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Circus Cancels Shows Over No-Shows

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | December 6, 2011
D’Arcy Norman | cc by 2.0

Never doubt the power of your pocketbook: The Piccadilly Circus, which is currently touring California, is canceling performances left and right, reportedly because of low ticket sales. PETA’s complaint to California officials about the circus’s cruel kangaroo boxing show – which authorities in the state consider illegal – may also have played a role in the cancelations.

The boxing kangaroo act entails antagonizing a costumed kangaroo named Rocky into defending himself against his handler and audience members in a boxing ring. At least two kangaroos previously used in this act have died—one from a bacterial disease that can result from severe crowding, poor hygiene, poor diet, and stressful conditions.

Help us keep up the pressure: If Piccadilly Circus is coming to your town, click here for help speaking out against them—and please don’t buy a ticket.

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  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Picadilly Circus is touring California? Well, God Save The Queen (the British National Anthem, which has the same tune as “O Beautiful For Spacious Skies). If you see any discount vouchers for Picadilly Circus in the stores, do what I do to Ringling Brothers vouchers: take them all, turn them into confetti, and dump them in the dumpster out in the parking lot.

  • lisa says:

    Thats great news, would be even better if the animals could be taken away from them, makes you think if the animals will suffer even more if they are cancelling show’s especailly if the money starts to run out, just wish PETA could save them.

  • Lea says:

    Good! Get out of California…but you can leave all your abused and mistreated animals with us!