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Clearing a Few Things Up for Al Gore

Written by PETA | March 5, 2007

For all the good he’s done for the environment—which, to be fair, is an awful lot—Al’s leaving out a huge piece of the puzzle by ignoring the fact that the devastation caused by the meat industry is among the worst environmental disasters ever to happen to the world. As we told him in our letter, sent earlier this week:

While the steps that you urge people to take in An Inconvenient Truth are inarguably important, the quickest and most effective way to fight climate change will come through diet change.

An inconvenient truth for him, maybe, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Since he might not have seen the recent U.N. reports on the subject, we pointed out to him that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and that (according to a recent University of Chicago study), switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius. We’ve also offered to cook him some faux “fried chicken” as an introduction to meat-free meals, since, however many documentaries you make, you just can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. I’ll let you know if he gets back to us.

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  • nigeriandwarfgoatlover says:

    “if wehumans were not meant to eat.we wouldn’t have sharp teeth that cuts through meat. its fine if you people choose not to eat meat.but don’t try to force your opinions on meat eaters. no now back to the subject.if you shut down meat industries. the economy would go crazy.Warren Dunn.” Human jaws are actually designed to eat plant matter with maybe a little meat. Much research has been done on the subject. You sound very ignorant saying that human jaws are designed for meat eating.

  • Lin Marie says:

    There are many things contributing to global warming but I feel that the soul cause of most of the World’s problems is over population which is rarely mentioned.

  • Lynda says:

    I think Al did a great job with his film. He needs to evolve along with everyone else that doesn’t eat vegan. Hopefully he will be enlightened and he seems to be the compassionate type. When he sees the UN report I would like to hear how he would respond to that.

  • regi says:

    We are all going to die anyway… human or animal. What is the point then? For me it is about how we live and how we develop ourselves as a race… human or animal. There may be nothing wrong about eating meat but surely there is something cruel and stupid about the way animals are treated in the food industry. No reasonable person can deny it. Animals kill to survive. They have no option we do. That should make all difference. I do not believe there can be an efficient environmental protection if we do not change our attitude towards the animal rights.

  • Lisa says:

    I am a huge fan of Gore and environmentalism but I too was stunned by the huge “hole” in the movie. How could he “conveniently” forget factory farming???? Please Al don’t let us down!!!!!

  • Alicia says:

    well put conrad

  • Katie says:

    I still don’t see how he could overlook the effect that meat eating has on the environment. Just read Howard Lyman’s Mad Cowboy. Read the news. Read Diet for a New America. Maybe he just likes his porkchops too much…

  • Catherine says:

    omg al gore is such a damn hipocrite! how dare he even talk about the global warming problem when he is supporting the main cause! i am 12 years old a vegan! if i can do it then HE definately can O

  • Conrad says:

    When a person gives money to charity do you yell at them for not giving more? Most people who get to this point agree that it would be a “good thing” for Al Gore and the rest of the world to go vegan. BUT putting undue pressure on Al Gore is the wrong way to accomplish that. The man has probably accomplished more for the planet than any individual poster in this blog. Please be civil and put mild friendly pressure on him. You will not get what you want by being threatening.

  • anahita says:

    I love Al Gore but this is the one thing that he could do to make the BIGGEST difference!

  • tondra says:

    im vegan. lets go al gore.

  • gered williams says:

    anybody notice that in th emovie he mentions that he grew up raising black angus? well… they weren’t pets… he’s got a ways to go

  • AgelessAnnie says:

    This is a rather long thread so I have to wonder if anyone is going to still be reading this far down the line…lol but I’ll give it a go anyway…Just wanted to mention a book I read quite a few years ago that convinced me to stop eating animal flesh etc… The title was I’m pretty sure “So All May Eat” and written by John Robbins the Robbins 31 Flavors Ice Cream family. . It was an eyeopener of important information. There was no “global warming” talk at that time and animal rights welfare was not as important to the planet as it is today. But this book would convince any meat eater to change their ways!! . Even today it makes me sick to think of so many cows using so much water that the western states barely have enough of in the first place and so many tons of methane gas released into the stratosphere by these animals Robbins pointed out that it takes one gallon of water to raise an apple tree and 40 gallons of water to raise a beef steer!! Outrageous? Of course it is! . No avid animal flesh eater is going to give up their fine steaks and pork chops we all know that right? What bothers me the most is why WHY! does the slaughter of cows pigs and chickens have to be so unbelievably horribleagonizing torture for the animals??? Is there no decent humane way to kill these poor creatures does it all have to be about pain and suffering for them?? . I am ashamed of the human race. I am ashamed that human beings can pretend there’s some wonderful kindly being up in the sky who will answer their prayers etc. ad nauseumbut totally ignore the massive suffering of so many living creatures on this earth. . Oh and BTW I am a raving pinko liberal treehugger and my life would be complete if Al Gore would decide to run for Prez in ’08…I’ve been voting since 1952 so I’ve seen some good presidents and some bad ones but noone can deny the one in office right now is the absolute worst. . I’ve read the entries in this thread and realize there’s hope yet for us all….lots of passion and caring in these forum type discussions and I have the impression there are mostly young caring and compassionate people writing here. That’s a good thing.

  • Diana says:

    I’m glad to hear that peta decides to challenge Al Gore!I know that peta and Gore can accomplish alot together..

  • fomeboy says:

    al gore sucks… I don’t think that I need his stupid movie to do my part to help the environment… if he goes vegan I’ll listen to what he has to say… for him to ignore the meat industry and his impact on the environment is total contradiction… not buying his dvd if he’s using that money to eat a steak…

  • MAD BLUEBIRD says:

    Just how much HOT AIR dose AL GORE produce while he is flying all over the world spreading his lies i mean chicken little is a piker compaired to the BIG GREEN HYPOTCRIT LIAR

  • Keira says:

    Yonathan I gat asked those kind of questions too but I really hate when people are like “you need the protien your gonna get sick.” I mean do some research theres other ways of getting protien. I’m actually very happy with Peta pointing this out I think if Al Gore really wants to be a environmentalist he should go vegan or at the very least vegetarian but it’s his choice.

  • Tiffany says:

    Okay I know this site is 100 against animal cruelty and so am I but I have to say TELLING PEOPLE NOT TO EAT MEAT IS UNREALISTIC!!!! Al Gore might listen but millions of others won’t. The thing is we should be objecting to animals being CRUELLY slaughtered for meat and not saying ‘dont eat them at all’ because if it is done quickly and humanely there shouldnt really be a problem. I agree that some animals shouldnt be consumed eg dogs but that is just my culture. Instead of saying to Asian countries ‘DONT EAT MEAT AT ALL’ we should be saying ‘FINE! EAT IT THEN WE CANT STOP YOU AND YOU WONT STOP YOURSELVES! BUT MAKE SURE YOU DONT MAKE IT BLOODY SUFFER LIKE YOU USUALLY WOULD!!’ Dont you think we would get a better reaction if we asked firstly for the animals to be treated humanely before and during their deaths for food onlynot vanity rather than going a tad over the top by demanding that the whole world convert to veganism? TAKE BABY STEPS NOT GIANT LEAPS!! ONE THING AT A TIME!! I eat meat becoz I like it but I make sure I get freerange as often as i can and I dont eat from KFC or other places where I know that the animals have been mistreated. In Australia we treat the animals in the abattoirs with as much decency as possible or so Ive been told by family members so they die painlessly. I happen to know that there are several celebritiesactors who are serious animalrightsactivists who still eat meat…why? because theyre being realistic!! I cant handle seeing animals in pain but if theyre being killed HUMANELY for the RIGHT reasons eg food then what’s the problem? Now I know i probably havent convinced anyone but im urging you for the sake of these needlessly suffering animals dont expect too much from peopledont tell everyone to ditch meat or theyll think you’re as nuts as those people who doorknock and try to sell you Bibles. Ask for humane treatment first and foremost. I know this was long but i needed to say it. I hope i havent offended anyone by my post coz it seriously wasnt my intention. Thanks Tiffany.

  • Connor says:

    How dare Al Gore try to make positive social change in an area besides animal rights! I say we throw hamburgers at him until he stops!… No. How can you demand he support your cause if you can’t support his? We should applaud him for trying to make a difference instead of shooting him down. In the US most people are so selfabsorbed they can’t do anything but drive around their big gasguzzling trucks and SUV’s while chowing down on whatever living being’s rights they happen to have violated today on their way to their boring corporate America job so they can earn more money so they can waste even more precious resources. Those are the people we should be trying to reach!

  • Katja Pavlovic says:

    Good job PETA. Did he answered yet? Katja

  • Richard says:

    OK SERIOUSLY GUYS some chemistry lessons. ruminates produce Methan thats CH4 its not CO2. infact its 20 times worse. so yes basically mass production of food stock is worse than all of LA essensially. but its actually the dead fields large fields used to grow the feed for the cattle and such that are a manor problem too. Also that said the production of vegtables and fruit unless done by hand and organically also adds significantly to CO2 emmissions and aswell as this pestisides and fertilizers used in agriculture are made from oil. it is easy to go one way or the other. environmentalism has to be realistic. and unfortuantly must take into concideratin economics too. And would u all stop being so bitchy at each other. we all love the animals and we all love the environment so lets fight the ppl threatening them and not each other

  • Mario says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I believe that instead of negatively criticizing Al Gore all of you should applaud his efforts and respect the man for that. So what that he is not a vegan or a vegetarian? Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe he needs to be educated in regards to how the meat industry is actually polluting the earth. I’m tired of imbeciles that love to criticize but never offer a solution to solve the problem. And always remember that Rome was not built in one day. If you ask me the man is putting his life in the line by inconveniencing all of the politicians and all of the oil companies out there. This politicians and oil companies as very powerful and can make a person disappear. Al Gore is putting himself out there and exposing all of those who are ruining the earth. In the end he will only do so much but if everyone does their part the earth will have a chance to heal from all of the havoc that we as humans have caused. I don’t care what any of you idiots think but you and everyone else has contributed indirectly or directly to the earth pollution. Did it ever ocurr to all of you that by using a computer to type your stupid idiotic whining comments you are contributing to pollution? Did it ever occur to all of you that by using electricity to power your computers laptops and even your houses that you are contributing to the earth’s pollution? Did it ever occur to you that by using plastic metal microwaves cell phones and so on you are contributing to the earth’s pollution? Hell no!!! Because you selfrighteous idiots only see one side of the picture just like Al Gore only side one side of the picture. So instead of bashing on him why don’t we all put our brains together so we can all see the overall picture and care for the earth that our creator gave us? Think before you speak and criticize other people’s efforts.

  • Anbu says:

    Thats great this is published now I have my arguments to the friends who say “what will happen to all those animals if we dont eat them?” sorta questions. I am an environmental manager and a strict vegetarian nosilk noleather person from IndiaSingapore. Change has to be at grassroots even if someone is talking at a highbroader level “climate change”. I am a fan of Al. This is good and meaningful addendum to what he says. Great work PETA ! Will pass the word around.

  • Yonathan says:

    I fully agree with Michael Carpathios M.D. the ones really need to be focusing on here are those who are doing ZERO to protect the environment. I’m sure Mr. Gore has a lot on his plate right now..heh.. irony! I’m sure he’ll make the change when the time comes. Lets not barrage him with activist emails just yet.

  • rc says:

    right on dana ! amber you have no idea too bad

  • cee says:

    well i don’t know if anyone here has posted a comment about this yet however in the book “an inconvenient truth” there is a list if ways to help the environment and one of them is to cut meat from your diet now it doesn’t directly say go vegetarian but it is mentioned.

  • elgin lee baker says:

    HERE IT IS …..the general masses eat meat the movie and book were made for them and as you can see from dear mr Gores girth he is one of them..and yes he eats flesh and should stop …he has done good work ..but he would of gotten nowhere if he would of stated any animal rights messages in the project…that is why we are here to move it forward and stop being so nasty …sometimes a lot of you sound like daddy didnt leave the money for your new cel bill….write mr gore and ask him politely to stop eating meat…. i just did….thanks elgin lee baker

  • Marjorie Hass says:

    I appreciate Al Gore and what he is trying to doget the word out about global warming. Raising animals for meat is really a big part of this.

  • stephanie says:

    i agree with al gore’s speech

  • am says:

    Al Gores statements documentary and motives should be scrutinized. He is a public figure and a politician therefore his agenda is open to discussion. His merits if sound should be applauded but just because he is raising awareness about our ecological crisis does not make him a demigod. The meat industry is one of the greatest contributors to environmental damage. It is imperative that an outspoken advocate that generates millions of dollars for his advocacy be confronted about this side of the issue. It is a major point that he conveniently leaves out of his debate. If he were truly objective he would most certainly discuss it even if he continued to choose to consume animal products. It is irresponsible that he chooses to ignore the unethical atrocities of factory farming. I think PETA acted accordingly and tactfully.

  • anne helm says:

    This is such old news it makes me sick. For years and years the world has been told the horrific impact raising food animals has on this planet and I wonder if they will EVER listen. I have been a vegan for almost 30 years and proud that I don’t add to the ruination of our planet

  • Chris Hundemer says:

    I met Al Gore briefly at a Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco in December and gave him my business card with a specific note to contact me as a scientist vegan geologist to discuss veganism and its positive effect on the environment. So far he has not hopefully this will help get his attention thanks PETA

  • Eric Ekstrom says:

    Hooray! AGore… comes from Big Tobacco and more recently Beef Farming… Black Angus if I recall Global Warming right… where he admits his family farms the Black Angus for human …cough ugh… world is so unfocused… bigoted against animals… consumption.

  • Denise Parnell says:

    Mr.Gore The world is watching you on the Internet and talking about the good you do for the environment. But it appears that you left one MAJOR thing out like ignoring the fact that the devastation caused by the meat industry is among the worst environmental disasters ever to happen to the world. Please do something about this issue.

  • Cheryl Stoliker says:

    I did not know that the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than anything else. Already a vegetarian most of my life I feel even more secure in it now! You should send the same letter to Leonardo DiCaprio as he is coming out with his own feature length documentary about the environment called “The Eleventh Hour.” He also has his own eco website. Thanks for all the good work you do!

  • emme says:

    how come nobody makes a comparison between joaquin phoenix and his documentary EARTHLINGS which by the way should have been nominated for the oscars!!!!!! the taste for meat turns people selfish no doubt about it… phoenix does address the environmental issue but he’s less “politically correct”.

  • Liz B. says:

    I wish people would stop criticizing Al Gore for being a “hypocritical environmentalist.” The fact that the meat industry ends up producing greenhouse gas is NOT common knowledge which is why I think it is good that PETA wrote Gore a letter informing him of it. I consider myself an intelligent fairly wellinformed individual and I did not know about the link between raising animals for food and greenhouse gases. We would have to ask Gore personally if he already knew about the animalgreenhouse gas connection and chose to leave it out of “An Inconvenient Truth” in order to accuse him fairly of lying.

  • Kristin says:

    It upsets me that some people on here think that it’s too late and that we should give up with the whole global warming movement. The average person emits 7.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year I emit 4.2. Although that’s still a lot it’s just over half of what the average person does. you can calculate yours at Now if everyone were more environmentally concious we could cut down the CO2 emitted from everyone in the world in half… so don’t tell me solar power riding your bike and hybrid cars don’t make a different because they do. And it does save animals lives when we do these things because animals live in the same world that we do and the impact we make on the world with our habits can save every living thing on this planet. Oh and the calculations don’t even include if people went vegetarian I’m one. And although Al Gore is a “hypocrite” he stepped up and is devoting his life to change the future for mankind. Even if he is a hypocrite because he eats meat and apparently uses a lot of energy? that’s hard to believe… no one would even know or care about Global Warming if it weren’t for him. Now he’s going global and addressing congress about global warming and the entire world is climateconcious now. It amazes me the impact he has made on this subject and I do respect him. I really do hope he’ll discuss vegetarianism and the impact it has on global warming because I agree it would make a huge difference and it’s odd he eats meat.

  • Eric says:

    Well everything that everyone has said are all or most of them are good points. When i read through all the comments I hear good things and I also hear people bashing Al gore or others. The problem with the world is that we dont work together. Al gore is the man putting this into order. He is the one that is going to make the world work together at a common cause. He is a true hero and people who bash him are being very disrespectfful and are being conceded from lack of knowledge. And when people are fighting over what is the matter with Al Gore or bashing on religions it all doesnt matter. The whole point of helping the earth is not to just live but not to be the idiotic race that killed themselves. Al Gore realizes this and is trying to fix it. Eating animals and farms do pollute a lot and for the world to realize tha would be great but the sad thing is not everyone will. So we have to help these people realize this and not bash them. If we all just help one person stop eating meat or to recycle a little more. The world will slowly grow less conceded and more giving. We just need to work together and stop fighting. Fghting goes no where and never will. We all just need to stop hug and get to work on helping the Earth. We can do this.

  • Amy Hartman says:

    I was appalled when the only mention of Meat in “Inconvenient Truth” was a flash on the screen in the “tips” section in the closing part. I thought to myself “That’s IT?! OMG.” For someone producing a documentary with that name he sure is afraid of what is incovenient for him or what will make him seem like a “radical.” It’s a shame we’re SO close to the truth … but everyone is afraid to take a bite out of this one.

  • Paul Thandi says:

    I Mr Gore listens up. I’m a Canadian fan of his and hope he becomes a vegetarian. Practice what you preach Mr. Gore! From Beautiful Vancouver!

  • Trisha says:

    I’ve been so frustrated that the Australian media refuses to tackle the issue that animal agribusiness is unsustainable in Australia Not to mention unethical cruel. We have made numerous requests to many media sources and there has not been one mention in the hundreds of almost daily reports about the drought. The Australian drought is intractable and animal agribusiness just contributes to global warming and out serious water shortages which in turn creates the drought. The government also ignores this issue as they profit from the animal’s suffering. When is PETA going to set up in Australia. We need you here desparately.

  • katie says:

    Okay Al Gore has done ALOT for the enviroment! Yes it I agree the animal slaughtering industry is horrible but trhere are ALOT of other people covering that! That would be like me saying that “Hey PETA has done ALOT for animal rights but they need to pitch in to the efforts of those suffering in 3rd world countries!” Peta is focused on animals Al Gore is focused on the enviroment Just like I am more focused on human rights! Just leave him alone he’s a good man and he doesn’t neeed anyone critizing him after all he’s been through.

  • Ed says:

    Climate Change has Algore to speak to the masses. The vegamatics and I am one need to leave him alone and find our own “celebrity” spokesperson.

  • Marie says:

    It’s funny I sent him a letter several years ago on the same topic. He claims he wants to help the environment so being vegan makes the best sense! It is the one thing I was upset about that was missing from ‘An Inconvenient Truth”

  • ToxicVelma says:

    I went to Mr. Gore’s presentation at the University of Toronto recently and it was bloody fantastic! However I also noticed that he did not mention the consumption of meat! That was probably the only flaw I found in his presentation.

  • Melissa Flower says:

    I’ve been wondering about this for a yearI’m so glad PETA is bringing it out in the open. Factory farming produces massive amounts of gases and uses more water than any other business. YIKES Al please do a sequel!!!!

  • Melanie says:

    So glad to see you addressed this issue I watched his movie and was filled with such disappointment. Waited whole way through to hear something about factory farming and its effects on the environment! Hopefully he will do something about his “omission”.

  • Georgia Smith says:

    I felt the Inconvenient Truth truly would have been greater if Al Gore mentioned the pollution of raising animals as food but all in all the movie did help open many eyes. We don’t have to vote him in as President just because he made the movie. In fact I feel that if we want to further help the animals we should vote in a man or woman who is a VEGETARIAN. We would have to worry about that old saying “Do as I say not what I do”. I want a Vegetarian President. Wouldn’t that open more eyes.

  • TcsCpl says:

    I applaud previous posters who have remarked that PETA is shooting the environmental movement in the foot. 1 Eating meat is NATURAL this is why you have canines and incisors for tearing and rending the flesh of other living beings. If we were meant to be herbivores we would have nice flat teeth and no need for our pointy dental companions. 2 It is the process which we go through on a global scale to produce the meat in our stores that is the problem. Factory farms bad. Eating meat normal behavior for humans 2.5 millions years according to the fossil record and many animals. On a sarcastic note I’ve yet to meet a crocodile that wants to be a vegan. Thankfully crocodiles don’t have the ability to run factory farms or we’d be blaming them for contributions to global warming. 3 It is a wonderful thing that there are people who are so moved by their love of all living things that they refuse to eat meat. I don’t eat KFC I don’t want to support the process they go through to get that chicken on my plate and I applaud PETA for bringing such an atrocity to the attention of millions. It’s a sad thing that many vegetarians and vegans state that anyone who eats meat is not an environmentalist. How about the nomadic people of the world who cannot forgo meat from their diet because they don’t have the alternatives we do in western culture? Are they evil even though they protest governments and private firms trying to snatch up their land and destroy it for the purpose of growing crops? Eating less meat will not reduce our need for things like corn a staple in the diet of cows as many countries use corn to produce ethanol though there are better methods. 4 You alienate many who would otherwise support you with unending gusto. Nice job.