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More Cities Banning Bullhooks!

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 19, 2012

Circuses are running into more and more places where they can’t force elephants and other exotic animals to perform, as localities ban the use of bullhooks—sharp metal weapons that resemble fireplace pokers—and other cruel devices. Trainers use them to beat, hook, and gouge elephants on the most sensitive parts of their bodies, like behind their ears and knees. In Florida alone, Pompano Beach, and Margate have already enacted bans, and now we can add Hallandale Beach to the list of dozens of compassionate communities across the country that are saying, “Not on our watch.”

Thanks in part to the help and hard work of local group Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF), the City Commission of Hallandale Beach, just north of Miami, voted to ban circuses and rodeos from using bullhooks, whips, and other cruel devices to beat animals. Since threatening elephants, tigers, and other animals by showing them a bullhook or whip is the only way that circus trainers can make them stand on their heads, jump through rings of fire, or perform other frightening, confusing tricks, circuses will have to leave exotic animals out of their acts if they want to entertain in Hallandale Beach.

One circus that had its sights set on Hallandale Beach, Cole Bros. Circus, performed in Winchester, Virginia, earlier this year without the use of animals in order to comply with a ban on exotic-animal exhibitions. Cole Bros. celebrated its humans-only show as “just as dazzling and just as amazing,” which reinforces the fact that circuses don’t need to trot out abused animals to entertain audiences.

PETA is sending the Hallandale Beach city commissioners a box  of vegan chocolates to thank them for being elefriends.

Los Angeles is also considering a bullhook ban. Let the City Council know that you (and elephants) would love to see Los Angeles become known as the City of Angels to Animals by passing the ban.

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  • Manel says:

    I hope that the Sugar Glyders will be protected by the conservationists.

  • Manel Dias says:

    First of all if this news is true!! That the Cole. Bros Circus has performed it for the 1st time without animals!!! Then this is a fantastic News to hear & THANK YOU COLE BRO. CIRCUS. Also to mention here Do You know that Circue Du Soule is one of the Most beautiful & always sold out packed to the max. circus and NO ANIMALS PERFORMS THERE WHAT SO EVER. THAT IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANIMALS TO RUN A CIRCUS. These poor Elephants & all the other Animals need to be respected and should give them their short lives to live the way they need to be. These Elephants tolerates a lot of crap from the hands of circus animal trainers. Finally when it comes to a point that this cannot be tolerated anymore & that is when the Elephants go on rampage…smash everything comes on their way & even kill people. They are not the evil creatures. But the ruthless abusive people are the ones who make them go evil & mad. Then again what the vicious humans do is to kill the Animal by shooting ASAP. This MADNESS IS SURE NEED TO BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. HUMANS NEED TO UNDERSTAND THESE ANIMALS NEEDS AS WELL. BRUTALITY TOWARDS MAGNIFICIENT ANIMALS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE ANY MORE IN THIS WORLD. OLDEN ERA STONE AGE PRACTICES MUST BE BANNED. NO MORE ANIMALS IN THE CIRCUSES. PERIOD.

  • Anon says:

    Actually, if used correctly, bullhooks are a great tool. You just shouldn’t be whipping them at the elephant.

    • Chris S. says:

      “No matter how gently the ankus (bullhook) may be used with an animal, at some point, it had to be established as a negative reinforce in order to be effective. That means causing enough pain and discomfort that the animal remembers, and seek to avoid that experience by complying”
      Gail Laule and Margaret Whittaker, experts in elephant training

      I’m just quoting experts.