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Clearing a Few Things Up for Al Gore

Written by PETA | March 5, 2007

For all the good he’s done for the environment—which, to be fair, is an awful lot—Al’s leaving out a huge piece of the puzzle by ignoring the fact that the devastation caused by the meat industry is among the worst environmental disasters ever to happen to the world. As we told him in our letter, sent earlier this week:

While the steps that you urge people to take in An Inconvenient Truth are inarguably important, the quickest and most effective way to fight climate change will come through diet change.

An inconvenient truth for him, maybe, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Since he might not have seen the recent U.N. reports on the subject, we pointed out to him that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and that (according to a recent University of Chicago study), switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius. We’ve also offered to cook him some faux “fried chicken” as an introduction to meat-free meals, since, however many documentaries you make, you just can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. I’ll let you know if he gets back to us.

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  • Brain says:

    I’m a vegan AND environmentalist and I wasn’t born either one. My point is that people come to this beliefs as matters of the conscience and we don’t form all of our beliefs simultaneously. I became an environmentalist at 25 and a vegan at 35. Do I agree that veganism is the greatest personal stand a person can take for the environmentYES! But am I willing to give my green hero Al Gore all the time he needsYES!There are too many people ruining the planetsee Bush to give Al Gore a hard time.

  • Savannah says:

    ha! if Al gore is so worried about the environment how come his electric bill alone was $30000 last year. He’s still contemplating switching to solar power for his house or not.

  • alisa says:

    If one is selfish enough to eat meat and still “care” for the environment here is an idea Don’t eat meat because its unhealthy for you!!! It’s garbage and it does body no good whatsoever!!! If you’re selfish regarding the wellbeing of animals then stop to think about yourself and just think what your body has to go through every time you consume a meat or any animal product…It’s easy…DON’T EAT MEAT!!! After I became a PETA member i quit meat cold turkey. You are basically doing 2 amazing things by doing one simple thing You’re no longer contributing to the horror these poor beautiful creatures have to go through and you are getting healthier on the way as well as adding years to your lifetime. I still cannot believe that some people out there would not sacrifice their fat asses over innocent lives lost in slaughterhouses. “Animals die to keep your fat asses alive”. Think about it…No really…..THINK about it.

  • Phala Bowles says:

    Silky Please do not ignore the suffering of chickens and fish.Eating them are no different.They suffer even worse so.I am glad you were put in a position to see first hand the suffering of cows but please do not avoid learning of what all animals endure as well.Fish are suffocated and chickens… they are the worst abused of all animals.Just do the research!

  • Ferne Taylor says:

    I do think that Al Gore should look into and confront the meat industry and what “growing” meat does to out environment. But did anyone actually see his movie? Did anyone notice the car he was driving? It wasn’t a hybrid but a Lexus SUV. Practice what you preach brother.

  • Veronica says:

    I’m so glad PETA sent a letter to Mr. Gore! Hopefully he will do the right thing and go vegan. I saw someone from PETA on the Glen Beck show last night and he did a GREAT job of explaining why a vegan diet helps the environment more than people realize. He said that most people can’t afford to buy a $20000 Prius Hybrid but something that everyone can do is go vegan and he explained that going vegan would actually make a bigger impact than buying a Prius anyway. JonyYou really need to do some research you come across pretty ignorant. Vince DSylva You are beyond ignorant. Mr. PracticalHow is informing Al Gore who is the leader in the enviromnental movement about the vegan diet being the quickest and most effective way to figt global waming counter productive? PETA agrees with Mr. Gore and applauds him for his effortts. They just felt it was necessary as most vegans do that he should be informed about how significant of an impact a simple diet change could make for the environment. Paul I think PETA’s point is SERIOUS and it has nothing to do with farting from meat consumption. SilkyI’m glad you got to see first hand how what happens to the cows before they are turned into steaks because now you don’t eat them anymore. I hope you will do some research on PETA’s website and watch some of their videos to see how fish and chickens especially chickens are the most abused animal are turned into breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Melissa McCallum says:

    Lets pick on the guy that is actually trying to make a difference in our world. Yes the meat industry should be looked at but that isn’t Al’s objective he can’t do everything. If we start picking on the people that are trying to make a difference soon no one will even want to try in case they get nailed to the wall. Give me a break look at yourself you want to do something about the meat industry DO IT!

  • Silky says:

    I am not a vegetarian however while traveling across country this past summer I saw a large amount of cattle and I mean large amount thousands of cattle in west TexasI am a Texan however and will defend my state BUT these cattle were being lined up for slaughter. I was able to get close enough just traveling at 80 miles per hour to look in their sweet eyes and I felt horrible and still do about these poor animals in these corrals so close together they can’t even breathe and don’t even know they are getting ready to be shot in the head with a pellet or some kind of slamming device and cut up for our dinner tables. What kind of person had shoot a helpless animal in the head and then slaughter him all day long? What KIND OF PERSON CAN DO THIS! I quit eating red meat after that don’t eat pork and only eat fish and some chicken I hate to admit. They get the same treatment but I haven’t seen that yet. Maybe I need to. Silky

  • Michael Carpathios, M.D. says:

    Jony I know others who share your beliefs. It is admirable that you read the bible and try to practice its teachings. You must keep in mind that we are all a part of god. We must treat all living things with love and respect. I beg you to please watch some of the PeTA videos and you will see the inhumanity that your bretheren are treating animals to feed humans. I used to be like everyone else I loved meat and fish and I didn’t really want to know how it got to my plate. I then decided to “face the truth” and watch the videos of animals being skinned and gutted while fully conscious thumped on their heads to try to knock them unconscious and forcefed beyond normal limits. If you think that god approves of this for your taste buds then rethink your religion. Otherwise think of your health. I’m a physician if you consider all the steroids antibiotics and pesticides you consume daily on your present diet it’s no wonder there is an increase in cardiac disease breast cancer early menses antibiotic resistance and many other cancers in our populace. Being a good neighbor to your fellow living beings and mother Earth would make god happy.

  • Michael Carpathios, M.D. says:

    I saw “An Inconvenient Truth” with my sister in July 2006. I a vegetarian and my sister a vegan were very happy with the message. I pointed out to her that Mr. Gore never once mentioned that raising live animals as food is an incredible detriment to the environment. He had learned to spurn the tobacco industry but he was still involved in the livestock industry. I have tried a number of times to find an email address to point this out to him but I am so happy that you have done this for all of us. By the way please look at Dennis Kucinich who is running for president. He is environmentally conscious and a VEGAN!

  • Nathan says:

    Eating meat does destroy the environment there have been many studies that prove this whether you like it or not. Al gore is doing great things and I applaud him for it but he needs to take the next step and cut meat out of his diet.

  • SB says:

    Apparently Al Gore is buying carbon credits to neutralise his CO2 emissions. Of course he can afford it while he encourages the rest of us to cut back. I personally think that what he is doing is at least making people think about climate change it is the first step but it would have been great if he could have told the whole truth about meat as well. Hopefully this will be next. At least now when my meat eating friends bring climate change up in the conversation it gives me a great excuse to educate them about the meat issue.

  • veganlove says:

    you know Al Gore is a true hero for his message and movie to stop global warming. yes i voted for Al i think he will do the right thing and go vegan. in fact i’ll bet he simply didn’t know that human meat eating is the biggest contributor to global warming. I have always been a passionate animal rights advocate and environmentalist. i used to go to Earth Day festivals just to screw with the socalled “environmentalists” in their tie dyed tshirts to ask them why they aren’t vegan….they give excuses such as “my iron levels are too low” HA HA HA what a joke!!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. As all of us who already eat vegan know plant based nutrition is superior including in supplying iron and protien so it’s all a cop out because they don’t want to be “inconvenienced” to eat vegan. anyway. lets hope Al Gore doesn’t cop out. it’s so easy to step up to the plate and EAT VEGAN. i love this diet. BTW Glenn Beck mentioned factory farming on his radio show today basically admitting that the human species can’t continue to eat animals without destroying the planet…he wanted to know why Al is not vegan… so then he interviwed and discussed the vegan diet with a vegan lady in Florida and said in closing to her “at least you aren’t a hypocrite”. yes i know Beck is conservative and wrong most of the time but he’s all we get on local talk radio here. anyway MILLIONS of hard headed people heard him talk about the vegan diet today and how important it is in saving our planet. PETA YOU ARE BRILLIANT! i was thrilled it made my day to see the vegan diet in such a national spotlight!!! oh and i agree with the prior person who posted. there needs to be more talk more about how cruel it is to tortureterrifykill animals for “food” humans don’t need not just how ecofriendly it is to eat vegan.

  • Paul says:

    You people disrespecting Gore because of his usage of electricity are ridiculous. Do you guys even research anything or just regurgitate whatever Rush tells you. Has anyone seen the size of his house and understood how his house is actually used like a commercial building virtually? He has all sorts of people in his staff working there with him with offices and the whole nine yards. Give me a break!! As far as not discussing the issue of how farting from animal meat consumption is bad for the earth. Gore perhaps wanted to make a serious film and address the problem with some sense of seriousness. Atleast allow the man to respond to this bit of info before you burn him on the cross. The disrespect being displayed towards this man is a sure sign of gene degeneration

  • jmw5577 says:

    In response to some comments 1. Atheists care about the environment and animal rights too! I am one of them. Just because people do not believe in a higher power does not mean we are apathetic to the world around us. I can’t speak for all atheists but since I believe that this is our one and only chance at life I want to make the most of it. And that includes trying to make the world a better place through environmentalism and animal rights. 2. Whether or not it is feasible for the whole world to be come vegetarian is not important. It is important for everyone to do as much as they possibly can. For some people that includes being a vegetarian. For others they are not willing to go that far. But the fact that we’re all doing SOMETHING is what matters.

  • Diana BArrowcliff says:

    Whether you all think Al Gore is wrong or right we should all know there is a global warming problem. If we all don’t stick together then nothing will ever be done. As far as the animals are concerned I guess some people think it is okay to abuse animals kill them eat them and use them for their own sick pleasure. I for one happen to think animals are here for the same reason we are. And if no one can figure that out then you are the ones who have the problem. Think back on all the successful stories of what PETA and The HUmane Society and all the other animal organizations have done. You think it is okay to kill? I happen to think life is sacred animals and humans and we need to stop the abuse the killing and the manhandling. Life is way too short and we need to all stick together.

  • chuck norris says:

    The hell is wrong with you he said he’s not running!!!

  • Daniel Barker says:

    Dear PETA I listened to the Glen Beck show this morning and he pointed out the truth about ‘An inconvenient truth’ and meat. It is obvious the biggest source of America’s obesity is a meatbased diet. You should go the distance and say as I have for several years that eating meat proudly supports the war machine!

  • animalfriend says:

    to jony if you think that the bible encourages eating meat you are wrong this was just after the flood that the descendence of noah got this permission because there wasn’t anymore anything green. just read “isaiah” and you shall be teached in an other way but people like very much to forget that chapter in the bible but they can’t take it out because it announces the coming of the messiah! and besides all this we got the old vedic scriptures of india from the greatest culture ever existing on this planet thousands of years ago when the rest of the world was still sleeping they didn’t kill or eat animals and it was a matter of honour to respect the cow as the milk giving mother! these were really other times and the west would be doing good in adopting these wise things so they would also have less wars as the great russian poet leo tolstoi told us as long as there are slaughterhouses there shall be battlefields!!!! to lindsey thumbs up you give me courage again!

  • Carmen says:

    If we like it or not we all live on the same planet and all we are connected. You cannot protect the enviroment and let animals out of it because enviroment means ALL what is around us. A nice wood without animals does not make any sense or fighting for clean water and then eat meat and pollute it is just stupid and fake. Enviromentalists should join the animal organizations or inverse and only then we can make a better world for ALL of us.

  • Emily says:

    I adore Al because of his knowledge about the environment and I have learned a lot from him. I do however feel that he lacks the ability to put his beliefs into action. His house consumes way more energy that the average American. If he really does care about the environment then he should take the first and largest step become a vegetarian or even better a vegan.

  • Mr. Practical says:

    While I respect your right to be a vegetarian the prospect of getting everyone to give up eating meat is ridiculous. And by shoving your cause and criticisms at a man who is doing some of the best work to reduce global warming well I just think it’s counter productive. One step at a time people. At least the world is talking about this now I don’t remember there ever being a realistic debate about everyone giving up meat…

  • harrylarry says:

    can’t find the link to the letter.

  • Allison says:

    I’m so glad PETA is following up on this. I watched the movies knowing those stats and was waiting for it to come up. When it didn’t I checked the climate change website the movie promotes and saw nothing there either and i’ve gotta say i was dissapointed. They didn’t have to push the point but it would at least have been nice to mention the facts. GO PETA!

  • Vince DSylva says:

    Surely it helps to consume livestock. They are after all contributing to the problem by passing damaging methane.

  • Ingrid W. says:

    It’s about time! I’ve been wondering this for quite some time. I’ve never heard him mention vegetarianism in his environmental addresses. Hopefully he’ll quickly realize how important vegetarianism is in saving our environment and will make the switch! Until then.. he’s just a hypocrite.

  • Debbie Jaffe says:

    Duh….how can you call yourself an “environmentalist” if your still eating meat!!!! The meat eating industry is among the worst environmental disasters ever to happen to the world.

  • Jony says:

    i don’t get this… how does eating meat make the world go bad and if we did stop eating meat then how will it affect everything…. in my opinion it says in the bible that god gave us all the animals to eat and if your saying that your an athiest then why the heck do you care your gonna die anyways and be gone forever. i just see no logic to life if we die and thats it. i know there is a god and we will live for an eternity… there are many other issues to discuss that are more important like your salvation cause i’m telling you now that millions will go to hell you could care less of wut i have to say but whatever i’ll look into this whole vegitarian thing see if it’s worth it.

  • sharasa says:

    It’s about time someone finally put this up! They were also criticizing Gore because he had a superhigh energy bill?

  • Lisa says:

    Remember Al Gore is a politiciandid anyone read about his latest hipocrisy? His own home uses 20 times for energy than the average. Hmmmm…..what was his motive again in his movie? Until he reduces his consumption of meat and energy his word means nothing to me. He seems to me just a sore loser who is trying to find his place in the world. A for effort?

  • Dan Brazelton says:

    It’s so sad that PETA does stunts like this. The actions of PETA marginalize the efforts of other people trying to make changes in the world. Please review your logic again meat production methods today are immensly harmful. Our system of raising vegitables is also immensly harmful to the environment. However this harm not inherant to meat production and consumption. Current industrial practices are the problem. The same applies to veggies. By tying in a Vegan agenda you marginalize rationalization efforts. I am an environmentalist. I eat meat. Insulting me doesn’t help your cause or make me sympathetic to your ideas. I am part of the worlds ecosystem I eat sustainably produced meat as a responsible person. By attempting to discredit Al Gores efforts for you own dogma you marginalize his efforts my efforts and your own efforts. Get it together PETA. Please stop shooting the environmental movement in the foot.

  • Jack says:

    Hey Josh the statistic comes from a 2006 U.N. report. You can read PETA’s feature on the subject at httpgoveg.comenvironmentglobalwarming.asp And the original report can be found at httpwww.un.orgappsnewsstory.asp?NewsID20772CrglobalCr1environment I hope that’s helpful! Jack

  • Josh says:

    Hi I’m not an environmentalist or anything but I find the statement “animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined” interesting and I would just like to read more about this. Could you please post a link so that “uninformed” people could read up on your point of view to understand what you are saying with something factual other than a random statement? Thanks Josh

  • Tiago says:

    Besides this HUGE mislead I thank Al Gore for showing me the documentary’s title… …because eating meat is THE inconvenient truth! Human race is certainly a self destructive specie.

  • sb says:

    Last weekend here in Australia there was a show called CoolAid which was all about the climate change issue. Al Gore was of course interviewed and they also surveyed several stars lives to see how much CO2 they were causing etc. The great thing was that the eating of animals was brought up several times as being a huge cause of the problem of course there wasn’t anything about the cruelty but at least it was brought up on live TV in a country that is strangled by the meat and dairy industries. The have a website which has the Al Gore interview on it for anyone that is interested.

  • KevinfromTexas says:

    Hello lindsey. “I think it is Al Gore that is parroting his own noise.” Since this was the first time Gore claimed to have taken the initiative in creating the internet definitionally he could not have been parroting himself. OK that hopefully was something of a joke. Which is to say the original entry was good enough to run on its own merit.

  • lindsey says:

    animalfriend please don’t let all the negative things you have seen make you stop helping and believing there are so few of us that if the good ones stop hoping and believing then we are really in trouble. we need all the help and optimism we can get. Organizations such as PETA and the Humane Society are the ones that give us hope in knowing that not everyone out there is awful and uncompassionate. I hear awful things about animals every day but that just makes me want to work harder. People like that try to get us down and if we let them then they have already won you will let the people we are fighting hardest against win please don’t let that happen.

  • lindsey says:

    Correction Okay I have to correct in saying that my response is to animalfriend and not to Vijaya sorry… Now to KevinFromTexas… Maybe Al Gore’s words got taken out of context which probably happens with at least one thing everyone says each day but here is an Al Gore quote from an interview with Wolf Blitzer in March of 1999…”During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the internet.” That is a fairly broad statement that can be taken in many contexts. I think it is Al Gore that is parroting his own noise.

  • animalfriend says:

    to lindsey i think your message is for me not for vijaya i understand and respect your feelings towards my pessimistic opinion and i shall try to be more optimistic but after 40 years in animal rights movements i saw too many bad things from inside and outside and i learned to know the human being and his miserable character and attitude and i can tell you this humans are just for humans they never go as far as to sacrifice themselves for the animals the animals are always alone one day a woman came to me and she was crying because passing by a slaughterhouse she heard the animals cry and she told me we have to do something absolutely! then i said to her ok i help you but you have to know that from today on we are all alone with our fight there is no church no police no president no god coming down to help us! you like to start and then she looked down to the earth and did not react anymore! you see why i have this attitude also i’m living in france and people here in the countryside are very primitive they got just two things in their head filling up their stomach with every kind of meat and going out for hunting. somebody told me that in the slaughterhouses they amuse themselves by cutting the testicles of the bulls so you see why i’m pessimistic but maybe you are young and ready for big things i wish you every good luck! and then we have peta and the humance society and other great animal rights organizations all over the world and i hope with all my heart that things shall come always better for animals this is all i hope for in my life!

  • doug says:

    Good job lindsey!!!!!!! very well put

  • doug says:

    “Because turning the entire world into vegans is SO realistic.” Isnt someone pissy? Listen if you’re going to go and make an international video about the dangers of C02 and greenhouse gases and then go on national TV and tell everyone about how you care for the environment so much dont you think that you should stop creating one thing in this world of ours that generates the most C02 and greenhouse gases. Mr. Gore is a hipocrite and the day he stops consuming meat and dairy I will listen to what he has to say!

  • lindsey says:

    In Response to Vijaya What an awful attitude you have. No wonder the world isn’t changing it’s because of people like you who think it’s too late so they just don’t try. Just because you can’t change everyone’s mind doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to change as many as you can. Or should I say just because you can’t stop all suffering doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to stop all that you can. Even if you made a difference to just one single person then all your efforts are worth it. I can’t adopt all the animals in shelters even though I would like to but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try and save a few animals lives. Being pessimistic and lazy is the exact way to bring the world down. It’s dissapointing to hear someone say they think it’s already too late to do anything. It’s too bad you lead your life that way I feel sorry for you.

  • animalfriend says:

    all this environmental stuff becomes an insane religion. a hybrid car or solar power on the roof do not save one poor animal’s life. the socalled environmentalists have nothing to do with animal protection even if everything is organic and bioenergetic animals continue to be slaughtered and abused and continue to suffer. let’s say environmentalism is a clever way to avoid troubles because it’s impersonal! animal rights activists run a much higher risk to be exposed in public. there are even many former animal rights activists who nowadays drive their hybrid car tranquilizing their conscience because they are not strong enough to hold on. animal rights activists have to know that the enemy is always trying to make them ridiculous or even worse to threaten them in different ways and manners! so once again in history humans fail in saving animals chosing the easy way and environmentalism is eating animal cause! and also instead of lamenting about climate change people should get prepared for it they cannot change anymore this climate and global warming it’s too late! but they should change their hearts of stone into living hearts and they would finally develop feelings for all living beings! but i think also this is anyway too late! we cannot turn back time and too many mistakes have been made through history mankind has turned into stone so we are actually in the stone age again!!!

  • Vijaya says:

    Because turning the entire world into vegans is SO realistic.

  • doug says:

    Thank you! I rented the video for my dad but refused to watch it. Without a doubt he sits on his leather couch at night and eats tbone steaks while talking to Tipper about how great he is! Thank you for sending him a letter I really hope he responds…

  • kelly says:

    Problem for Al is that some big donors are in the animal abuse industries!!!!

  • kris shulfer says:

    i agree totally!!! with all the comments!! his movie was great but he did leave a few things out!!!that is for sure

  • Emily says:

    I hope he decides to do whats best. I’m a fan of his. He better not let me down.

  • lindsey says:

    FINALLY! Someone has published it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been saying this forever I am an environmentalist and a strict vegetarian. I tell everyone who talks about how much they care about the environment and how right Al Gore is that he has left one MAJOR thing out. That is so awesome you sent him a letter it will be interesting to see how he responds. It’s always so interesting how people conveniently leave out things that they don’t want to change for themselves. THANK YOU!