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Cool Washington Post Article

Written by PETA | August 20, 2007

Check out this piece in the Washington Post about PETA VP Bruce Friedrich and his leafleting efforts in DC. It’s an entertaining read, and if you’ve ever met Bruce, you’ll love the cartoon on the side for sure. Check it, don’t wreck it.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Michele and Mike Q When I watched “Earthlings” I must admit it made me very sad. It is a good documentary for those who insist animal advocates are crazy it just might open up their minds and hearts.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Michelle That is a good idea to have family and friends watch a video for Christmas. For my birthday I always ask that friends and family buy The Food Revolution and read it. I tell them that I want them to understand the issues that are important to me.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I agree Michele. I watched my copy of it last night and I still come away shaking my head in disbelief. It is hands down the most powerful documentary I’ve ever seen. Amid the horror though there is still some beautiful footage of animals in their natural state. Every human should watch this doc and they’ll get a better understanding of the abuse meted out to animals and to humans. Don’t become comfortably numbwatch it! Apparently there is an expanded version DVD out now also.

  • Michele says:

    Last night I watched the movie “Earthlings” narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. I challenge anyone who still thinks it’s okay to use animals for food clothing entertainment or experimentation to watch this movie in its entirety. From now on when friends and family members ask me what I want for my birthday or for Christmas I will be telling them that I want them to rent the movie and watch it from beginning to end. I no longer want nor need any other kind of gift. It is a complete disgrace how the human race has sunk so low as to treat animals this way. I cried through almost the entire movie and was just horrified to think about how often this stuff is happening all over the world. More than 10 billion animals are killed in experiments EVERY YEAR. It is atrocious. Anyone who thinks that the animal rights folks are ignoring issues facing humans is sadly mistaken. When you see what the slaughterhouse rodeo circus and lab workers are able to do to these animals you will see that by stopping this kind of behaviour humans will no longer be “trained” to commit such heinous acts and will be less likely to perpetrate crimes against people. Anyone who is considering going veg should definitely watch this movie. Anyone who thinks that they do their part because they don’t eat red meat should also definitely watch this movie. Chickens turkeys and fish are some of the most inhumanely treated animals on this planet. We wonder why our world is disintegrating around us well you will see why when you watch this movie. Make sure you have a box of Kleenex beside you…

  • observer says:

    the nut case award here goes to mars!!!!!!! only empty headed nuts would slurp up chicken skin with pin feathers. veins blood cartilage from a carcus. the body of a dead animal!!! weird wacko!!!! want to feast on people corpses next?????

  • kelly says:

    Mars not when doctors tell us to stop eating like hillbillies because we are going to get a heart attack or stroke Looks like the real nutcases die earlier because of that chicken and other meat

  • Mars says:

    “I love thinking about how many meateating people started freaking out when they read it.” More likely we just think of him as a nut case and go eat our chicken and corn on the cob.

  • marsha says:

    Dog fighting goes on all over this country and everyone knows about it. The problem is there are no tough laws and until there are the dog fighting won’t stop.Sometimes I cry myself to sleep just thinking of what is going on in that very moment that I am safe and comfortable in my bed. Somewhere ther are dogs being torn to shreds so these rich bastards can have their fun. Change the laws. Until then it won’t stop. Make the reward for turning these people in really worth the call. Until you move on these few things nothing will change. Peta has the power to change this. Keep peta’s feet to the fire.Donations are great but stopping the dog fights are greater. Marsha

  • Niranjan says:

    One thing i don’t like abt leafleting is tat ppl don’t even see d leaflet they just drop them down! First of all its costly to print those leaflets ppl jus throw them! I prefer tabeling!

  • hugo pottisch says:

    It is so true what Bruce says about leafleting. If the first one in a line a people takes a leaflet the others follow. I have noticed it too. I actually sometimes avoid the leader on purpose as I have more time to make eye contact with somebody further behind the 2nd or 3rd maybe the psychology is why me.. what are those leaflets about if he thinks I am then the rest follows suite as well. Leafleting is essential grassroot and awareness work. only 12 hours per week can make a huge difference! Get a nice dress out be friendly polite patient and informed and get your ass out there! You can do it anywhere your local dog playground Union Square in front of pet shops etc. But there are also enough targeted campaigns to concentrate the effort both local and nationwide ie PETA. For those who do not meet many other ARs these are also great moments to socialize and gain new insights my case. For those who spend too much time with fellow ARs those are great opportunities to meet the current mainstream and to recall how we all thought about the world before we went vegan.. If you take your notebook along with some PETA flicks you can reach more people in a few hours than by organizing an AR movie screening at your local library which is great too! Even if you want to concentrate your efforts on political change it is imperative to know the streets? It is on the streets that new trends form and spread.. and sometimes grow into something big. It was on the street the other day that I heard a woman not even AR point out to another fur wearing lady that fur is only worn by betrayed women… cheating men are oh so generous! I had never heard that one before but

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    You’re right it was an entertaining read! I love thinking about how many meateating people started freaking out when they read it. It’s fun to imagine them getting all furious because somebody told the truth.