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Cows Invade Vegas

Written by PETA | July 28, 2011

Even through-the-roof mercury levels couldn’t stop our mootivated herd of cows from descending on the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas to demand their skins back.

Folks attending the shoe convention inside became curious when they heard the musical stylings of lead bovine Meggan Anderson on the cowbell and came out to snap pictures of the cows hoofing it up and down the sidewalk. After reading their signs about how leather hurts cows, people had great reactions, including one man who said that he was going to share the photo of our “cows” on Facebook and tell his friends to boycott leather.

The cows replied, “Amoon.”

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Love says:

    I Competley agree with you Susan Pew and Christine.. Thank you for caring and thank you to PETA and thank yhou to the activists at the Sands Expom in Las Vegas

  • Susan Pew says:

    We can make fake leather now. Why do people around the globe stick with archaic methods like skinning cows when we have technology to have fake leather? And I’ll bet it is cheaper

  • Christine says:

    Hurray for these cows! You rock!