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Colonel Sanders’ Graveyard Companion

Written by PETA | January 11, 2008

There’s a new headstone in one of the plots adjoining Colonel Sanders’ grave in Louisville’s Cave Hill Cemetery. It’s inscribed with what our press release is calling a “moving tribute” to a “Kind Friend of Chickens.” I’ll refrain from commenting on the literary merits of the poem itself, but the fact that the bright red letters running down the left side of the poem spell “KFC Tortures Birds” is a piece of undeniable genius on the part of my friend Matt Prescott, who spearheads PETA’s Kentucky Fried Cruelty Campaign, and whose name is on the headstone. In addition to ensuring that when Matt’s time eventually comes, he’ll have a prime piece of real estate waiting for him in Louisville, this has garnered us some great coverage for our KFC Campaign, including a story in US News and World Report today.

Here’s what Matt had to say about the whole thing, and you can see a photo of the tombstone below:

“This headstone will remind visitors that KFC stands for cruelty and death. We’ll continue to pressure KFC executives to stop these grotesque abuses of billions of chickens—no matter how long it takes.”



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  • peterjames23 says:

    This was a extremely helpful post, does anyone know where i could find more information on this?

  • motho says:

    i dropped couple of tears after watching this cruel video. it is Horrific what KFC is doing. I wonder how they sleep @ nite. i wish we can all stop eating @ KFC, that will decrease their demand maybe even close the stupid shops. they have no respect over this birds. chickens are the most sweet birds u can ever have, y treat them like monsters. I HATE KFC. NO MORE EATING THERE 4 ME AND MY FAMILY

  • Alizaye says:

    This is disrespectful and horrible. I am sorry that this happened to Colonel Sanders. Next: clever? YOU HAVE THE ACRONYM IN BIG RED LETTERS! I know PETA “wants” animal cruelty to stop, but this is over the top. Learn to respect your elders and the dead. From some person who lives in Okinawa.

  • manases peckman says:

    yo ando en contra de el cruel KFC ytengo 11 años soyy muy joven para esto