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Circus Owners Face Charges

Written by PETA | November 17, 2011

Bobby and Moira Roberts, the owners of Britain’s Bobby Roberts Super Circus, have been charged in connection with the appalling beating of an elephant named Anne, whom handlers were caught on tape pummeling with a pitchfork and a club. Anne has since been moved to a better situation, but the Robertses will still have to answer for causing Anne to live in misery, chaining her continuously, and allowing her to be beaten.  

It’s time for U.S. government officials to be equally active. Elephants used by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus are routinely beaten with bullhooks and traumatized during abusive training sessions.

Click here to ask the U.S. Department of Agriculture to stop ignoring, dismissing, and deferring Ringling’s violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • j pannone says:

    boycott all circus!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jaime collura says:

    This is absolutley appalling! I cringe everytime i see horrific things like this. There is no reason for it. These people need to be punished b/c they are sick individuals. How can anybody hurt a defenseless animal like that. It needs to stop immediatley!! Unfortunatley it needs to stop everywhere around the world!!

  • Jean Bird says:

    These vile and brutal beatings of these magnificent sentient beings must be stopped. Animals should not have to live in fear constantly and used as entertainment for money. Hopefully a new bill being put forward at present will put a stop to this disgraceful outdated business.

  • Adair Leonad says:

    This is horrible abuse of magnificent animals. They don’t deserve this. You couldn’t pay me or any member of my family to attend a Ringling Bros. circus or any circus or form of so-called entertainment that used and abused elephants. This must stop.

  • sarah slater says:

    that’s just so horrible. i hate zoo’s and I hate circus’s. free these beautiful animals from these stupid humans!!

  • tom moore says:

    These charges are so long over due.

  • sandra lenart says:

    Stop all this animal beating from taking place,

  • Liz Coronella says:

    This treatment of animals for entertainment, or ever, should not and can not be legal. Please do what ever you can to help these abused elephants. You CAN make a difference.

  • Jessica says:

    Stop the torture of these poor animals and let them live their lives like they deserve to! Animals have feelings too, they bleed just like you and me!

  • Magie Le Goff says:

    Stop allowing human beings to treat animals as objects. They feel as do agressions and abuse.

  • Kathleen Kennedy says:

    This abuse must stop being tolerated!! Circuses are so barbaric and out dated…Please free these poor, defenseless, majestic creatures so that they can live out their lives free from beatings, painful and ridiculous tricks contorting their bodies into pretzels, and constant intimidation! They deserve SO much better!

  • joanna bourne says:

    this is discusting behaviour and has to be stopped! act now and make these people face charges against them. Its so sad these wild elephants still have to live like this in this day and age. ACT NOW

  • Deborah Salonek says:

    Please stop the abuse of the beautiful animals!

  • Marie-Christine Husk says:

    Appalling! horrifying!

  • amylovesangels says:

    Long overdue these cowardly creeps get charged with their cruel methods of using animals for entertainment…disgusting and appauling…..kudos to those involved disclosing this horrible act.

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    Please stop this cruelty to animals. It makes me sad to see why authorities are blind towards this cruelty.

  • Andrea Rengifo says:

    Please stop ignoring, dismissing, and deferring Ringling’s violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Thank you,

  • Lara Pomerantz says:

    There is NO excuse for animal abuse.

  • Roberta Facin says:

    Many people want to support those causes, but not everyone of us can speak or wright fluent english. It would be so much better if you made a petition, because much more people could get involved. Thank you for your attention. Roberta

  • mandy says:

    this is horrible! thats why i do not support circuses!!!

  • bonnie schmidt says:

    circuses need to be stopped. cruel beyone imagine.