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Crowd Left Speechless During ‘Big Mic Takeover’

Written by PETA | September 16, 2010

OK, that’s an exaggeration—there was no microphone. PETA’s Amber TeGantvoort simply strolled up to the front of an audience at the Social Media B.C. conference in Vancouver and interrupted a presentation by McDonald’s tweeter George Hradecky. Her mission? To enlighten the crowd about the corporation’s refusal to mandate far less cruel methods of slaughter than they use now for the chickens whose bruised and battered bodies become McNuggets. Mission accomplished!

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News about the disruption spread quickly as conference goers began tweeting about Amber’s presentation, which went on for four minutes before she was escorted out. Did you notice how quickly and quietly George Hradecky stepped aside and allowed Amber to make her case? (Maybe he’s “hatin’ it” too?)

If McDonald’s bigwigs would be willing to allow the birds’ plight to be seriously considered—and corrected—then we wouldn’t be forced to make these surprise appearances.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • coolioso24 says:

    WOO!!! GO AMBER!!! wow such a great way to spread the news of Mc.D’s cruelty!!! but its true, if mc.d would just shut up and actually look at petas presentations for once we wouldnt hav to b goin to such extreme measures to make sure they follow CAK-but extreme measures arent a bad thing. i am LOVIN wat ur doin rite now. keep it up!!!

  • ocean17 says:

    wow. that took some integrity, and yes, cojones. good work Amber. we live in such a uncompassionate, greedy and fatefully lockstep world, people need to see the truth.

  • Padster says:

    Sounds like Julian Morrow of the Chaser and the ‘open mic’ stunts he got up to.

  • Jadewarlock says:

    Wilbur – it says in the blog she was escorted out. 😉 But I agree – it is sad that people from McD’s will allow her to speak her opinion, but when I read comments here, it’s like “Silence – we are right, you are wrong,” and that is sad. This is why PETA doesn’t succeed long term – they don’t listen to dissent.

  • Wilbur Troy says:

    She wasn’t escorted out or arrested. No one in the audience had any idea what she was talking about and no one cared. What was interesting was that she repeated her little speech four or five times in a row for no apparent reason. What started out a slightly amusing diversion turned excruciatingly awkward for all involved. The only thing anyone who witnessed it will remember was how embarrassed they were for her by the time she left. Nothing accomplished!

  • Ralph says:

    I ask that the moderators show the same courtesy as the person at McDonald’s event did and let dissent be heard on this board. I’d certainly hate to see them decide to pull the same stunt in the future.

    Greg, I know where my food comes from, and I care about animals. That’s why – like PETA, I support a fast and as painfree as possible death to them for food.

    But, I’m sure that you do not see the irony in the statements you and others here have made in regard to animals rights and then saying that they should be killed for food via controlled atmosphere killing.

    That doesn’t make sense, and I would like – here on boards so people can see the whole story, someone to explain to me how this is not ironic or rather hypocritical based on their stances

  • someone u don't know says:

    Girl’s got balls.

  • nancy says:

    That was courageous of her. That was awesome!

  • Ralph says:

    Actually, I’m someone who lives in the country and knows damn well where my food comes from – including the fact that animals also die in the harvesting of grains I eat.

    Yes – dear Greg – animals also SUFFER for YOUR food too.

    If you read PETA’s stances – they say in the four points that “We must not use animals in any way.” Well, if that’s so, then why do they support Controlled Atmosphere killing (which, as someone who has suffered oxygen deprivation himself – briefly – will attest that it is QUITE painful).

    But, one more point to consider – as I said this fellow at least respected her right to make a speech. Why is it that you and others feel that those of use who disagree with your views should be silenced?

    Then again – I guess it’s because one cannot handle the whole truth to make up their minds.

  • Mishael says:

    It’s not easy to be an activist and speak out against popular and misled views of your generation. Not so long ago in the U.S., slavery, the right for non-white males to vote, and many other civil rights were hot topics of contention. Now, the intelligent ones on our planet, can’t look away from the continued and sick cruelty staged against our most vulnerable Earth family members. We now seem to have a split between sensitive humans and insensitive ones. Keep speaking out!

  • Greg says:

    And what’s the truth Ralph? No idea right? Don’t worry, you are in good company. Everybody turns a blind eye to what they are eating and how the food gets there. People should care about what goes into their body but it’s just not the case. People should care that sentient beings suffer just so you can put back a few calories that can simply come from other, better, types of food but they don’t. Most of these people don’t get the ethical, health, and environmental reasons to be vegetarian or vegan. The odd thing is that they are otherwise intelligent, although I’m not so sure that’s the case with you. They usually do see the hypocrisy and wouldn’t make silly statements like you did.

  • Ralph says:

    Maybe the reason why George gave her some space was to show the exaggerations and hypocracy you make trying to tout your views regarding animal rights and welfare.

    We see you guys saying “We support CAK,” but tell us to go vegan – that’s a hypocracy.

    He also probably feels that – unlike what I see here in PETA – that people have the right to a dissenting opinion.

    That said, I’m sure that when she was escorted out (and possibly arrested for trespassing), he went on with his presentation as though nothing happened. He also probably compared what people are being led to believe with what really IS the truth.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I was not able to play the video…my computer is a dinosaur that won’t do that…but from the way Amber and George were staring each other down in the photo I would say that if she had not been escorted off stage there would have been one heck of a wrestling match!! I wish I’d have been there to see it!

  • Audrey says:

    That’s ballsy. AWESOME. Hopefully, this is bring some change.