Mart headquarters to the sad incident, and Wal-Mart quickly terminated its contract with the bird-removal company for breaching a corporate policy, which prohibits birds from being harmed during removal. Local animal-control officers also ordered the bird-removal contractor to stop using glue traps for bird control, and they visited all local big-box stores with garden departments to inform managers that glue traps set for bird removal is cruel and will not be tolerated. 

In a related victory, Bank of America announced that it is removing glue traps set for rodents. PETA apprised the bank of the cruelty and disease risks inherent in glue traps, so it agreed to test alternative tactics, which were found to be effective.

The kindhearted Wal-Mart customer helped prevent many birds from suffering in cruel glue traps. If you see glue traps set for birds or rodents in any establishment, please politely ask the manager to remove them and report any traps specifically set for birds to local authorities.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • dolores witney says:

    i do beleave the manager of the wal-mart store that hired the company to place such crule devce should be made accountable for his actions , heshould be finde and made to do comunity work with animales , that way e might discover they have feeling as humans do , and learn to think befor he takes any actions on anamals or humans

  • A Steinberg says:

    I notice that a lot of stores that formerly sold glue-traps have stopped, so the bad press on these torture devices has helped. These are HORRIBLE things and whenever I see one I fold it on itself to make it harmless,and throw it out! That bird control company should be cited and fined – WTF were they thinking? Thankfully, Wal-mart apparently agreed that that was inexcuseable. How very sad for the poor bird, though. If you ever find an animal caught in a glue trap, any oil (i.e., cooking oil) will help loosen the animal from the glue and you can disloge the animal with your finger or a pencil or spoon, if you don’t want to touch it. The problem is, a lot of wild animals are terrorized at being handled, but if you can get it free fairly fast, it may be alright.

  • randall says:

    the correct procedure is prevention. that is to find the entrance where birds, rodents, insect can enter. also keep an area clean and sanitary so as not to attract undesirable animals at a business

  • Sara says:

    Just because wal-mart banned this store for using them to avoid bad publicity doesn’t mean they quit selling them, flooding millions of homes with them! Now let’s get their sale banned altogether! Must be the cruelest way to die!

  • Cassandra says:

    I work in a store. What can I reasonably do to help birds or other small animals that wonder in? It doesn’t happen often, but I have seen 2 birds and 1 chipmunk in 3 yrs and worried they wouldn’t find a way out.

  • Ana Coutinho says:

    Human stupidness and cruelty towards animals has no limits, and I thank PETA for helping these lovely creatures.

  • willie says:

    Thank you Peta for caring about glue-traps. They are an abomination and should not be sold anywhere at all.

  • K.G.Stikkelorum says:

    Dank U PETA, en iedereen die een hart heeft voor dieren!

  • Laura says:

    That was too sad. Those glue traps are very cruel! And I hope everybody stop selling them.

  • Norma Campbell says:

    Thank YOu Walmort and of course Peta and the kind hearted customer. I shall now return to shopping at Walmart

  • Prudence Blasdell says:

    Thank You PETA, and everyone who has a Heart for animals!

  • ocean17 says:

    yes. this is good news. thank you Walmart for being compassionate concerning cruel glue traps, this is a horrible way to catch birds. now please 86 the fish displays.

  • Curtis says:

    I’m glad that Walmart quickly responded to our concers!

  • cristina says:

    Thank you PeTA for acting always in favor and protection of the defenceless animals. <3

  • Dawn says:

    Wal-mart you lost my business!!! stop selling this cruel product!!!

  • tiffany says:

    That is so sad but I am also very pleased to hear that walmart actually ended their contract. What a horrible way to catch birds!! Thanks peta for all you do!!!!!!