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Church Fundraises by Tormenting Pigs (Video)

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | August 14, 2014

Pigs screamed in terror as they were clamped into headlocks, tackled, and dragged at the St. Patrick Parish‘s fundraiser near Stephensville, Wisconsin, last weekend. Watch the chilling video footage:

Despite being bombarded with appeals to cancel the cruel event from tens of thousands of people all over the country, parish officials threw kindness and compassion to the wind.

The pigs were so exhausted and stressed that they gasped for breath, and they struggled to make it back to the holding pens (where an eyewitness reported that the pigs had little or no potable water, food, or access to shelter from the scorching sun all day).

One pig’s head was pushed into the mud. Another frantic pig tried in vain to escape as five men closed in, and another limped after having been dropped. After the event, pigs’ backs were scratched, undoubtedly from the fingernails of people who had desperately tried to grab hold of them.

The pigs’ reward for their “participation” was to be shipped off to a painful and terrifying death the next day.

What You Can Do

If you learn that animals are to be used in cruel spectacles, voice your objections to organizers immediately and contact PETA for help.

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  • John says:

    What can I say? The fact that a church sponsors such an event makes it even more sad and terrifying. True spirituality to me has to do with kindness and love to all living beings.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This is disgusting and not in the least entertaining. Which ones are the PIGS!

  • Linda says:

    This is horrifying. And this is a church??? Do they realizey what there teaching there children. How sad society has become.

  • Bb says:

    The holy catholic church was not very holy this day! Everyone who took park in the planning, event and observing this shameless atrocity ought to be ashamed of themselves! How would they like to take the place of that poor pig? You know, every day I see, hear or read about something that tells me that the human race is far from being civilized!

  • Dennis Sprankel says:

    Oh, I know. It’s the church of HELL !!

  • Dennis Sprankel says:

    Some “church”!!! Morons.

  • No entiendo cómo no se inventan otra forma de recaudar dinero, sin tener que atentar contra la vida y la integridad animal. Si bien es cierto que ellos, son nuestros hermanos menores, no es menos cierto que nosotros dejamos mucho que desear con este tipo de concursos y diversiones que festejan la crueldad animal…. Respeto señores, respeto por la madre tierra y sus habitantes!!!

  • Lynne J Starnes says:

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselves, participants and spectators. Nobody should torment or abuse any animal for amusement/fundraising, least of all supposedly Christian people. I’m sure God would not want funds raised for the church in this way, you need to have a serious think about what you’re doing, it was NOT entertainment it was abuse, disgusting.

  • How can this be called entertaining sport .this is total barbaric abuse by cruel idiots. and for a church to be at the centre of this cruelty is unbelievable . they call them selves christians. nothing Christian in this evil cruelty against innocent animals . anmals are not put on this earth to be used and abused by supposedly superior humans. they should hang their head in shame . please dont call your selves christans because you are making a mockery out of christianity.

  • Marion geiges says:

    it makes me cry to watch this. pigs are very intelligent animals. I can imagine their suffering.

  • Roly Antonio says:

    These are sick, sadistic excuses for human beings. And to think that this event is for a fund raising for a church, St. Patrick’s Parish. I have always been disappointed by the silence of the church archdiocese in cases of animal welfare abuses. This video should be shown to the St. Patrick Parish priest and to the Archdiocese to which the church belongs. This is just sickening and disgusting.

  • Deborah says:

    This is sick, not enjoyable to watch. That poor pig and the hell it went through for their entertainment is beyond me. Then to have to be slaughtered the next day…this is real sick. They should end this so called sport immediately. Very cruel. I’m sorry little piggy, for the cruelty that these so called people did to you, you didn’t deserve that. xoxo <3

  • LIsa Barragan says:

    What happen to church standards on compassion and kindness to ALL living creatures? Disgusting

  • Alison says:


  • Perri says:

    Reminded me of the film Deliverance! Are these folk so simple that they don’t recognise a cry of pain or fear?

  • John Blair says:

    And they call themselves Christians!What a pack of cruel hypocrites!

  • Jeanne Hawksley says:

    disgusting , call themselves humans

  • Brenda Gnader says:

    Do you really consider yourselves to be christians. Yet you do these kind of inhumane things. The way people treat animals is the way they treat human beings.


    BARBARIC !!!!!!

  • Marie-Paule says:

    Cruel, stupid and no one should be allowed to organize such an event. There are many ways to support a charitable organisation without exploiting animals.

  • Tiana Haley says:

    That’s awful. Poor pig.

  • Doris Dorado says:

    How disgraceful that this could happen, specially in a parish fund raising. How inhumane. Did you know pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old, maybe more. I hope God is watching over you

  • Patricia says:

    How can they call themselves Christians while they cruelly torment these pigs? The bible preaches against animal cruelty. Compassion must extend to all of God’s creatures. Hypocrites, these so called believers all over the U.S. who still do horrific acts of cruelty towards all kinds of people, and animals too!

  • [email protected] says:

    Church my arse! They should be disgusted with themselves!!!

  • What a bunch of idiots, not only idiots but cruel ignorants. Pathetic

  • Wendy Tan says:

    Please do not torture any animal – if we are torturing any animal, we are as if torturing God (as far as I understand, God is a God of love who loves all human beings including animals).

    God has placed animals in our control, not so to “bully” them, but to love them as they are, as the way God has created them.

    If we “bully” animals, personally to me, that is consider as an insult to God, that is like telling God: Your creation is stupid, that’s why I want to make fun of it.

    God has make me realised and let me see “deep things” that I have never “seen” before – all creation belongs to God (human beings as well as all living beings), so we should not take God’s creation for granted.

    Let us learn to love God and love His creation, just as He loves us unconditionally.

    Thank you Holy Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for teaching me so many things.


  • Cathy says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid humans are! Why do they think this is entertaining? Simply cruel and inhumane. Figures they are church people…makes me feel even better about being an Atheist. I’d NEVER hurt an animal in any way. Religious jerks!

  • Elizabeth says:

    People seem to interpret God giving man “dominion over animals” in really bizarre ways. And man seems to keep plummeting to new lows in the awful things he does to animals.

  • Mona Brinck says:

    Fruktansvärt! Inga djur ska behöva ha det så här.

  • Margit Meissner-Jackson says:

    Do these people forget that pigs are God’s creatures, too? Their actions are animal torture and God does not give them the right to harm any animal! Shame on them, they should be charged with animal cruelty.

  • Simon says:

    Is this how you should treat ‘God’s creatures’? Cruel and sadistic.

  • lee says:

    The deacon and participants dont care about pigs..they only want pleasure.despite so many protests, they still feel they are not wrong.obviously they know no shame. or they live in caves, ignorant that this is animals abuse.

  • disgusting thing
    I hate people like this

  • Florence Diep says:

    I don’t understand how people can do that for ONE pig ?
    How they can play and laugh for scaring the gentle animal ?
    Try to put ONE of theses men in the place of the pig ?
    I wondering to know how he feels after match of chasing and scaring by 10 pigs ?

  • Lisa Jaramillo says:

    I ask God to forgive this church for it’s misrepresentation of who he is, God is a God of love and peace and righteousness, kindness and gentleness! And we are to represent and portray who he is in every way to animal and human!! I know I would never attend such a church that promotes cruelty!!

  • This is not a Christian Church. The Bible says we are caretakers of all animals, they were not put here for us to exploit in cruel, thoughtless spectacles. This is a most Unchristian money raising stunt with no thought for the innocent animal. There are so many other ways to beg for money, just keep animals out of your activities. You shall reap what you sow!!!

  • Gail says:

    If this is what they do with open doors for money, imagine what they do behind closed doors! Gee, making money off the suffering of animals how original! Some say religion is just a business, wow what does this tell us!

  • Gina says:

    Humans are the worlds cruelest, heartless creatures, and to top it all this is done by so called god loving creatures!!!

  • Rachel N says:

    And they call themselves Christian? How can they even defend this cruelty to God’s sentient creatures? They should all be condemned to H***!

  • Marta de Oliveira Silvestre says:

    Vergonhoso e extremamente primitivo para um ser humano!!

  • Merry Shrier says:

    GOOD CHRISTIANS don’t terrorize animals for fun and profit!

  • Sally says:

    And a church no less. So much for bless the animals. Why don’t those idiots wrestle each other in the mud instead of an animal.

  • Vicki Waldner says:

    This is terrible – and downright torture for these little piggies. Their screaming in horror – their not having any run at all. And I can’t believe that it’s a dam church that’s doing the rundraising for this brutal sport – it’s just atrocious – and it should not be done. it’s terrible.

  • joseph Dangelo says:

    you call that fun? time to look at yourself!!!!

  • Annette Skaroff says:

    No reason to use animals and cruelty for a fundraiser. Also the announcer made a comment to one of the rasslers about how much beer he’d had and someone answered “a lot”. What a poor example of humanity, empathy, civility let alone Christianity. This church should be fined for animal cruelty along with those who participated in the rassle.

  • What kind of men seek pleasure in causing torment and terror onto a frightened, fragile creature? Only disturbed and mad men who long for oppressing those weaker than him. What would Jesus do? would he participate in such savagery or would he kindly embrace the creature and protect him from those who wish to harm him?

  • Renato says:

    O porco grita porque é assim que ele se comunica, ou você não fala para se comunicar? Se esses vagabundos fossem ajudar a construir algo seria muito melhor. Que tal fazer algum trabalho comunitário em vez de torturar animais?

  • For a Church to organize and openly promote and participate in the terrorizing and brutalizing an innocent creature is barbaric and a despicable act.

    Only the most ignorant, mean spirited, kind would do such a thing to God’s creatures.

    A cowardly and callous act by cowardly and callous men. and the church of hell.

  • Michelle says:

    This is so anti-church like. How stupid! What is the point?! There is obviously nothing else to do in Wisconsin and these “men” obviously do not have too many brain cells that they would harm another being in the name of fun and entertainment. GET A LIFE BOYS AND WISCONSIN!