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Creative Chimpanzees Use Log to Bust Out of Kansas City Zoo

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 11, 2014

Chimpanzees share 98 percent of our DNA. And sometimes they prove to be even more creative than we are—particularly when it comes to getting something they really, really want, such as their freedom.

Workers at the Kansas City Zoo thoroughly inspect the chimpanzee enclosure every morning to make sure that there is nothing that the chimpanzees might use to stage a jailbreak. But yesterday, that wasn’t enough. The animals outsmarted their captors.

As reported by KCTV5 News, one of the chimpanzees yanked a 6-foot-long branch off one of the trees, propped it up against the enclosure wall as a makeshift ladder, and climbed over. Six other chimpanzees quickly followed.


The area on the other side of the wall was used by staff and wasn’t accessible to the outside, so their freedom was short-lived. But the animals’ intentions were clear.

Life in captivity is no life at all. Help send the message that it’s time to close zoos and give animals back their freedom by never buying a ticket.

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  • Brian Hamilton says:

    When will humans stop incarcerating animals?! Set them free in their natural environment.

  • erika says:

    How sad 🙁

  • Violante says:

    They want freedom..becarefull !

  • MJ Alciso says:

    clearly this is not the environment that they need.

  • Nan Newall says:

    To all those who believe in freedom for every living soul, please continue the fight to end animal slavery and do not give up till they are released from prisons like zoos and circuses.

  • Judith Ward says:

    We insult their intelligence and enslave them. Man needs to urgently take stock of his/her superior attitude to other beings and our assumed right to own them and use their lives recklessly in any way we wish. All actions based on these assumptions are crimes against other species in exactly the way they would be if they were committed against people or pets which are safeguarded by law. We need to reveal, to educate, to shift our thinking and to take the law makers with us on this journey. All locations where animals suffer like zoos, circuses, sporting events, abattoirs, etc. must be closed, we cannot allow ignorance and greed to maintain the status quo.

  • Lydia says:

    Give them their freedom. They want it so bad.

    • Why is the female chimp kept in solitary at the Zoo, was her crime so huge. It was her owners’ fault. She needs company that is why she broke free. It is a crime to treat her like a prisoner. She is just a girl who needs some company from her mates.