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How to Create a Canine Time Bomb

Written by PETA | July 1, 2011

An Osceola, Indiana, man suffered two broken arms and severe flesh wounds after his dog escaped from a cage and attacked him while he was sitting on the couch. And a 4-year-old Brooklyn boy was mauled to death inside his apartment by a dog who was normally kept caged. As a neighbor aptly said, “When you cage an animal and let it out, what do you think it will do? An animal goes wild.”

Jailing dogs—who are curious, sensitive, and highly social animals—in boxes is cruel and a recipe for disaster. Like chaining, crating deprives dogs of exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction—everything that they need to be happy and well-adjusted—and can turn them into ticking time bombs. Crated dogs are prone to depression, hyperactivity, and aggression.


Let’s hope that these tragic attacks serve as a wake-up call for people who insist that their dogs “love” to be locked in cages all day long. Enlist a dog-walker, pet sitter, or doggy daycare; install a doggie door; and/or enroll in a humane, interactive training class with your dogs—don’t sentence them to the cruel and unusual punishment of a life lived behind bars.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Dog Guy says:

    My experience in the past has been that when I’m at work my dog sleeps all day. What difference does it make if he’s sleeping in a crate or in a bed? At least in the crate I know he is safe and not chewing or eating something that could harm him. He gets an hour walk in the morning and an hour walk at night, and lots of play/fetch/Frisbee time.

  • konteyner says:

    Once again because PETA sees the extreme the baby is thrown out with the bath water.

  • Logo Tasarım says:

    They look good !!!!! I agree?..

  • Jenna says:

    The people whom lock animals in cages should think”WOULD I WANT BE BE IN A CAGE CONSTANTLY?how will this affect the animals mental health” ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO.Treat them like people

  • Ivy says:

    I totally agree with this. No dog should be in a cage. When you bring a dog into your life you are accepting them as part of your family. My dogs spend time with my family wheter its sleeping or playing, they are never far. When we go away, we get a petsitter to come in and care for them so that they are not traumatized by being locked in a kennel. They are in their own environment and comfortable as it should be.

  • catriona canagasabey says:

    dogs need care, love, protection, freedom…. many people around the world, buy dogs just show every one that they have a dog. but, what the people around them don’t see is how the dog is been treated…. that dog could be staving for many days, it could be thirsty, it could be lonely, the owners don’t care… I say that there should be a law in every country, “if you don’t make a commitment to look after your dog & treat it as it is supposed to be treated. If not done according to the commitment you will be fined or your dog will be taken away from you.” Not only dogs but all sorts of pets as well… save the poor animals who ar been treated badly & treate them like your own family….

  • Sam I. Ahm says:

    This is an example of the incorrect way of crating. This is not how crate training is done. Crating is used for sleeping at night or for short periods of time. You train your dog to get used to short periods of being in the crate so that when you travel you do not KILL your dog. Which by the way is very irresponsible if you are just letting your dog run around in your car. Once again because PETA sees the extreme the baby is thrown out with the bath water.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    If you’re going to keep your dog in a cage all the time or chained up, why the hell bother to get one?? Any pet animal should be wanted, loved and cared for properly, not locked away like a piece of innate furniture. So with that in mind, instead of leaving other people to rescue or look after another abandoned pet, do us all a favour and don’t get one.

  • Denise M says:

    This is what people do to animals such as pitbulls (staffordshire bull terriers and american staffordshire bull terriers). I have a very sweet 8 month old pittie and she is the best dog I have ever had come into my family. She is only crated at night otherwise she rips things up (like my bed) and will go to the bathroom in the house (even on a schedule). Otherwise an animal should never be left in a kennel or cage for any long period of time. With dogs, especially pit bulls, people do not understand, we make the problems we have, animals are not born this way, we make them into vicious killers and then treat them like trash. People like that shouldn’t have animals PERIOD and the ones that do make me more then sick.

  • who knew? says:

    when my 2 dogs were young, I crated them. Not for more than a few hours. I didn’t think it was cruel. Then one day- they got out of their crate. Guess what? Nothing happened. They didn’t chew or pee on anything. They just explored and played. Played so much that they slept most of the time. They haven’t been crated since AND they are such happy dogs. It’s been nearly 5 years.

  • Sabrine says:

    Grrrrrrrr,, why bother having a dog if you’re going to put him on the crate, what happened to humanity, shame on all who do, I hope you experience life in crate on this or next life!!!

  • MalayazMommy07 says:

    Looks good on them!!!!!

  • ritu rakesh says:

    this is very sad that at this age of time peaple are so insane wth God’s beautifull creations (animal)… I m shame full that being a human i cant do anything for them…..wth heavy heart….

  • annie bode says:

    It is like saying human beings loved to be locked up all day every day.Why do people have dogs if they can’t give them the life they deserve.!!!

  • sher says:

    I never crated my dog. I left him in a large open area of the home to start. As he got older and earned more space, he had more room. Now he has the run of the house while I am at work. But he mostly sleeps in all day right on the bed.

  • Jennifer says:

    Crate training is NOT cruel. Unfortuantely, I have to work. I know that is unfathomable to some folks, but my 7 month old puppy is in a crate for 3-4 hours at a time during the work day. It is for his own safety. If anyone has ever had a puppy, they eat absolutely EVERYTHING. If I do not watch him closely, to this point in his life he would have eaten the couch, table legs, socks, electrical cords, bathroom rugs, etc. The good thing is I was there as these items were approached, and we do positive reinforcement and replacement training with appropriate toys for their inquisitive mouths. Don’t confuse training and age approprate behavior with ‘jailing’. Our older dog was no longer crated once he was a little over a year and half, we left it out for a while, b/c he would go in on his own and sleep whenever he wanted. It was his safe place. Once we got the new puppy, the crate came back down, and the big baby wants to be back in his crate! good news is once they learn their boundaries, what is appropriate to play/chew on, they can be trusted to be left alone. I don’t know about you, but I would rather know my pup is safe in the biggest crate I can buy, stocked with mind stimulating toys and comfy bedding than worrying all day if he climbed on the counter and ate the dish soap or the grapes on the table.

  • Bev says:

    If you are not able to stay home so the dog need not be caged, tied or crated … then don’t get a dog. They love to run and play, it is part of their makeup. It certainly is not fair to the dog to make it live that type of life when all it wants to do is be free to run and interact.

  • Sabrine says:

    Grrrrrrrr,, why bother having a dog if you’re going to put him on the crate, what happened to humanity, shame on all who do, I hope you experience life in crate on this or next life!!!

  • Sabrine says:

    Grrrrrrrr,, why bother having a dog if you’re going to put him on the crate, what happened to humanity, shame on all who do, I hope you experience life in crate on this or next life!!!

  • Artie Davidoff says:

    STOP IT!

  • Elisa Niilivirta says:

    Some people really need to start using their brains and know that dogs and other animals aren’t meant to be locked up. Let’s really hope this will change soon.

  • Mariane says:

    I agree…. I leave my dogs free all the time. Except when friends become visit me.

  • Cassie says:

    Anyone who keeps their animals in a cage does not deserve them. Nor do they deserve to be called people! Savages!!!

  • nadia says:

    I know a family that has gone through about 3 dogs in the past year because they were too “hyper” or they just “didn’t like it”. All of those dogs suffered greatly in their care being only let out of the crate to go to the bathroom and eat, then it was right back into the crate. After about 6 months of not having a dog, they just purchased a golden puppy online, most likely from a puppy mill. There is no doubt in my mind that this puppy will suffer in the same way. Animals law need to be stricter, crating constantly is abuse, and people who abuse animals should not be able to keep getting more animals just like puppy mills shouldnt be around and there should be no such thing as buying a pet online. We have to do something to help the voiceless.

  • AP says:

    People can be so ignorant. What is the purpose of having a pet and then keeping him caged up with no freedom.

  • Emily Sweeney says:

    Animals are not meant to be caged up. They are meant to be free…