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‘Consumer Reports’: McDonald’s Is the Worst

Written by PETA | September 10, 2010

No doubt some McDonald’s execs are sweatin’ it, thanks to Consumer Reports’ recent revelation that very few consumers declare “i’m lovin’ it” while stuffing greasy, gray, ground-up cows down their gullets. McDonald’s limped (like one of those lame cows in a feedlot) into last place in the magazine’s survey ranking burgers from 18 different chains.

Seems both compassionate people and hamburger addicts are saying “i’m hatin’ it.” Of course, our disgust arises from the routine animal abuse carried out by McDonald’s suppliers, which break birds’ legs and wings and scald countless animals to death. Frankly, those actions, along with the corporation’s refusal to require its suppliers to use less cruel killing methods, are so shocking and sad that they make some folks break down and cry. And then they rise up and take action.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Lullin says:

    YEah uh… why are we ***** about things that are already proven and not changing? how about snake-owners breeding rodents on rat racks not being illegal, cause it thought rats were used in psychological testing because of their close psychological relation to humans? Seriously focusing on things that aren’t going to change any time soon is a huge waste of time when you could be focusing on something people dont know about.

  • anon says:

    Grant … My friend I think the problem you’re alluding to delves into such economic and political depths that your comment did not do it justice. You are free to speak your mind but the truth is that there are so many more factors of the economy needing attention than trying to find a way to counter McDonald’s. And while I do agree that Hanny’s post was out of line I’d ask that everyone who is posting criticism get their information from somewhere other than PETA simply because the way the views of the organization have been presented in this blog alone are caricatures of what its intents are.

  • Damian White says:

    Well “Go Vegan” Seems to be a trend these days. Just because you have an opinion does not mean I care about it. McDonalds have fed generations of families for cheap prices. As far as I know to live here on earth everyday something else must die. The choice on what that will be is up to you. If McDs is so wrong why do BILLIONS of people eat there?

  • Kim says:

    Hanny you have much to learn my child. If you don’t know the facts then you shouldn’t post anything. GO VEGANS!!!! Not knowing the facts doesn’t seem to stop anyone from commenting.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hanny you have much to learn my child. If you don’t know the facts then you shouldn’t post anything. GO VEGANS!!!!

  • Melanie Nye says:

    “Going to Maccas for a salad is like going to a drug house for viatmins.” P I hate Maccas always have and always will. The treatment of their animals and the quality of their food is what is inspiring me currently to go vegan.

  • Kriss says:

    You bet Hanny “tribes all over the world kill and eat animals”. It is the cruel and gross negligence under fire here buddy. It’s not complicated to understand that the food we put into our bodies should not die terrifying deaths. Food is a life forceit has energy. If an animal is raised in depressing conditions where it is mistreated and then slaughtered in a horrifying and painful manner that is negative energy that you ingest. I don’t know how anyone can see an outcry to end cruelty to living creatures as “preaching”. It’s just good sense.

  • Chelsey says:

    Why don’t we preach to tribes that kill and eat animals?? Oh I don’t know maybe because they don’t routinely cage animals allow them to suffer in that cage until they go insane. Chop off beaks break limbs scald their skin. Maybe… just maybe… PETA is a little more focused on stopping torture and inhumane long drawn out deaths. Did you know even that many tribes don’t feel the need to kill as many animals as the meat industry? And put good use to every last remaining part of the animals carcus as a form of respecting the fact that if an animal must die its death will not be wasted. I’m not saying every tribe is like this however people who live off their land are not the problem. Companies like McDonalds are.

  • jasmine says:

    hanny yes theres tribes all over the world who kill animals but its for survival and they dont keep animals confined in small cages and they dont kill them as cruely.

  • kodi-rainbow says:

    sweetheart the thing is furr the most part those tribes have no way of internet and alot of us have no way of getting to them. furr yur information there IS people trying to explain it to them just like the people here are trying to explain it to less…intellegent people like yurself. i mean darling this blog isnt preaching to yu it’s telling yu the facts and trying to explain to yu about it. if yu didnt want to hear it dont listen

  • Laura says:

    McDonald’s really is gross my whole big family does not support it and no one should.

  • Sara Dean says:

    The “tribes all over the world” not only eat animals but they use every bit of the bodies for warmth tools etc. There is a big difference between tribal sustenance and McDonald’s. I’m kind of surprised that someone would post something like that.

  • Brittany says:

    Hanny. i actually think tribes NEED animals to live. they kill them for their food fur sometimes use their bones. not like us we certainly DO NOT NEED animals to live.

  • Hanny says:

    Oh AngelaBecky you two are SAINTS.

  • GRANT says:

    Hey Hanny ol buddy ol chum if you don’t care about the welfare of the most important species on earth..animals! then what are you doing here.would you go to a cancer treatment center for kids and make fun of them for not having hair from chemo treatments? cmon man time to realize mcdonalds for the lazy money hungry corrupt food chain it is. most of europe has banned testing and mistreatment of animals even Canadian mcdonalds suppliers have implimented more humane handling methods it’s just the greedy U.S that wont comply.My father and grandfather both fought in wars for this country and their both makes me ill to think of the corruptness of this country where cash is king and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!.Obama’s doing nothing to stop business as usual. he could outlaw animal mistreatment from all angles and he’s not!..GOD bless the U.S.A yeah right!!

  • Toby says:

    The University of West Georgia immorally includes McDonald’s on its campus map. And yes there are lots of disgustingly fat people on campus killing themselves after funding the murder torture of others.

  • Christina says:

    PETA doesn’t “preach” to “tribes all over the world that kill and eat animals” because most indigenous “tribes” do it out of necessity. They also don’t employ the disgusting and torturous methods used in Factory Farming like we do in America and in other Industrialized countries.

  • Ralph says:

    You uh… do realize that there are 17 other hamburger places here but are only criticizing McD’s. You are clearly showing where your priorities are using the biggest one so you can get the most clout. Frankly surveys are like bottoms everyone has one.

  • Mandy says:

    Hanny because there is a difference between killing millions of animals after torturing them and the way that indigenous tribes kill animals. Hell even the way that most other countries kill animals is better then the way that America does it.

  • DAWN says:


  • Susan says:

    I have been looking at quite a few Mcdonalds stories on here and I would just like to defend the meat eaters on this website that like me can not stand the thought of animal abuse. I saw the make your own Mcruelty signs and the way that Mcdonalds kills the chickens. That story said that they did it by cutting off their heads. Now I hate people who abuse animals so don’t get me wrong as I finsh my comment. When you think about it this way you realize that cutting off their heads isn’t animal cruelty because they don’t feel anything. It is like putting down yyour dog or cat at the vet they don’t feel it as the vet puts them down. The chickens don’t feel it because their heart and brain are detatched. The brain needs blood to function and the heart needs the brain to pump blood. Once the two are not together they can’t work and so they are instantly dead. I know most of the Peta members are vegitariens and you find this repulsing and I support you as long as you don’t make me and others who do eat meat feel bad for it. We will support your decician as long as you support ours. You don’t need to agree with it you just can’t critisize us.

  • Hanny says:

    Aren’t there tribes all over the world that kill and eat animals? Why don’t you preach to them?

  • Becky says:

    I agree although I enjoy eating hamburgers I cannot STAND McDonald’s. Come to think of it the only person in my family who likes it is my brother. The only reason my mom or I would eat McDonald’s is because of their $1 tea never for their food. My dad says the only reason that he went to McDonald’s when my brother and I were kids was because we wanted a toy from there that’s it.

  • Angela Ramos says:

    Myself and my family and lots of my friends and their families eat andlovedMc Donalds. But not any more! I have let them all know what is happening to the animals before we go in and order.Lots of them are really disgusted and will not go there any more. That might not be many in this big world but a little is something..