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Connecticut Prison Significantly Lowers Morale

Written by PETA | May 26, 2007

Woodchuck.jpgThis one’s just so depressing, I don’t even really know what to do with it. The story, so far, has gone a little bit like this:

ROBINSON CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION: FYI, inmates—the woodchucks that frolic outside your cells will be exterminated this weekend.

INMATES: But those woodchucks are the only things that bring us joy in our lives.

ROBINSON CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION: No need to worry—the animals will die within a few days once our steel jaw traps latch onto their limbs. Then you won’t have anything to distract you from contemplating your joyless existence.

Fortunately, this isn’t over yet. Some correctional officers at Robinson contacted us to ask if there was anything we could do, and we’re going to fight this one to the bitter end. We do need your help though—so if you could take a few moments to read more about the issue and contact the prison about their complete disregard for human and animal misery, some woodchucks in Connecticut would be very grateful indeed: You can click here to take action.

The story was covered in the Connecticut Journal-Inquirer, and you can read that here.

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  • Raina says:

    Email call nad write Rell’s office. She has the power to stop this immedietly. Demand that Lantz and the rest of her goons be charged with animal cruelty and dismissed.

  • Maureen E. Roth says:

    I really hope a big TV network picks up on this story it really is a shocker. The inmates must be shocked at such cruelty from the administrationwho are most definately looking like the bad guys. Aren’t they supposed to be setting a good example looks to me they are giving a lesson on how to torture inocent beings. It’s disgusting let’s keep emailing them.

  • Elaine Miller says:

    I too have sent an emailthank you PETA for all you do and for letting us know what these poor woodchucks are going through.I hope they get enough responses that they change the way they are taking care of the problemthat is horrible for those poor beautiful animals.

  • Elise and Chewy says:

    Just sent a few emails as well. It seems they just put things in the hands of an exterminator wish there were a way to appeal to himher as well! What they’re doing is terrible

  • kelly says:

    IfIn the article it says that these devices don’t kill outright they maim and the wildlife company employees were then beating the suffering woodchucks over the head There are many problems with these wildlife services everywhere Some of them claim to relocate “humanely” but they leave the animals to starve and die in the traps or bring them elsewhere and kill them These wildlife services need to be licensed and there need to be more laws

  • Dick the Whale says:

    The problem with all these correctional institutions is that they need a correction themselves they should be educated on how to deal with living beings in a psychologic and spiritual way so many socalled criminals are in an urgent need of a personal contact with other living beings also animals because in their lifes they were lacking affection and love so please educate yourselves and let them in peace with their animal friends!

  • Haley says:

    Hope that the Robinson correctional institution gets pressurized to give up these barbaric exercises. Theses are the kindaa people who do not value another creatures’life. Definitely if they wanted to they could transport the woodchucks elsewhere. Their probably lazy and think this to be more easier but its the poor woodchucks who are battered. In short they are saying “we dont care”!

  • Australian says:

    I did too! Whoo hoo! Keep it up people! Nice work drew!

  • Sylvia says:

    The poor woodchucks… they are soooo cute and curious! People behind these kind of ideas are actually worse than the ones who they put in jail.

  • Angel says:

    Hey leave the poor woodchucks alone!!!!!

  • Caroline says:

    This is extremely disturbing. I read that the woodchucks habituated there way before the prison was put up. Well whoever was behind this demonic idea apparently gets gratification in torturing and ending the lives of little animals. If Robinson correctional institution goes forward with this not only are they geting their hands bloody they are proving that they are in reality no different to people who commit murders.

  • drew says:

    I sent them an email!