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The Classic Car That Can Save Horses

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 1, 2013

Here it is: the car that can save animals’ lives:

New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets (NYCLASS), a group that has been working with PETA to free the horses who are forced to pull carriages on New York City’s streets, commissioned a car designer to build a replica of a classic car that tourists could ride in instead. The result is a charming Gatsby-era “horseless carriage” inspired by the 1909 Pierce-Arrow and Packard. Designer Jason Wenig wanted people to feel transported, so his model includes romantic features, such as a stereo system, that aren’t available in horse-drawn carriages. The re-envisioned classic car is also eco-friendly.

NYCLASS, PETA, and the New York City Council members who agree that too many horses have already died on New York’s streets are pushing the city to allow one of the cars to begin offering tours on a trial basis. Israel recently paved the way by banning “any vehicle drawn by an animal” from operating on urban roads—the dangerous, congested streets of New York City are no place for horse-drawn vehicles, either.

Please urge the entire City Council to support the use of these lifesaving cars.

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  • Mish says:

    What a GORGEOUS car! I live in NYC and don’t do much “touristy stuff”, but would totally go on a tour of Manhattan in one of these beauties.