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Coast Guard Cuts Number of Animals Used in Half After PETA Exposé

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | February 12, 2014

In a meeting with PETA last week, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) officials announced a new policy that will reduce the agency’s use of live animals in cruel and deadly medical training exercises by more than 50 percent! This means that more Coast Guard personnel will now be trained exclusively with advanced simulators and other non-animal methods instead of live animals.

Goat Experimentation

The USCG confirmed that this decision comes after an official review that was initiated in direct response to PETA’s exposé of one of the USCG’s cruel trauma training courses. In 2012, PETA released disturbing video footage narrated by Army combat veteran Oliver Stone that showed that USCG instructors cut off semiconscious goats’ legs with tree trimmers, stabbed the animals with scalpels, and pulled out their internal organs as they moaned loudly and kicked their legs. PETA’s investigation prompted action by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and members of Congress.

PETA salutes the Coast Guard for taking this first step in the right direction, but we are continuing to urge the agency to join nearly 80 percent of our NATO allies in opting to use lifelike simulators and other non-animal methods in medical training exercises instead of live animals.

Help end the military’s war on animals by urging officials to take immediate action to replace the use of animals in cruel training exercises with humane and superior simulation tools.

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  • sherri says:


  • MJ Alciso says:

    I hope this would completely end. We do not see the effect of what we do now but what we do today echoes in eternity. Our children might live a horrible life if we do not start to care about these animals.

  • Anne Grice says:

    Thank you PETA for achieving this outcome. But the coast guards need to stop altogether and use the alternatives available. No cruelty is accepted. But this humane initiative is appreciated but more to be accomplished.

  • Eve Prussner says:

    I don’t salute them. Sorry, 50% is not enough to make me say thank you, and go away. I am sick and tired of animals being brutalized and tortured. There are other methods, (as stated in your article), that are far better suited for this training. When the Coast Guard stops this disgusting practice of torturing these helpless, gentle animals, stops 100%, then and only then, will I consider the point that they have done the decent thing. The armed services went over to goats and pigs from using dogs and cats. They assumed the public would not continue to complain, if they used “lesser value” animals. Not crediting the public with any brains, (as usual), they yet again, sell the American people short. No animal deserves this treatment. It doesn’t matter what it is. It is so wrong, on so many counts, there are not enough words.
    They have a medical diagnosis for people who use tree cutters to cut the legs off of live , defenseless animals. The same name applies to those who stab and maim, cut open a live awake animal, and rip its insides out. The medical term is sociopaths. In layman’s terms, they are called serial killers. Nice reputation to hang on our fighting forces. Check it out. The Coast Guard is not the only group who does something like this. Look it up. Another group shoots the animals, tied to a fence, or fence like barrier. After they riddle them with bullets, without any anesthesia, they practice first aid on them. They want them shot to pieces, but, still alive. The same way they want these poor goats. In their limited ability to actually think, these poor animals are supposed to be our live troops, blown apart on the battle field. A lessening of the number of animals maimed, and tortured is not, and never will be, a reason to thank anyone. I for one, refuse to be patronized by such morally bankrupt behavior. 100% is the only amount that counts.

  • Refuse to watch the video, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Why and how can the humane being do the things that are done to living breathing creatures. If I were present during one of those “training sessions” I would be sent to jail. You need to stop this NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Romola Newport says:

    Not good enough animals should not be treated in such a heinous way, there are other methods to use without using animals.

  • dawn markey says:

    Started 2 watch, n had 2 stop. This will haunt me for good. To b so cruel 2 some other creature, who has done nothing wrong, n done nothing 2 them. I just will never understand how people could b capable of such actions.

  • Mikey says:

    It makes me so mad that the USCG decides to use live animals… if anything they can use a ballistics gel dummy which is the same density as human skin, to test what they need to test, i just cringe when i watched the video. So disapointed in the state of the CG.

  • OMG…the human race is barbaric….why are we so cruel to our furry friends????

  • Laurie Mack says:


  • Mare E Florentino says:

    It’s absolutely appalling that the USCG would ever use live animals in their training. There is no reason whatsoever to do so. And the fact that they torture and mutilate the animals when they easily could render them unconscious is just proof that they are sadistic. The personnel responsible are too stupid or too ignorant to use high tech simulators so they’re not qualified to be in the Coast Guard. Fire them all!!!

  • Areta says:

    What’s their reason for not making it 100%?

  • Steve says:

    Hi PETA, thanks for sharing. This is repelling. How else can I help you to stop this?

  • Sharon langammer says:

    They have to stop hurting and killing animals. It is not necessary and absolutely cruel! I am disgusted!

  • Barbara Niklas says:

    So cruel to torture animals and call it training exercises ! Why is Congress and other departments of our government allowing this horrific torturing of animals, I’ve viewed videos and actually seen our military men laughting and joking over the mutilation of these animals. It’s like it’s exciting for them to see an animal suffer, bleeding out and flailing on the table. This is so barbaric to think the men who protect and serve this country have not an ounce of guilt to the inhumanity they have shown innocent animals. Please make it STOP !!!

  • Fairy Coyle says:

    I think people who do these things are sadist…plain and simple. It’s shocking to learn that there are so many. Pulling the internal organs out of a living being, REALLY! I like Valerie Thomassies’ comment on 2/14/2014. On the PETA update 2/15/2014 was a video about monkey abuse in some lab. They were right. I couldn’t watch. God help the animals. Thank God for PETA and every other group (ASPCA, the Humane Society) doing this work for the animals and me.

  • Diane says:

    Ths is totally outrageous & completely unacceptable!! And to think this is being done by our Coast Guard…I feel nothing but shame & disgust!! Cutting down the number of tortures is surely not enough…this must end completely-NOW!!!

  • Christine Jones says:

    thank you for reducing the amount of animals abused. However we are requesting a total dis-use of animals. Please completely stop this

  • DeeAnn Haniman says:

    Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe supposedly intelligent, smart, educated, compassionate people who care about others would do things like this. I agree with all the people who wrote below and, yes, that’s why I also donate monthly to PETA. This is outrageous and I now have a sickening feeling toward the Coast Guard – – an entity I NEVER thought would have any part in actions like these described.

  • Joy says:

    This are living animal’s, they have feeling. This has to stop.

  • lenoracox says:

    i suppose a lot of people think this is ok to abuse animals in the fashion they do. but the BIBLE tells us God loves animals too.i often wonder how He will treat these perverts in the eternity.thank GOD there is people like PETA.there needs to be millions more.i’m a poor person so i cant give as much as id like to.every person on earth needs to give to PETA.

  • Kim & David Boisvert says:

    They need to STOP all this madness and cruelty to animals!!! This just sicken me and there is NO need of this in AMERICA . You can’t tell me there isn’t alternatived ways to train our military.

  • I am sick and tired of the inhumane use of these feeling precious animals. NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. there ARE HUMANE WAYS OF DOING THIS . THIS SICKENS ME. STOP!!!

  • Valerie Thomassie says:

    for pete’s sake how many more excuses can humans think of for torture animals? Can you imagine the people that don’t want to do this and quit the Coast Guard because of it? Probably the ones that quit are the ones you would really want out there saving you, not the ones that didn’t think anything of cutting off the goats legs with tree trimmer or pulling out their internal organs as they moaned loudly and kicked their legs. Now that is some sick individuals way to be able to abuse animals and get away with it. Any one that thinks it’s necessary to torture animals is someone I don’t want coming out to rescue me.

  • Emily Colosimo says:

    100% of U.S. Coast Guard Officials must stop this horrific use of cruel and deadly medical training exercises on live animals. There are better, modern, non evasive, animal free methods that can be used for practise by Coast Guard personnel.

  • sharon earle says:

    This is not science. It causes extreme pain and suffering to the animals. Stop it.


  • Tracy Light says:

    Only 50%..?? Why have they not stopped this barbaric practise completely..They are still torturous murderers..

  • in no way is reducing the number of animals used enough!! STOPPING IT COMPLETELY IS ENOUGH. In a slaughter, who chooses who is to be slaughtered?? It is a degenerate practice. Period!!!

  • cetude says:

    Thank God, and thank you PETA. That’s why I donate to PETA. They are the best animal rights group ever!

    • bernie Venditte says:

      Thanks PETA for all you do. There is no excuse or reason for any animal to suffer. The people that inflict pain and torture on these animals deserve the same thing done to them. Makes me so sad to watch stuff like this. I always sign petitions when I see them to put an end to animal cruelty. Thanks for all you do and I will continue to do my part as well!!!!!!