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Congress Calls for Hearings on Horse Racing

Written by PETA | May 24, 2008

Following Eight Belles’ breakdown and euthanasia at the Kentucky Derby on May 3, PETA called for congressional hearings into the abuses of the horse racing industry and we urged immediate improvements. Visitors to sent thousands of emails to congress backing our call for hearings. I’m thrilled to say that after only 3 weeks of action on our part and your part as activists, it’s been announced that hearings will, in fact, be held.

To everyone who took action: THANK YOU! Because of strong activists like you we are able to make strides in important campaigns such as this one. You can read more about this here.

We will now be focusing our energy on the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection by asking them to focus on the cruelest practices of racing: legal and illegal drug use, track surfaces, whipping, racing horses too young and too often, and discarding “used up” thoroughbreds to slaughter. You can take action by sending an e-mail to subcommittee chair Bobby Rush by using this contact form.

Thanks again for speaking up and I hope these congressional hearings really shine some much needed light on the horse racing industry. These improvements are a matter of life and death for horses.

–ChristinePosted by Christine Dore, Marketing Special Projects Coordinator

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  • llcckk says:

    Why didnt peta report that eight belles was tested for steriods and the results were negative they found none zip zero

  • Stu says:

    Your emails had nothing to do with these hearings. They are not looking at the use of whips and when horses should run. This is going to center around the use of steriods which any horse lover wants out of the game. Move onto the spotted owl. I used to actually take some of your positions under consideration but actually having knowledge about racing I now know PETA is not about positions based on fact. For instance although you advocate the use of only polytrack surfaces there is absoultely no evidence showing those surfaces are safer than dirt. There has been one study and the group who performed it acknowledges there is not a large enough sample size to gain any meaningful understanding. Do your homework before you take your positions. Just cause you have a website does not make you an authority.

  • Holly says:

    Every one Must Read this Horse Rescue Ramblings Day to day life on a horse rescue farm httpdealwithitdaily.blogspot.com200805nodayoffrunningfortheirlives.html Thank You Kelly….

  • Holly says:

    Yes Kelly is right Nick. Esskay has a saying “We use Everything but the oink!” Well that is also true of the cattle business and the horse industry and all others that use animals. Use up the animal until there is nothing left at all…. Go Vegan

  • kelly says:

    I have to laugh at Nick’s comments. The horseracing crowd would sell their mothers to slaughter if they could make a few pennies a pound. Here is an interesting account. Note the Amish slaughter vipers whisking off the halters with horses’ names. Yep. The Amish again. You know the puppy millers httpdealwithitdaily.blogspot.com200805nodayoffrunningfortheirlives.html

  • Nick says:

    You’re absolutely horrible for assuming any feelings they show for the horse are just for show. I’ll admit they pushed the horse too hard but to assume they don’t feel sad or bad about killing the horse makes you look like an ass.

  • kelly says:

    I hope these legislators deal with the heart of the horseracing issue. What keeps sleazeballs torturing horses and cheating us all TAX SHELTERS! Loopholes in the tax laws that let wealthy people skip out on taxes and basically launder money. Horseracing is oprganized crime and some legislators have been involved in supporting this crime.