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Cross This Pit Stop Off Your List

Written by PETA | July 28, 2011

UPDATE: Victory! As the Chief Saunooke Bear Park struggled, a private benefactor offered to purchase all of the bears. The park quickly accepted the offer and the bears were finally retired to a spacious sanctuary. Read more about the victory and how the bears are doing now here.

Originally posted July 29, 20011:

Thanks to the generosity of a kind PETA Vanguard Society member who was horrified after learning about the plight of bears at three miserable roadside zoos in Cherokee, North Carolina, PETA has been able to erect a billboard on busy Interstate 40 during the height of summer vacation season. The ad warns tourists that visiting Cherokee Bear Zoo, Chief Saunooke Bear Park, or Santa’s Land, which all confine bears to barren concrete pits and pens, is not only cruel but also dangerous.

Please let the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Matthew Pegg know that Cherokee won’t be on your travel itinerary until the bears are retired to a sanctuary.
Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Jean Ladnier says:

    I used to go to Cherokee every year with my family. When I saw the bears in that horrible pit, I was depressed the rest of the trip. I will never go back until the bears are put in a sanctuary.I have also convinced others not to go to Cherokee. Please do the civilized thing for these creatures

  • Linda M. Schwartz says:

    PLEASE put the bears in a sanctuary where they can live happy lives, as they should! How would you like to live in a concrete cage just so someone can make a little money! It’s obsene.

  • ann davis says:

    I have written friendly letters to Chief Hicks and Ms. Ferguson, and sent them dvd’s of the wonderful “Bearwalker of the north woods” Dr. Lynn Rogers in order to show them how bears should live and that they should be free. The North American Bear Center in Ely MN has three rescued bears in a wonderful sanctuary. I encouraged the chief to go to their web site and see an example of a enriching enclosure for captive bears. I wasn’t suprised that Chief Hicks never replied to my letter. He makes the Cherokee look bad.

  • Charlotte Bodén says:

    Is this really happening in the 21:st century ? It seems to me local authorities need a wee bit updating ! Please stop cruelty to ALL animals !

  • Alexandria says:

    They really need to think about the bears for once, they are confined and bored And suffering. How would they like it if they were stuck in a concrete box all day?

  • Susan Pew says:

    Oh WOW!! It is not cool enough to stab a bull to death now you got to watch bears fighting? As I have said all night, get real with the current century and find your own entertainment like two Indians boxing?

  • prati chakravarthy says:

    as long as the bears remain in this cruel concrete cages that devoid them of their natural wildlife or at least something close to it, neither will they be happy nor the WE will be happy . hence, i shall even prevent my friends from visiting your zoo unless they are returned back to their sanctuary. this is only a humble request from US .

  • Bettina Riedel says:

    America, and the whole world of Humans- please stop all this animal abuse!

  • linda manganello says:

    Bears belong in the FOREST! Not in a concrete pen. What are you an Idiot. Let them go, help to save them, not torture them. The bears have no idea what you are saying to them or why they are in such prisons it only gets them angrier. Set them free.please.

  • sandra lenart says:

    let these bears go live where they should have been, in the forest

  • Christine says:

    Bless PETA and their Vanguard Society Members!

  • Jessica E. Polubinsky says:

    How could anyone think a roadside zoo is appropriate for our children, let alone animals who are mistreated simply to make a buck? You can’t really blame the animal when it acts out of instinct and protection. Perhaps this petition should be a ban an human stupidity.

  • Lin Pirretti says:

    This needs to stop as it has been going on for years! Animals do not deserve this kind of treatment.

  • Julie fauerby says:

    Please stop hurting these poor animals!!

  • Julie fauerby says:

    Please stop hurting these poor animals!!

  • Kristin elizabeth says:

    Terrible. This needs to stop!

  • Cindy Lohr says:

    Please stop this cruel and dangerous practice!

  • Candace Fettig says:

    I’m not sure where this idea originated, but it is archaic to put any animal into a cage on concrete as entertainment to passers-by. You need to stop this, now, NOW. It is inhumane and unjustifiable. Return these bears to a bear sanctuary ASAP.