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Constance Marie’s Cruelty-Free Kiddie Couture

Written by PETA | December 11, 2009

Vegetarian George Lopez star Constance Marie and too-cute-for-words Luna sure know how to break out the bibbly:

Constance Marie


Marie and her daughter (and my quarter-life crisis) have got me thinking—bibs and onesies for everyone! Seriously, don’t we all get a little messy when we eat?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Saucy says:

    Ohhhhhh to have never taken a bite of animal flesh. What a tremendous blessing that would be. The light is growing brighter as the days grow darker.

  • Angie says:

    Omgosh I remember watching the George Lopez show and thinking she was REALLYYY pretty. No wonder.. Beautiful inside and out.

  • NT says:

    Constance is raising a compassionate human being. Thank you!

  • Grace M. says:

    i personally love the idea of teaching kids about treating animals well when they are young! i mean when i was young this was not a huge issue but now as we can all see it is now. so keep teaching your kids about how bad animal cruelty is!