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Cloris Leachman Takes On ‘Ag Gag’

Written by Michelle Kretzer | February 27, 2012

Last year, PETA and other animal advocates successfully defeated “ag gag” bills in Florida, New York, Minnesota, and Iowa. Now, another “ag gag” bill that would make it illegal to shoot video on a factory farm has just passed in the House of Representatives in Utah. And once again, we’re fighting back against this unconstitutional measure.


Flush from her success in her home state of Iowa, Raising Hope star and longtime animal advocate Cloris Leachman penned a letter to Utah lawmakers on PETA’s behalf urging them not to block people from gathering the evidence needed to prosecute animal abusers

I hope that Utah legislators recognize that with consumer demand for better treatment of animals, they must work to enforce and strengthen laws, not penalize those trying to expose cruel and illegal practices. Citizens’ right to document cruelty to animals—wherever it occurs—is crucial in helping local, state, and federal officials enforce anti-cruelty laws.

Every PETA undercover investigation of factory farms has yielded evidence that workers were abusing animals. We recorded workers who sexually assaulted a pig with a cane, stomped on a turkey’s head until her skull exploded, and spit tobacco into chickens’ eyes and mouth. This indisputable proof of abuse is key to securing historic charges against and convictions of such abusers on cruelty-to-animals charges.

How You Can Help

Utah residents, please ask your senators to vote against this bill and to continue to allow people to expose blatant cruelty to animals.

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  • Penni Norman says:

    I have heard that PETA might come to Des Moines, Iowa, and protest McDonalds and the Ag-Gag Law (which I protested at the states of the Iowa Capitol Building). Please tell me if this is true or not. If it is true, how do I go about signing up for this event?Thank you so much!!!! Iowa has A LOT of serious animal concerns, such as also being #2 in the Puppy Mill Business. It makes me want to hang my head in shame. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help Des Moines (or nearby cities) out. Thank you so much!!!! Penni Norman

  • animalrescue says:

    I am horrified at the defence of animal cruelty this makes clear, in the name of big business and profit made in such a vile, cowardly way. WHY are you voting back these appalling politicians, who support the IDEA of this? America’s reputation just keeps falling. Let me guess? Are they all Republicans? The idea that a poor or middle class person would think the Republicans would do ANYTHING for them, just gobsmacks me.

  • Karen W says:

    It is the right of the public to be able to toke footage of animals that may be neglected or abused. If you have something to hide you will be against this…

  • Päivi Väänänen says:

    I can¨t sign that because I live in Finland, but I really hope and encourage all people In Utah to sign that. Animals torturing and massive abusing and killing for meat, fur, milk and so on all over in the World has to stop. And only we can do that, Our Voices makes the decision and only we can stop this. Animals suffer I hope that all people who care and suffer for Animals do something to help

  • Anne Vevers Davenport says:

    How on earth can people stand by and let this disgusting treatment of our animals sorry, earth’s animals happen? When is enough, enough! I hate humans because all we do is torture, hurt and kill, for what peace of mind! I am ashamed to be a human, it’s a dirty word!

  • Bernie Campbell says:

    I live in Florida, yay, we defeated this absurdity, I just happen to be in Utah this week, I will sign and put down the hotel’s address..

  • Emma says:

    I don’t think the government and officials want the truth to be known they would rather turn a blind eye to it if truth be known. CCTV exists in most shops and streets in the uk to prevent crime and breaking the law,so why aren’t undercover investigators allowed to film farmed animals,why should we turn a blind eye to animal abuse,it’s against the law to abuse a child so why make it illegal for people to obtain footage where people are breaking laws.

  • shy says:

    Stop this now,! Or god help you !

  • ilia simeonidis says:

    if there’s nothing to hide …..why forbid it? Utah is no better than Taiiji !!!!

  • Emma says:

    This Is hurendus & must stop

  • Colleen Buchanan says:

    Dealing with these same issues in Iowa. Horrible and just can’t understand how our country goes for this kind of treatment. Lots of work to do!

  • MyLadyAlexis says:

    Since I am not a Utah resident unfortunately I can’t sign this but I strongly encourage those who do live in Utah to please sign this and make cruelty of animals history forever!!!!