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Crippled Chicken for Cruelty Capital?

Written by PETA | July 2, 2009

When I lived in the Louisville area, there were several things I thought the city could’ve used—like more vegan restaurants or a more extensive public transportation system. But you know what Louisville—home to the headquarters of KFC—really needs? The city is sorely in need of our chicken statue, designed by award-winning children’s book author and cartoonist for The New Yorker Harry Bliss.


KFC Statue


We’re asking Louisville’s Department of Public Works to allow us to install the statue in downtown Louisville for three months, starting July 15. We hope that it will draw attention to the millions of chickens who are killed each year for KFC—chickens who live out their short lives in ammonia-ridden sheds locked in cages in which there’s not even room to take a single step in any direction. At the slaughterhouse, their throats are cut while they are still conscious, and they are often scalded alive.

We submitted our permit request this morning—hopefully Louisville’s downtown area will have an artsy new addition in just a couple of weeks!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • eugene daub says:

    i think the statue is a great way to raise awareness of this terrible abuse to chickens ,it just doesn’t have to be that cruel , typical corporate greed!
    Eugene Daub

  • The Common Man says:

    I’m appalled by the abuse of all animals. Even more appalled by the abuse of human beings! So many lost jobshousesinsurance. While the the 1 of the wealthy become even wealthier! The plight of chickens is a great concern the plight of our fellow Americans is even greater. Priorities… What if everyone that is abstaining from eating chicken… abstained from using any of the banks in this country…withdrew every penny from every bank. I think that would be noticed. Not eating chicken albeit is an admirable gesture it is nothing compared to the almighty dollar! It will never happen though because it demands too much sacrifice on our part. Not eating chicken is a much easier way to appease our feelings of helplessness. Just imagine if we did pull all our money from all of the banks… just think what we could accomplish not only for chickens but for our fellow brothers and sister. A revolution without bloodshed.

  • Etienne says:

    I’m all for directing public concern towards chicken abuse but it’s not like KFC is the major culprit. All those chicken products at the grocery store come from the same chicken abusing manufacturers who produce your healthy and unhealthy meat choices chicken balogna chicken nuggets chicken burgers chicken breasts chicken cutlets and whole chickens. Focusing on KFC makes little sense. The only difference is they deep fry the stuff. I’m certain people buy more chicken from grocery stores and restaurants than from fast food KFC.

  • jess says:

    lol hope you get to have your say D PETA ftw over kfc!!!!!

  • ani rox says:

    thank you PETA we can finally kick kfc’s ass.

  • Shari Pottle says:

    crossing fingers praying hard for this to happen! WTG PETA!!

  • carmen sanchez says:

    i will never go and eat at any places that mistreat chikens to make fust money like kfc and others chickens suffer and peaple it them and people get sick and seens they dont care shame on you i will pay more and make sure ckinkens runfree and make sure they eat proper grain live out side in the country no factorys i feel like crying

  • s.sadhasivam says:

    It is highly regrettable that people who are used to take meat do not realise the evil effects of eating the flesh. First of all they lose the blessings of God as per the oldest poems prevailing in our country.India Secondly we practically see that 99 of the culprits are non vegetarians. Even the 1 are the persons who are associating with these non vegetarians. People of non vegetarians are quarelling within themselves for no reason and kill them or wound them. In my experience non vegetarians are often coming across with accidents. In other words persons who are meeting with accidents are non vegetarians. I appreciate the efforts of KFC and wishing them best in their endeavour. By the by I also wish to add that Govt.of Karnataka the one of the states of India is planning to ban the cow slaughter as per the news item appeared three days ago. It is worthwhile to request them to ban the slaughter of camels also which are subjected to horrible and painful death.

  • Chan says:

    See this is why I am a vegatain!

  • Jillianne says:

    You might have more luck getting this placed if you took off “KFC Cripples Chickens” And put something like “To find out what happened to this chicken log on to insert webpage here” Because people are curious by nature I know I’d log on to find out and with all this portable Tech out there it’s not like they’d have to wait til they got home to do so.

  • Prudence says:

    Thank You humans do so many things automatically without contemplation… like eating meat. there is not much thought that eating meat is being intentionally cruel. but IT IS Thank You for bringing this to en masse awareness with such creativity and persistence.

  • Jackie says:

    This reminds me of the Muppet Movie when Doc Hopper introduces a frog legs billboard to Kermit. Kermit says “I can imagine all those poor frogs on tiny little crutches.”

  • janet says:

    woah thats some mad art work right there. such a strong message. i hope people who see it understnd and help us all stop this terrible cruely to the chickens.

  • tim mcnaulty says:

    Although I am maybe unsure that this will work the absolute best of luck to you. Any amount of thanks you get is not enough you are doing the entire world good and I hope you can continue to show the power that can be gained from determination. God bless you.



  • Jelena says:

    This is the way to make people think about where from and how is food coming on their table. Wish you all the best.

  • ihaveamac says:

    Wow I never knew KFC did this. o.O At least I don’t eat there…

  • abi says:

    nice idea.let’s hope for a better response this time.good work!

  • kathryn says:

    Hope you get a say

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s very difficult to think of any animal that is more abused tortured and mistreated than docile peaceful and sociable chickens. Their plight is heartbreaking to ponder.

  • mel says:

    I seriously doubt this will get a permit because while it is artsy the suits involved which can be directed toward PETA as well as the state would make it detrimental to all involved.

  • Whitney says:

    Good luck! Let us know if we can help.