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Clearing a Few Things Up for Al Gore

Written by PETA | March 5, 2007

For all the good he’s done for the environment—which, to be fair, is an awful lot—Al’s leaving out a huge piece of the puzzle by ignoring the fact that the devastation caused by the meat industry is among the worst environmental disasters ever to happen to the world. As we told him in our letter, sent earlier this week:

While the steps that you urge people to take in An Inconvenient Truth are inarguably important, the quickest and most effective way to fight climate change will come through diet change.

An inconvenient truth for him, maybe, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Since he might not have seen the recent U.N. reports on the subject, we pointed out to him that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and that (according to a recent University of Chicago study), switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius. We’ve also offered to cook him some faux “fried chicken” as an introduction to meat-free meals, since, however many documentaries you make, you just can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. I’ll let you know if he gets back to us.

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  • Ellen says:

    hahahaha!!lol But seriously. If Al Gore starts publicizing some of this stuff people will actually believe it. It could be a huge step for both the environmental and animal rights movements.

  • HeatherShirley says:

    Thanks for sending Al Gore a letter. I am a fan of his and I agree challenging him is a good idea.

  • krystal says:

    I myself am a vegetarian so I think there’s nothing wrong with wanting others to do the same thing but lets face just becoming vegan isn’t going to solve global warming on it’s own theres much more to it than that. So try to be a little more respectful to those who are trying to change things. Yes Al Gore going vegan would be good but verbally beating the man isn’t the way to go. and yes his house use alot of electricity but it’s huge and it’s also like an office building. I’m such all of you critizing him don’t do everything you could to help the planet so make sure your doing all you can before you critize other. remember be the change you want to see in the world!!

  • Schatze says:

    Wow lots of good stuff here a full blown conversation about an issue that can be complex. My family has been vegetarian since November a move we made for health reasons and as we explored it further found had moral and spiritual implications far beyond our initial expectations. And all for the good. This discipline in our lives exposed other areas where we lacked such and in the interest of “practicing what we preach” as Christians we are now pulling in the reigns on the stewardship of our finances our home and possessions our relationships our bodies and our dreams. Here’s something to consider especially if you’re a follower of Christ. God did allow the consumption of meat after the flood but His original design in Genesis commanded a vegetarian diet. If you understand Jesus’ gospel at all then you’ll understand that His crucifiction and resurrection provided for the salvation and redemption of people and creation including animals and the earth and universe. For more about that theology check out Andrew Linzey’s Animal Gospel and Animal Theology and Heaven by Randy Alcorn and of course The Holy Bible by God. The Apostle Paul noted in 1 Corinthians that although everything is permissable please read the verse in its context not all things are beneficial. So although God permits the consumption of meat it clearly is not beneficial if you consider the health hazards to our own bodies the affect on the environment aka God’s creation and the contribution it makes to world hunger and poverty the people He loves and died for. The starving child you see on TV is not a million miles away. The grain that could have fed him was exported to the U.S. to feed the animals that feed you. As a disciple of Christ commanded to serve and love the widow the orphan the poor and the oppressed and to go into all the world and make disciples that meat on my plate flies in the face of and is in fact direct disobedience to the God I profess to love above all. Being a vegetarian is a direct expression and fulfillment of my faith and my relationship to my Savior and King. I can not be a Christian and be a meateater. I wrote a lengthy blog on this my first attempt!. If you’re interested here’s the link The most important thing is to start looking at the hypocrisies in our own lives rather than focusing on the ones in other’s. Let our lives be our testimony let our example speak the truth of our message. Above all remember that none of us were born vegetarian. We were “them” not so long ago. Stand firm in the truth you know but be compassionate and understanding with those who have not yet had the blinders removed. Above all do not judge. There is only one Judge. We may be enlightened in this one area but there are others where we are just as blind. We are under His scrutiny and will be judged according to how we judged others. Carry on comrades and may God bless you!

  • LT says:

    1. Someone said Al Gore owns a Lexus SUV. They left out that it’s a Lexus SUV “hybrid”. 2. I think Al Gore knows about the contributions of meat production to environmental pollution and I would bet he is privately changing some of his eating habits. I think he is not publicly doing something because he would alienate a large number of people who might otherwise do something to change their polluting habits. He’s just giving folks what they are ready for what they can handle right now. It seems to me that the majority of people can only handle small doses of change. I have a friend who’s a minister. She is a vegetarian because of the animals. She cannot preach about it because a majority of the congregation will walk out. They tried something like this once and it did not go over well. I believe Al Gore needs to get the majority of the mainstream on board with “global warming” actually happening and making changes they can tolerate before he takes it up a notch. Baby steps. The world didn’t become the way it is overnight and it’s not gonna change overnight.

  • Trisha says:

    I love and adore Al Gore! He has done so much for this country and world. I was one of the few that actually listened to his warnings back in 2000. Suddenly it is popular to care about the environment? Odd. But better late than never. As a vegan I absolutely and totally agree with PETA I LOVE all the wonderful protests they do! Great way to FORCE change! however Al has already pissed off the radical right who for some unknown reason to me refuse to acknowledge we have a problem with Mother Nature. Imagine the uproar he would cause if he also said “Hey big macho men you’re killing the environment with that steak you’re whoofing down.” Macho Men Unite! If he plans to run for office he needs to reach the people in a nonthreatening way. The day he announces he is a vegan and the world must also become vegans which is true and MY ultimate agendathat is the day I know he does not plan to run for President. And we SOOOO desperately need a THINKER in that office!! So Al wait till you are IN office then cut the knees off the meat industry!! XOX

  • elyseirwin says:

    As a blossoming einviromentalist and a learning vegan i can say this.. if you CHOOSE to eat flesh of any animal or byproduct that’s somewhat alright with me BUT i’m still going to voice my opinions about cruelty green house gases from animal factories animal testing abused pets lack of funding for rescue crews spayingneutering proper pet responsibility and so on… But the biggest thing in my humble opinion is…WE ARE THE ONLY ANIMAL THAT DRINKS ANOTHER ANIMALS COLOSTRUM AND MILK MEAT AND ITS BY PRODUCTS HAVE SO MANY CHEMICALS ADDITIVES STEROIDS THAT I CANT GET PREGNANT BECAUSE OF THE AMOUNT OF CHICKEN THAT I’VE CONSUMED IN MY LIFE SO FAR. I HAVE TO TAKE DRUGS TO REGULATE MY HORMONE LEVEL IN ORDER TO CONCIEVE. if that doesn’t sink in i’ll post a story later about my husbands high blood pressure and the extremely realistic future that he’s going to die young because of all the fatfrom meat around his heart by the way he’s not overweight so the next time you feel the need to oppose meat do it for ALL the right reasons… YOU and THE WORLD..

  • Mauricio Z says:

    wow I am a Vegan and did it for other reasons but knowing that being a vegan is also good for the enviroment is really good stuff! it would be really nice probably they already know to tell greenpeace about that study because I have checked their website and it seems like they need to put more enphasis on that if all the people at greenpeace gets vegan… yeah!

  • DJ says:

    I agree with Melissa that Al Gore can’t do everything. He’s made a HUGE difference and for that I am at his feet. I also applaud animal rights activists for their efforts but going vegan alone isn’t going to save the planet either anymore than switching to a hybrid is going to save us. I personally believe we’re beyond saving and it’s just a matter of time before we destroy the human species but that’s another discussion thread entirely. As for me I am a true animal lover and I eat meat. The facts are that in nature there is a food chain animals killing animals for food. Humans do the raising and killing of animals for food it in despicable and inhumane ways which absolutely needs to be changed and I am working to change that. I have tried many times to go vegetarian and I just can’t. My body completely rejects soy products and needs meat. So I will continue to eat meat because my body needs it to stay healthy and I will work to raise awareness and change conditions for the animals that we humans consume.

  • Pete Glasier says:

    I wrote Al Gore several months ago about his excessive personal use of energy and got no response. Al Gore’s actions speak louder than his words which is sad. Keep after him PETA. I hope you get a response.

  • wendy woods says:

    YES!!!! Wonderful. Thank you PETA. That is a great letter and thank you for sending it.

  • Cindy says:

    Hey Warren I suppose you hunt in the woods with your clawed hands to catch your dinner every night too.

  • Art says:

    wow i was so proud of him for that movie and his world tour. I totally missed the fact that he forgot to mention meat eating! I reallly really hope he goes veg.

  • priscilla says:

    This is a response to Jony’s apparent misinterpretation of the Bible..In the Bible it states that people have dominion over animals…which literally means “care of” it doesn’t say they are ours to eat it says they are ours to care for!

  • valerie says:

    Dear fellow animal advocates For many years I harbored a fierce opposition to meateating and I wasn’t shy to express my opinions about it either. I was always feeling offended and disgusted. But then I started paying closer attention to way the food industry was changing. And I noticed an even more disturbing trendthe factory farm the way animals are routinely raised for human consumption today. It’s one of the most shameful capitalist ventures in our world. It’s a burgeoning business and sadly society has come to accept and embrace itbecause they don’t know any better. But it’s not okayit’s a hideous cruel dark stain on humanity. And so my fight has changed too. I no longer get steamed up tilted trying to get Jane to stop eating hamburgerthe odds are stacked against that and you know itbut to educate Jane about factoryfarming. If she must eat meat then I’m going to steer her to a small local farmer to get her meals from humanelyraised farm animals. Yes they eventually are killed too but until then they also live a hormonefree life that is years longer than the factory cow they frolic in the fields eat grass have healthy digestive systems and live amongst their bovine brethren in clean respectful conditions. If converting people to veganism is your utmost goal fine but one step at a time. Attacking and insisting that meat eaters stop coldturkey isn’t going to work. We are in a dire critical place in history folks. We need focus our attention right now on shutting down these torture chambers these ungodly evil industrial farms for good. I mentioned a cow’s life above but chickens pigs lambs and more all suffer at the hands of commercial farmersand it must end. Wave your banners where it matters most. I do. Please join me. Thanks.

  • anisa says:

    okay. Al Gore is just great. Being a vegetarian is a pretty big thing in my life but being an environmentalist is more important to me. Al Gore cares about the earth and truly I don’t think eating animals has a lot to do with the earth deteriorating… but I do think a lot of methane released by animals has caused a small part of global warming. And I am not saying kill animals… just the overcrowding of animals has to stop.

  • Vivienne says:

    Even WWF or Greenpeace do not recognise what meateating has done to our natural resources and governments depend on existing agriculture for the economy so nothing changes!

  • JOHNSON says:

    The poster doesn’t make any scents! So what if I eat meat I can’t be a environmentalist? You guys are just turning people away what are you thinking?!

  • Beverly says:

    I’ve been saying this for years as well and I am remiss for not writing to Al Gore whom I LOVE btw and telling him not to exclude this. I learned a long time ago that it takes 16 pounds of grain which could be used for alternate fuel to cycle through a cow or bull to produce one pound of meat. The meat industry is one of the most immoral wasteful and thoughtless industriescorporations in the world. Profit is their bottom line nothing else matters to them.

  • Mike Conway says:

    For those wondering about God’s ORIGINAL diet for man Genesis 12930 says “I give you every seedbearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the groundeverything that has the breath of life in itI give every green plant for food.” And it was so.” So this means that God originally intended vegetarian animals too. And no killing critters mentioned. Hmm… Also Deutrtonomy 879 “For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good landa land with streams and pools of water with springs flowing in the valleys and hills a land with wheat and barley vines and fig trees pomegranates olive oil and honey a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills.” Hmm… no mention of critters to kill and eat in this passage either. Sounds to me like God had His act together. Healthy followers and His planet kept nice. Works for me.

  • jake says:

    Ummm In his book he does reccomend that people consume less meat. You shouldn’t be so quick to attack someone it has a synergistic effect.

  • Brian says:

    I think it’s a relief to finally hear that other people felt the same way after they were done watching the Inconvenient Truth movie as I did. I just was stunned to see the credits roll without a single mention of diet and negligence to animal rights as being primary contributors to the environmental pollution and temperature change. The truth is that people even those who posted comments on this forum just don’t get it. They agknowledge that something is wrong with the world. They talk everyday with people about the violence and the hatred that plague us. And they go to their churches with the desire to “promote goodness.” But all the while they neglect to see that it’s their very behavior that leads up to this chaos. Of course Al Gore should have at least mentioned the diet thing but because he didn’t and probably won’t you’ve got to come to realize that he’s promoting an agenda. The same as the Bushs. The same as the Clintons. The Reagons. The Every Politicians in history. If I had to make a suggestion to the people who meander along this forum and read this comment it would be to focus on what you can do to make the world better. Why can’t we talk about the solutions? I don’t believe in gods or myths. I don’t believe in eating other animals. I don’t believe in violence. I don’t believe in hatred. I don’t approve of mass production of weaponry. I can’t stand people who pollute. And I’m just like everybody else who doesn’t see the answer even when it’s right fucking in front of them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do more to help the world. You know to the idiots who come into this forum and try to slam vegetarianism with stupid comebacks as to why you should eat meat I would just say “stay home”. Read a book. Enhance your mind. Telling a Vegan they’re wrong to eat veggies is like telling the Red Cross they haven’t saved lives in the last 100 years. It’s just stupid. There is nothing better than becoming more in tune to what it means to be human and eating other creatures is not one of them. Sure our ancestors did it. Many of you do it. But that doesn’t make it any righter than robbing a bank because criminals have done it and gotten away with it in the past. Read up on the facts. Then make educated decisions that benifit you and others and animals. Don’t come into a PETA website forum and start bashing vegetarians. You don’t belong here with bad attitudes like that. This forum is for open minds and people who actually agknowledge that something needs to be done. There is nothing wrong with sending a letter to Al Gore and filling him into what was missing from his movie. It was perhaps the most important piece of information he left out. And to those of you who think that an athiest has no morals or values look at yourself. Jesus wasn’t no Christian. Your belief systems are built upon hear say and myths that you can’t even grasp. If you really had morals you wouldn’t have to stand behind your shady religions and scared belief systems. You would stand alone and fight for what you believe in. But instead you vote with the popular opinion. That’s why I find it hard to believe that any vegetarian could be a believer in a God. Meateating is the natural course of popular opinion just like religion. And I for one would rather stand alone when it makes sense then to be in with the rest of you who are getting sent to the Gas Chambers cause your too dumb to fight back when the time comes. Stop deluting yourselfs. There is only one chance to prove your humanity. Your life. After that you become close to grass…………… How ironic!!! Food for cows. Life has funny way of throwing it all back to you. DOESN’T IT!!!

  • Michael Griffin says:

    With such a powerful appeal to average Americans Al Gore could do so much to not only further the global warming cause but assist in a just as equally noble cause nonhuman animal respect. I hope he incorporates this into his future presentations.

  • Judy Pokras says:

    Bravo to Peta for calling attention to the fact that switching to a vegan diet does more to prevent global warming than switching to a hybrid car via PETA’s letter to Al Gore calling for him to become a vegan. The late night talk show comedians have been making jokes about PETA’s letter to Gore which is great because it gets the word out even further. But as we know global warming is no laughing matter! Gore and others are not eating vegan for two main reasons they’re either unaware of the connection between a plantbased diet and a healthy earth or they are aware of it but can’t manage to change old eating habits. In addition to getting the vegan diet message out we can encourage people to learn how to make raw vegan recipes actually better for you than cooked vegan and open restaurants and takeout stores serving raw vegan food which is quite delicious and slimming and healthy. For more info about this please visit my sixyearold online magazine Gore and other people of means can afford to hire raw vegan chefs who will make them luscious food while helping the environment helping their health and keeping them lean.

  • SassaAngel says:

    YES! I just watched the movie yesterday and loved it and I thought to myself someone needs to tell him about the concerns relating to livestock if you can even call factory farmed animals that. Yay to PETA! Always on top of things!

  • Cassandra says:

    I went vegetarian 5 years ago and vegan shortly thereafter because I wanted to boycott animal suffering. Prior to that I was a meateating environmental activist who didn’t know a darn thing about the effects of eating meat on the environment. After going vegan for animal rights reasons I learned of the devastating impact of meat on the environment. Now that I am no longer ignorant I feel it’s my duty to tell others what’s going on. Al Gore has done so much for the environment and he’s in a position to make a real change and if he wants to be as effective as possibleand entirely honestthen he needs to go vegan or at least vegetarian and include information about factory farming in his environmental presentations.

  • Melanie Andersen says:

    After reading all of the comments I have a feeling of hope. I see people are trying to make a conscious effort to make planet Earth a better place for all creatures. I have been a Vegetarian for 18 years and a vegan for 11 months. I feel like being only a Vegetarian for 18 years was very hippocritical of me and I am glad I am not as ignorant as I once was and have educated myself on the torture of Dairy animals. When I was only a Vegi I subconsciously was in denial now that I am a Vegan I am more aware. I have learned though how much guilt a meat eater discovers unknowingly when just the word Vegan is used it automatically triggers a defensive action with them. Think about it…we should always go with our instincts and if the first feeling that someone has is to defend themselves for torturing creatures there is a reason for that feeling. I think humanity is evolving into a higher consciousness and I think the more optimistic we are and the more we discuss why it is wrong to not be a Vegan will prove that what we believe in is not wrong and that everyone will someday have compassion. That is what it is all about right? Compassion? Sincerly Melanie

  • Manjit Singh says:

    I just watched “An Incovenient Truth ” last night thru high school and there was a follow up discussion on the issue. I asked the same question that you have posed about vegetarian being left out completely. Another one I feel is cold showers. If all of America starts taking cold showers instead of hot showers it will make a huge difference. I would think it probably takes a tree to heat up enough water for a family of 4 for a week. Afterall 100 years ago I wouldn’t think people took hot showers at least the part of the globe India where I grew up and bathing in the early morning is a religious requirement.

  • Amanda says:

    ok look….yeah every one in the entire world isnt going to become a vegetarian…it simply isnt possible. To the people who complain about vegetarians the world and stuff their spoons with dead animal tissue….at least vegetarians are doing something its not huge but its still something. Your not changing the world by complaining… no one ever has. And to animal rights activist dont give a meat lover something to complain about….dont pressure vegetarianism on some one who doesnt want to be. stop irritating each other! Im a vegetarian. but it doesnt bother me my entire world around eats meat…instead i feel better about myself i got to change what i could starting with myself.

  • Allison says:

    I was just reading the Al Gore book “An Inconvenient Truth” which the movie was based on and it includes a section titled “Modify your diet to include less meat” and it goes on to explain the meatpollution connection and even lists a couple of websites to visit to find out more. So he did mention it somewhere. It’s a start.

  • aretha says:

    save the chickens!

  • Crystal says:

    I respect ev’one’s opinions and comments. With the short time left here on earth we need not lose focus on the real issues conserving what’s left of the natural world for all our sake. Because of our negligence and stupidity in some cases it’s too late. HOPE is still alive and well out here in this WORLD. On another note in my opinion for those who are deciding to not eat meat anymore let me tell some things. Think about what you would no longer consume into your system. How about pesticides growth hormones somatrophin for example poisons tetracycline dihydrotesterone and a host of all kinds of other sht. Animals are injected with this and so is the land for farming and therefore you are too when you eat it. You wonder why people are dying at such young ages versus many years ago so many “unknown” emerging and reemerging diseases you wonder why your children at age 5 has body of a 10 year and 10 year old child’s body has a body of grown woman or man wonder why our ecosystem is off balance why we can’t breath why plants and animals are dying off you wonder why different gases are dispersed into the atmosphere that causes wicked disasters such has hurricanes tornadoes etc. these things all happen because of the negligence and the deliberate acts of humans not the animals. As I tell my meating eating friends how about I skin you alive make a pattern from it sew and sell it? How ’bout I maim your body in many parts in front of your family prep it cook it andor sell to people for consumption? I know it’s graphic and horrific but this is what inconsiderate MOFOs do in our country and in the world do animals! The bottom line it’s sickening! GOD gave us fruits and berries from the trees and said “it was good” Therefore it is! Keep the struggle going on yall for the Animals and us Humans to live good for the end is coming!

  • Charli says:

    After watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ I too thought it would be great to raise awareness of the environmental impact of meat production as well as all the other aspects!. But instead of bemoaning his lack of awareness or his reluctance to acknowledge it shouldn’t we look at the positive side to his argument. He is afterall only human and will make mistakes but is raising awareness of an issue often marginalised in our daily pursuits. Yes a vegan diet is the best way of life in many ways not least environmentally but until major meat producers stop using consumer dollars to frighten people into eating meat we will have a hard road ahead of us

  • Holly Healy says:

    I am a conservative republican on MOST issues but definitely liberal when it comes to animal rights. We as humans have such enormous egos it’s unbelievable what we do to our animal friends. Maybe the bible said the animals were ours to eat but that was in the days LONG BEFORE meat and fur farms not to mention animal laboratories. Al Gore needs to stop eating meat anyway he’s looking quite bloated lately!

  • Amber says:

    if wehumans were not meant to eat.we wouldn’t have sharp teeth that cuts through meat. its fine if you people choose not to eat meat.but don’t try to force your opinions on meat eaters. no now back to the subject.if you shut down meat industries. the economy would go crazy.

  • Warren Dunn says:

    Most people and most of Al’s movie miss the point which is human population. As I read all of the posted comments I wonder how many of the submitters have children. All of those kids are consumers even before they are born. At 65 I look back and feel good that at 26 I chose to have a vasectomy so as not to add to our overburdened planet. As a member of PETAI am extremely compassionate about animal suffering but if you want to see the broad spectrum of how our very presence is affecting our planet go to and you may come to the same conclusion I did… the most similar organism we are emulating is cancer because we are consuming our hostest?. Vegetarians are having a positive impact just as Al has done with his movie but until we reign in our need to populate we are fast approaching the precipice.

  • Michael Jones says:

    It would have been nice if Gore did mention how factory farms and the like are destroying our planet. But it could have had a large backlash against him. I think If he has any “presidential plans” that it may do more harm for his campaign then good. We are fighting an uphill battle for animals and if he does nab office which seems highly unlikelythen we may be able to slip in our agendas more into the open if God is willing. Michael

  • Brandon says:

    that was awsome man!! I think vegitarians should exspress themselves all the time because I dont approve of animal slauter unless our nation depended on fur and wolve skulls! Which probably will never happen.We are Intellegent humans and we can find something better to do than kill and rob animals of their life and body parts!! Now I’m not against meat but I am against people killing animals for pleasure!!!!!!!!

  • Rita says:

    I just finished watching Al Gore’s movie and he needs to know about the Factory Farms!! They not only make us sick they too make the air polluted from the methane gasses amonia and tons of stuff that would take a few pages to write. Have you noticed children going thru puberty very very early ?? The hormones antibiotics injected and forced feeding into these animals and if they don’t shoot them up they mix it into the animal feed. I have been meat egg dairy free for a year and 1 month. I could never go back just knowing the treatment of these animals. They are tortured cutting their throats when hanging upsidedown still alive in the slaughter houses it’s disgusting no it is murder!!! They have brains feelings they feel pain and love how could any NORMAL PERSON do this to an innocent creature is beyond me and more people than I ever thought are opening their eye’s to this terrible thing. This really pisses me off. President of Concerned Citizens of Neave Twp. Inc.

  • Fin says:

    Eating meat is the fundamental part of human evolution and brain development having a social and environmental conscious does not in any way mean that you should not eat meat. The decision too eat meat or not is that of the individual. A belief that you are right does not give anyone the right too force their opinions and beliefs on anyone.

  • Dana says:

    Leave Al Gore alone!! I commend him for the work he is doing and the work he will do in the future! I am in full agreement that something needs to be said about the meat industry but let Al Gore do what he is doing and find someone else to campiagn on behalf of this cause. Please do not focus on what Al Gore is NOT talking about at least he is trying to make a difference. It is our “president” and all of our elected leaders who we need to be sending letters to and questioning why they are not addressing the global concerns. This is not the time to criticize the ones who are attempting the change it is the time however to ask “How can I help?”

  • Michael Carpathios, M.D. says:

    Pierre Maybe you fart after eating fibrous vegetables but how would you feel about living in a 120 degree trailer for days while you starve on your way to be slaughtered in front of your sister and mother who will also be slaughtered? The bolt gun barely nicks your skull so that when the workers slit your throat and skin you and cut off your arms and legs you’re still feeling all of it? Have you lost a dog or cat and mourned for months? There are so many “animal lovers” out there that have no problem filling their plates with bacon and chicken wings and ignoring the millions of pigs cows foul and fish that meet a much crueler fate than your dog or cat. I realize you’re curious about being a vegetarian otherwise you wouldn’t be at this web site. But I can see that you are just trying to legitimize eating animals and not face the facts that it is more than a few farts causing environmental and humanitarian havoc. PeTA is not the only source for information. Read Gayle Eisnitz’s “Slaughterhouse” and John Robbins’ “The Food Revolution.” Look at and Just because your parents told you that “if you didn’t eat your meat you wouldn’t be strong and healthy” doesn’t mean that it is true.

  • amarilis says:

    I am so against animal abuse anything harming our planet earth. But I have a promblem going vegetarian. But I already ordered the vegan starting kit. Al Gore did leave some things out im happy that you guys published this.

  • Pierre says:

    So if I stop eating meat and switch to tofu beans and rice because you can’t eat potatoes anymore you might piss off PAPPY People Against Potato Peeling Yuppies Isn’t that going to be worse? I for one fart alot after tofu and beans.

  • maggie says:

    WooHoo! A good dose of “Al Gore Needs to practice what he preaches” what is the point of an effective leader if the leader cannot do so? I am an Al Gore fan but I hope that he turns and looks at the light from inside his cave. Being vegan has changed my life and caused me to think about connection and stuff. Peace!

  • nina zimm says:

    mr. gore needs to get with the program. unfortunately i believe that his fortune inherited from his father is the product of cattle raising. his movie is great but someone needs to send him a few peta videos on the OTHER inconvenient truth!

  • Kevin says:

    jony I don’t share your religious beliefs just to give an opening disclosure… but I do share your belief that the Bible says that it’s OK to eat animals some animals anyway but let’s leave it at that but after this intial point of agreement I am aware too that there are big differences between modern factory farming and the type of animal husbandry prevalent throughout Biblical times not that I’m an expert anyway for one thing the animals then were not shot full of antibiotics growth hormones et al… nor was the food they ate genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides. They also had a bit more elbow room… well there are many online sites available to get a better understanding of factory farming. Anyway if you really are interested in giving the “vegetarian thing” haha a looksee then consider too that the Bible says too your body is a temple of sorts ehh… at least I believe it does and therefore to me anyway it does make sense to at least give thought to the food used to nourish it. Really all global warming issues aside I believe the Bible does give a basis for refusing at a minimum the products of farming farming.

  • KC says:

    to Jony thou sal not kill

  • Lina says:

    People need to understand that we are all animalswe wouldn’t like being killed for fur or meat.We need to put ourselves in their posisions and how they suffer.We need to help them and stop animal abusing.

  • Michele says:

    Veronica you summed it all up just perfectly! And Silky you are on your way to making some great changes for you for the animals and for the environment. Keep up the effort and just remember how many animals you alone are saving just by cutting out meat about 95 per year if you also stopped eating fish and chicken. I used to eat meat but started reading up on the matter and watching PETA’s videos and now I can’t believe I ever touched the stuff before. Now just looking at it on the supermarket shelves makes me want to vomit.