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Creature Comforts

Written by PETA | June 19, 2007

Vortis/Creative Commons

There’s been a lot of talk round the office today about the new CBS show Creature Comforts. The concept of the show is that they interview a cross-section of America about their lives and then broadcast the interviews with animated animal characters. Weird as that sounds, it turns out that most people’s lives are way more interesting when you see them through the eyes of claymation animals. Yesterday’s episode focused on animals in captivity, and not everyone was happy with the idea of keeping animals in zoos—as one person pointed out, “Zoo is just a three letter word for jail.” I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this show is going to usher in a new era of tolerance for animals, but there were some great little moments yesterday where people talked candidly about the questionable ethics of keeping animals in captivity. Plus, some of the interviews are absolutely priceless. I hope the show continues in the same vein.

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  • Anne Birthistle says:

    By far the most monstrous misuse of animals is in laboratory experimentation. It is akin to the brutality of slavery and indeed the Holocaust. And when you realize that basing human medicine and toxicology on animalbased data has had devestating effects on human health you have to question why such a grotesque practice should continue. Visit

  • rojo says:

    highland the sixth sense there’s the scientific proof I’ve been missing. How could I have been so wrong? I am truly sorry that you were scarred at such a young age by the bleeding horse perhaps a much loved pet. To learn about life and death at such a tender age can have profound effects in later life.

  • Frances says:

    I wouldn’t really say this is a new show. It’s really famous in the UK as being Nick Park’s first broadcast show. It was made hmm..must have been over 10 years ago. This is just like the US taking The Office and americanizing it which is fine. I’m just surprised you didn’t state the show has been around for years and years. It’s pretty cool. You should say “The US version of the popular UK show ‘Creature Comforts'” because then it would give people a chance to look for the original one too.

  • Max says:

    while i do not eat meat or consume any animal products or byproducts i must say to rojo that the bit on anyone who hasnt visited a slaughterhouse undercover and promotes meat being a coward to be completely ignorant. Have you been to the factory where the corporate entity that makes the clothing you wear?promoting it with its brand logo blaring so obviously for all to see Have you seen how they treat their workers? Could you live on the wages they make? Guess what your a coward for not doing so. Paul McCartney has been quoted as saying “If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian.” But unfortunately they dont and the average meat eater isnt going to want to go and upset their point of view that all the animals they eat arent actually kept outside to graze lazily in the sun. They dont want to because ignorance is bliss. It isnt so much cowardice as it is willful ignorance. People wish to remain comfortable and will go out of their way to blind themselves to remain so. That is why it is up to us to gently keep pushing further and further exposing them to the truth. If you move too fast people will behave like hermit crabs and retreat back into their shells. It is a painfully slow process but one that can only end with people awakening to the truth that their actions are immoral and selfish and the true noble path is to abstain from violence in any form including that which is caused from our dietary habits. in the meantime all we can do is our best and that should not include petty name calling or anything that will make our cause look like anything other than what it is. People will always try to find ways to attack us and by acting priggish we are only giving them more bullets to shoot.

  • highland says:

    rojo i’m sorry that your experience with animals is based strictly on your instincts because also me i have cattle experience and this the following for some time i had my horse in a stable near a bull the bull stood near the window and could look what was going on outside so he saw when they loaded the young calfs into a transporter to be brought to the slaughterhouse and he got very nervous and upset foam came out of his mouth. my horse was the next in the box near him from that date on it was impossible to put my horse into a transporter so these animals knew exactly what was going on they don’t just have instinct but they have something more than humans the sixth sense! something else once a woman called us that their bull was smashing her brother’s finger with a rope and my direct answer was why did he have this reaction and she said because the butcher entered the stable for to chose the calfs! you got it if not i shall even help you more!

  • rojo says:

    fine highland how do they know what blood smells like and how do they associate it with death. Birth is the most likely contact with blood and this means life. Animals will absolutely panic at the meatworks but anymore than being chased in a field? It’s not like they are going to suffer post traumatic stress. HighlandI have much experience rearing animals and sometimes putting them out of their misery when required. I can vouch for sheep and cattle thought processes and it doesn’t go far beyond instinct.I also enjoy eating meat but I don’t intend to influence anyone else to do so certainly not through propaganda based on ignorance. Lets take albert einstein who was only a vegetarian in the final 2 years of his whole 70+ year life. I only seek to have truthful and logical discussion. If it makes you feel better to think that I am simple then sobeit.

  • highland says:

    rojo i really don’t want to offend you but i think you are a very simple guy! i want to make it short because the same subjects have been repeated hundred times on petafiles please go to digg and read them! just i want to say the following if you think that animals have a quick death in abattoires you are dramatically wrong to the contrary! already they don’t walk in like soldiers because they smell the blood of the other killed animals and they hear the horrible cries so they start to refuse to walk and are beaten with electric and iron sticks and pushed with the feet of the butchers etc. i was active for more than 40 years in animal rights movements and heard many testimonies from stressed butchers and so on please why do you want to be stubbern and heavy? do you think that the intelligentia of this world like albert einstein albert schweitzer henry dunand founder of the red cross leo tolstoi dostojewski victor hugo and thousands of super intelligent celebs and nobel price winners would promote a vegetarian lifestyle if there would be no reason! all i can tell you is this make a honest research on this subject and then come back to talk me i made research since i was 4 years old when i stood on a veranda and saw a bleeding horse passing by which they sent to the butchers! and something else i never said that animals are on a par with human conscience but animals have their own conscience and we have to give them the right to have it! it doesn’t mean if they have another conscience that they have no conscience here i could continue to type for three hours and again i must tell you because as i see you spend much time on petasite make your own honest experience i had horses dogs cats etc. for all my life and i experienced things you never would believe but it’s impossible to describe everything here! if you are honestly interested in peta’s actions care yourself about animals buy a horse or whatever you want if you want just to critizize i fear that you are from some sinister church or laboratory or just feeling bored! so please!!!

  • rojo says:

    highland you seem to think it is unnatural for animals to consume other animals. I think a relatively quick death in an abbatoir is preferable to being mauled by a lion or dying a slow death through old age as toothless sheep do. While animals certainly feel pain and fear you seem to think they are on a par with human consciousness. Hate to disappoint you but farmed animals exist in the present they don’t have the knowledge to have a sense of future or ambition their responses are controlled by hormones. They too are programmed with the will to live but it doesn’t mean they value life. Abattoirs aren’t pleasant places which is why we distance ourselves from what happens we don’t want to know which is different from not knowing. It’s easier and safer than doing it at home and you only have to eat the cuts of meat you like.

  • Me says:

    Rojo is an Australian farmer so is never going to agree to not eating animals but just can’t resist checking out this blog everyday. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  • Kristen says:

    I know Criss Angel is supposed to be an illusionist but did he really eat his pet mouse Zeke in the most recent episode?

  • Allison says:

    That show is hilarious…I’ve made a point to DVR it…I too was pumped that overall most people…especially the children…had such a humane POV. About time!

  • Highland says:

    rojo as a great meateater i suggest that you have already visited slaughterhouses not as a visitor but undercover? if you did and still approve to kill animals in that way you are in my eyes by the way like millions of other meat eaters just on your way for to become a human being you are still living in stone age and for you history passes by but if you have not been visiting undercover slaughterhouses and you promote meateating you are in my eyes a coward ignorant who deserves the same destiny as these poor animals! don’t think yourself too high and superior to other living beings animals are very smart and intelligent and have really more sence of solidarity in clanliving than humans! i hope you got it if not i shall help a little bit more!

  • rojo says:

    easy stop eating beef and eat more pork chicken and lamb. Pigs and chicken are the most efficient convertors of feed into meat anyway.

  • silent tongue says:

    sorry for stepping in here! there are breaking news for jack and ingrid from al gore please check out and read the following climate crisis solutions from the live earth global warming survival handbook eat your veggies don’t be a chicken stop being a pig and don’t have a cow pop quiz which adds more greenhouse gases to our atmosphere? motorized transportation or livestock? surprise it’s livestock at 18 pct of total emissions. the gases coming from cow’s rears are even worse greenhousewarmingwise than ol’CO2. enteric fermentation the ruminators’ digestive process produces flatulence a.k.a. methane while manure releases nitrous oxide. even more emissions come from collateral effects deforestation for pasture fertilizers for feed crops and energy to run meatpacking plants. info from’ i think that al gore is waking up!!!!!!!!!!

  • dddddddhfffffffff says:

    ya that would be good do u thnk people watched the show other than u kno us?