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Cockfighting Banned in Louisiana

Written by PETA | July 13, 2007

Finally! Yesterday afternoon, four months after similar legislation passed in New Mexico, Louisiana’s governor, Kathleen Blanco, signed a bill that will make hers the final American state to ban cockfighting, effective next August. Just to hammer this one home, that means that cockfighting will be outlawed throughout the United States by next year. Yes, there are a couple of nagging questions, like “Why do we have to wait until next August?” and “Why the hell was cockfighting ever legal first place?” but this is really, really good news for roosters, and for everyone who has been working so hard to protect them from this horrible abuse.

mnwelldir/Creative Commons

Props in particular go to Rep. Harold Ritchie, D-Bogalusa, who worked on this bill for more than a year to push it past the numerous people who stand to lose money if cockfighting is outlawed. And congratulations, of course, are due to all the activists who have given their precious time over the years to make this a reality. Go team!

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  • up yours says:

    yall are a buntch of dumb mother fuckers. people who fight roosters dont force the roosters to fight they do it on their own free will. people who fight roosters put so much time and care into that rooster. i know some people who treat their roosters like they were their own kids.

  • Eric Lozano says:

    DrugsGamblingViolent Acts are a part of all sports in and out of the United States. Your not gonna stop the NFL or MLB because people and athletes are betting and using illegal drugs are you? Nothing against hunting but what type of defense does and animal have toward a fire arm??? People Created this nation not roosters but while babys are being aborted and families suffering in poverty there are people that are just as human as they are and when their word can make a difference they are putting a feathered animal in front of the well being of another human being. For every bird that is supposedly being saved there is a baby being terminated lawfully without a a living chance. At least roosters are born and are kept up to two years as they are kept healthy and are in superb physical condition just like any profesional athlete getting ready for exhibition. If people would research they would know that cockfighting was taking place while this nation was being constructed and I didn’t see how it burdened the actions on the construction of this nation. If people ignorant people against cockfighting had the time and money they would probably try shut down the NFL and MLB. If people ignorant people against cockfighting would get a hobby themselves and realize that the well being of other humans is greater than the nature and instinct of these unique birds . Quote Eric Lozano and never more.

  • Jen says:

    I’d like to quote Ariel “Among some of the highest ranking professional people who are the leaders for animal advocacy who you say “need to get a life” there are doctors celebrities scientists national sports players professors govt. officials lawyers…people in every possible field of education andor status” whoopteedoo. Cockfighters are the same people. now i’ll quote Omni “Basically people who were generally not involved in something took the right right away from the people who were.” YAY! It is a sad sad day when an animal has more rights than an american. Which will happen at the rate we are going. PETA and similar organizations want to ban animal fighting? OK. BUT punishing an offender more severely than a person who commits a violent crime or is DUI? GIVE ME A FREEKIN’ BREAK. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. If such organizations put as much effort into REAL crime instead of animal fighting we might have a decent chance as a society. But these organizations have more money and more political power than any of us country folk. Why don’t you nitpick on people who have the assets to fight back? Oh that would be too hard. So instead you have the “bully” syndrome. Well until we find a way to stuff money in politicians pockets…i guess we’ll keep getting stepped on and shoved around. Ill just keep wearing my burberry stole eating KFC and wearing leather boots until we have enough money and pull to be as effective.

  • Jenny says:

    I would like to respond to this by saying your organization peta is nothing but a bunch of idiots. Why is abortion legalized that’s my question to you. If everyone is so worried about a chicken dying think about all the innocent unborn babies that are being killed every year.

  • common sense says:

    This celebration for the animals is pathetic. If it wasn’t for the backbone of this country all of the tree lovin bunny huggers would be saluting Saddam Hussein now.

  • Ariel says:

    Omnivorous please allow me to give you the bigger picture. First of all ALL life is interrelated. Therefore if we have respect for ourselves we should have compassion…and even empathy…for ALL living creatures especially the most vulnerable helpless voiceless…and that means the human and animal species. But not only should we have compassion and empathy we should extend our help how ever possible. Second you say that PETA has no business what people do in their own homes. To an extent that is correct. However let me shed some light on animal advocacy to that effect. When animal abuse occurs in a home it is a proven fact known by the FBI and child counselors that the animal abuse is a redflag warning that child abuse is a very strong possibility in that home. Time and time again that has been proven to be true and discovered through the efforts of animal activists. Third cockfights are occasions that often involves illegal gambling and drug deals which demoralizes a community. To sum this up we are caring people who are actively involved in trying as much as possible to make better communities and a better world by doing our part by extending our compassion and empathy for ALL life and in the fight against crime as responsible citizens. I hope you have a better idea now of the correlation and the need for intervention by those of us who are VERY aware of the bigger picture.

  • Maya says:

    Omnivorous how can you say that what goes on in people’s home is not PETA’s business? What if someone was burning a kitten to punish it? What if someone was starving their dog? Have some empathy. Roosters feel pain and some people keep them as pets. Unless you’re a scientist you’re not in a position to say they are not worthy of protection. What about pitbull fighting? If the dogs were not fighting they would probably be destroyed. Does that mean we should allow people to fight them? Of course not. And you’re wrong owning a living creature is not a right it’s a privellege. A privellege that lawmakers and judges can revoke from animal abusers. Get used to it. PETA does know what’s important. Animals are important and so are people. That’s why they won’t tolerate cruelty.

  • Brenda says:

    Iris I too live in the area Terrebonne parish and am pleased at the news. You are right Ana if ones culture involves cruelty to living things one cannot take pride in their culture. Vegas the way we treat other animals is a good indication of how we treat our fellow human beings. And considering the disregard some have for roosters and the 10 million cats and dogs that are euthanized each year in this country due to irresponsible pet ownership is does not look good for humans.

  • Geoff says:

    It’s not a freedom anymore if someone takes it away dumbass. It used to be a freedom to own slaves and now it’s not. Because it’s fucking unethical. You probably think that’s a bummer too don’t you Omnivorous?

  • omnivorous says:

    Honestly what people do in their own home is not PETA’s business. I’m from Oklahoma and we recently banned cockfighting. I remember looking at the chart that showed which counties voted for and against cockfighting basically it was the more urbanized counties that were voting against cockfighting and the rural counties were voting for it. Basically people who were generally not involved in something took the right right away from the people who were. It really was not their problem. There are alot worse problems in the world than cockfighting for you guys pet overpopulation in cities spay your pets for real. The Louisiana demographics were probably very similiar the city dwellers telling the country folk what they can and can not do. Also where would the chicken be if it was fighting I dunno probably being eaten. It is not PETA’s business and most animal rights activists seem to not understand that. Sure cockfighting isn’t particulary nice but it is a freedom and that is something everyone should support. P.S. Join DU. someone will get that

  • Conner says:

    I knew LA could do it!

  • Ana says:

    VEGAS I have a life and am also an educator. Because I have a life I want other creatures to have a life too. As a teacher I encourage you to get an education about many subjects and also learn about the extensive animal cruelty that exists. And it is better to have a “bleeding heart” than no heart at all. My heart happens to be large enough to love the nonhuman animals and to advocate for them as well. I rejoice for the birds!!!!

  • bluebird says:

    vegas imagine i’ve got babies and i’m bare foot in the kitchen to cook a vegetarian meal!

  • Ariel says:

    And VEGAS it’s NOT “Sinserely” Sincerely Ariel

  • Ariel says:

    VEGAS unfortunately you don’t have a clue about life…or about the people YOU are mis judging. Your backwoods mentality of “go back in the kitchen go barefoot and have babies” is more than enough proof. Among some of the highest ranking professional people who are the leaders for animal advocacy who you say “need to get a life” there are doctors celebrities scientists national sports players professors govt. officials lawyers…people in every possible field of education andor status. Whether we are of higher status or the common person who works for a living and to help to make this a better world by appreciating and respecting ALL life we are indeed in touch with the realty of the cruelties in life and the nature of people like you who obviously has no respect for life. So rather than doing nothing about it we extend our compassion and our empathy ie we are not selfcentered. And perhaps your reasoning behind your thoughts is because you are in favor of cruelty gambling and drug dealing which is consistent with cock fights. Whatever it is best for you to get an education and to get a decent life!

  • Meat Eater says:

    I live in Louisiana and think all of you bleeding hearts should get back in the kitchen go bare foot and have babies. Most of you don’t have a life so you have to get involved in someone elses. I think you should look at your own lives before you judge others. Sinserely “VEGAS”

  • Ariel says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to learn of this news! However I wonder what had been taking the govt. so long to ban it across the country. In the illegal gambling aspect of it the govt. wasn’t getting any money out of itat least not that I know of. And just with that alone they normally work on illegal issues faster. Pimping and street prostitution is illegal and nontaxable but ironically not when it’s done in the back rooms of strip joints because the govt. is getting tax money from the establishments’ owners and the “dancers.”

  • Ana says:

    Welcome to the 21st Century Louisiana and the United States regarding ending the horror and violence of cock fights. Many Latinos says this is racist since cock fighting is part of their culture. Well I am Latina and culture is no excuse for cruelty. Every culture has apects of it that need to be eradicated because of the horrible cruelty an activity inflicts on innocent animals bullfighting and rodeos for example. This a good day for these lovely birds!!!! Finally!!! Thank you to all of us who worked hard for the end of cock fights in LA and the USA!

  • Jassir Fairuzi says:

    A big H U R R A Y for the abolition of this iniquity! There were even rascals who put iron spurs at their feet i’m glad that this has an end now!

  • Iris says:

    I live right outside of New Orleans Louisiana and volunteer at the local shelter. I am ashamed of my state for waiting so long to ban this horrible so called “sport”!

  • K says:

    Woohoo! Another great step towards helping animals!