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Covance Pays PETA Europe $290,000!

Written by PETA | April 30, 2007

It’s not going to bankrupt Covance—torturing animals in experiments is big business—but this is a big black eye for them, and it’s a vindication of PETA Europe’s work to expose the callous disregard for suffering that helps Covance’s execs sleep at night. But today, the New Jersey-based animal-testing company paid PETA Europe $290,000 following a British court’s dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the company to stop them from publicizing undercover video footage from a Covance lab here in Virginia. As PETA President Ingrid Newkirk puts it,

“Instead of spending a small fortune to try to cover up its abuses, Covance could have used the money to improve the hideous conditions for animals in its U.S. prisons. This company is a monkey’s Guantanamo Bay.”

How d’ya like them apples, Covance? To mark PETA Europe’s big victory for free speech, here’s the video that Covance really, really doesn’t want people to see. It should come as no surprise that the footage is extremely disturbing, but—as the British courts have just demonstrated—it’s vitally important that companies like Covance not be allowed to get away with trying to keep their dirty little secrets from the public.

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  • Shell says:

    This is sick.. That anyone could be with an animal that so obviously doesn’t want to be put through that… the symptoms they were going through… everything. It’s horrible. How would they like to be tortured and abused like that? Threatened constantly?

  • tammi says:

    i use to eat maet and be with animal testing befor i wacthed the vido now im triing to stop all animl testing its crull and would you want this to happen to you and be straped down and torcherd

  • Hernan Robles says:

    Animal abusers like these ones should not only pay but they should be punished with jail this is got to stop. San Jose Costa RICA

  • Hernan Robles says:

    Animal abusers like these ones should not only pay but they should be punished with jail this is got to stop.

  • Jay Jay says:

    Good for you! Those a$$ holes got what they deserve!

  • jeff says:

    Please don’t allow this horrific company to build in Chandler Arizona. I live and work in Chandler. I have a family and I am close to the proposed site. There are too many safety issues and disposal issues that have not been answered either by Covance or the City of Chandler. Chandler needs to bring in respectable buisness partners who will listen and respond to the citizens. Covance is deceptive and misleading the public. We need help fighting this giant but in the end we will win. thanks jeff

  • Adrian Culver says:

    That’s the way I like it!

  • drew says:

    There’s nothing cooler than having an animal abuser pay you to undermine their work. Awesome.

  • Ariel says:

    That’s amazing!!! Congratulations! It’s nice to know that Covance is finally getting what they deserve.

  • Michael says:

    Way to go PETA! Read some of the books by the Doctors Greek “Sacred Cows and Golden Geese” is a good place to start for an informed scientific viewpoint of why the animal model is not only medically unhelpful to humans but hurtful.

  • Eva says:

    The only way to make an impact and a change is to hit them where it really hurts in the wallet ! Way to go PETA !

  • Chris says:

    Great news! Nice work folks.